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Clay NeSmith
Tap into your potential the future is Bright ... #THEBRIGHTSIDE
Don't miss Ps @ClayNeSmith incredible message tomorrow. Main St 9:15/11, Whtvl 9:30/11:15. #TheBrightSide
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I once was very sick ... Jesus healed my heart SO THAT I could point others towards the healer of hearts! Hope Filled!
Be a Reconciler ... Great is the Reward!
2 Corinthians 5:3 - For we will put on heavenly bodies; we will not be spirits without bodies.
All Creation is eagerly waiting for THAT DAY
Trust.. Believe.. He is Working Out His Plan.. The Best is Yet to Come! Y'all excited yet?
When we take our eyes off of the problem and fix them upon the solution (Jesus), we see the true hope found in Revelation! | Ps @ClayNeSmith
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Don't buy the lie ... The Best has not arrived yet!
Sown as perishable Raised to Life as Imperishable! You are MORE THAN a Conqueror! #TheBrightSide
Baptisms are Oct. 12th! If you haven't yet taken your next step on your journey, sign up today! #NoTeamLikeGodsTeam
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If you could only have one plate the rest of your life to eat from which would you choose?
Want to get through the dim state you may be in now...Get A Understanding of What is to Come and keep pressing forward! You aren't finished!
Thankful for the Gift of Jesus on the cross. Finding Hope daily in The Resurrected Christ! He served once on a Cross to Rise forever as King
Get a vision for THE END then live everyday that you wake up with that Vision in mind! #TheBrightSide
Join us for our Online Broadcast Now ... .... The Bright Side!
Is it Worth It? Let the Truth You Know Encourage You in the Circumstances You face!
Great day today ... Hanging out by the fire on this SC cool evening reflecting on the best is still…
Join Us For Online Broadcast Now ...
I'm going to the #afterparty with The Lord! How about you? @barefootchurch
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Look Up ... The BEST is still yet to come! Revelation 4-22 ... #TheBrightSide
Youth Ministry dinner @GroundZeroMB Big thanks to the staff for welcoming us!
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... Excited to see @nesmithcole step up and serve in a BIG way barefootchurch... Go Cole!
Apple Unveils The New iPhone and Watch this week .. and We are Unveiling The Future Is Bright @barefootchurch ... #TheBrightSide*
Hey Grand Strand! Keep an eye out for this beauty—hitting the streets near you! #TheBrightSide
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Two words from the Most High God that will empower you to embrace the Bright Side *
Join us for our Online Broadcast Now at ...
Honk when you see the Lighted truck rolling through the city Revealing the BRIGHT SIDE! Going Mobile!!!
The glowing traveling sign!!! @chrswells & acwells98 are out cruising the…
Join us now for The Bright Side ... ... Broadcasting now!
We've added three new online broadcasting times! Get to today at 6pm or Tuesday at 12pm / 7pm!
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H is on y'all ... He won't be fooled again! NO NO
Join us barefootchurch online campus TONIGHT at 6pm for the Unveiling of THE BRIGHT SIDE ...…
I just love love love the dance team barefootchurch !!! They Bring It!!!
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@briannageorge11 Today Dr. Nefario from Despicable Me 2 won the "You Can't Do Life Alone" award! Time…
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Brilliant! @ClayNeSmith called a series on the book of revelations: "the bright side". Only he could turn this into a tone of hope!
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The beginning of #TheBrightSide is phenomenal! Don't miss this incredible series opener at 11am…
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We won't be fooled again!!! Looking at Revelation and His truth #thebrightside Ps @ClayNeSmith @barefootchurch
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Incredible kick off to #TheBrightSide Theres one more chance to catch it at 11 or join us online. #BattleCry
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God didn't write Revelation for us to be fearful but to be faithful in His bright side His hope #thebrightside
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The Official barefootchurch truck driver ... @rickyWolfe27
Our team is going all out ... The Bright Side ... Get you some of this!
Just got my outline ready for week one of THE BRIGHT SIDE ... Get to barefootchurch this weekend!
Oh my!!! We got stuff going on everywhere in the life of barefootchurch !!! Life Group Fall Semester…
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So thankful for every new amazing #volunteer that's shows up to Volunteer #orientation barefootchurch…
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