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James Poole
Alrighty I'm done - go find your pillow clouds, I need mine. #DreamSweetDreamBigger
β€œ@daisyhoneypeach: @JamesPoole_ I'm sleepy but can't go without wishing you a good day/night” now that is cute
β€œ@Bethh_xo: @JamesPoole_ πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹β€ wave wave wave WAVE - see latest video for reference
β€œ@Ayling_Laura: @JamesPoole_ shouldn't you be catching up on sleep after last nights crazy dreams?! X” hahahagaga 😳
β€œ@Gig_junkie: @JamesPoole_ yep police helicopters flying outside #Promiseivebeenagoodgirl” er what did you do?! #BreakingBad
β€œ@Helz999: @JamesPoole_ Loved your videos from yesterday but sad I couldn't be there. πŸ˜”β€ next time :(
β€œ@TheJulesWorld: @JamesPoole_ good night blue eyes πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ˆβ€ night possum
β€œ@eliseeeetw: @JamesPoole_ Are you drunk? ;p” noooo, exhausted in a good way
β€œ@nonnon5139: @JamesPoole_ Hi How are you feeling. ☺️My Hansom. ❀️❀️” ooooo hello truffle
@JamesPoole_ I haven't tweeted in a day and the first person I can think of tweeting is you. Sign I love you right there 😊 x
Retweeted by James Poole
β€œ@maisierp_x: @JamesPoole_ yeah like a lot” nawwww
β€œ@LABrittz24: @JamesPoole_ what's wrong with ur laptop?” It's tired x
β€œ@eliseeeetw: @JamesPoole_ Haha but you skipped through Next?” Just how I bowl
β€œ@TaylorTvesa: @JamesPoole_ mee, I think you should follow meπŸ˜β€ hmmm what are you going to DM me
β€œ@Charl_loves_JLS: @JamesPoole_ I'm still up Jamesy! Hello gorgeous, How are you JP? X πŸ’•πŸ’•β€ hideeeehi Charley
β€œ@chunsasannie: @JamesPoole_ I am but I'm sleepy ... Are you composing right now? Please re follow me. You unfollowed me :( x” doneeeee X
Uhoh laptop battery is kerplunking
β€œ@eliseeeetw: @JamesPoole_ why did you skip through Westfield yesterday lol? πŸ˜‚β€ because they see me bowling
β€œ@Helz999: @JamesPoole_ Me, it's too hot to sleep! πŸ˜” x” I'm hot yup
β€œ@ArunicaC: @JamesPoole_ honey I really like you xxxxxx” more than honey? X
β€œ@eliseeeetw: @JamesPoole_ love you” 😘
β€œ@maisierp_x: @JamesPoole_ I like you a lot” like a lot a lot
Who's still up? I'll never sleep with all this music
β€œ@LABrittz24: @JamesPoole_ do u like my new header ?” Me me me - hahaha I love it!