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I wish folks would smoke a joint and just relax..
Feels good to express yourself!
I'm sick of being quiet about my emotions.. We ALL need to change. #BaltimoreRiots #Baltimore #follow
So they are deploying 10,000 officers for 100 out of line people.. How many innocent civilians will get hurt this time?? #BaltimoreRiots
Why destroy a place that you are trying to build up?? #BaltimoreRiots #Baltimore #followme
All lives matter. Know that.
I worry for the people who were forced in any way.. Right now I can only pray. #BaltimoreRiots #Baltimore #BlackLivesMatter
Some people are in a rush, but need to slow down to focus. 👆🙇
Recording than a meeting!!!
Listening is key.. You might have a mouth orgasm.. 😜💦👅
motion in B&W YES! I love my face... Facebook that issss!!!
You gotta remember to rise above
I can't wait!!! But I'm nervous AF
When the date for your new single is AN EXCELLENT DATE!!
This is the one.. Waka Flocka Flame for President: Watch His Exclusive Campaign Video
Would you vote him in?? #wakaforpresident #HeIsNotPlaying He said size 13 or bigger shouldn't....... 󾌯�
So being a #waitress is not as easy as it seems. You must cater to the guest with a smile. #serverproblems #serverlife
African Americans shouldn't be sucking on bottles.. Be proud of your original lips.. #kyliejennerchallenge #kyliejennerchallengegonewrong
So this copycat livin is played. #kyliejennerchallenge
You'll see me chat about "FREE YOURSELF" quite frequently! #Twitter
If teaching stress you out then why continue.. Free yourself. 🎭
The worst thing is getting close to someone for a while & then one day, all the sudden everything changes & it's never the same again.
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Taxes make me sick AF
when it comes down to it, I'll always have love for ya
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They be like your #vegan but smoke herb.. 😁😝💀
Solidly for a month now and it's a transition. I finally don't crave CHICKEN!
@MsVybe I made it and I really liked it!!
We have to learn not be our worst enemy. Be free. 🌾🍃
Loved Aaliyah!! I'm channeling her as I type
Sooo high, you can't take me off my cloud, I have an enteral high but I still hit that loud!! #GodMadeEverything...
Happy 4:20 bisshhhhh
Don't piss me off, especially on a Sunday. I'll have to repent on a Monday too..
Glad to support my sisters and brothers but when you act like a bitch we have a problem
she tried to snap at me on insta. She betta screenshot some shit!! #hater #shesahater #tryingtohate #whoisShe
Gm my DVILLIANS!!! Did you look deep in your mind and soul this am..
UFC I am Enjoying this tonight!! #PaigeVanZant turnt up and then #lukerockhold 💢👊💢
Goodmornin to you sexy ass people!!! Gahhh why are u so sexy!!

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