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Jake Birnie
@Julia_Isabell87: @JakeBirnie Good luck for y'all!!! Xx” hope we have the support of Germany 🇩🇪
Liking the snippets of the 1st rehearsal yet? We haven't got a name yet, but RT and be a legend. Love you all xx 👍
@JakeBirnie @SI4craig @CambridgeLewis @SebKinder like all my Christmases and birthdays all at once, hope your good x
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@Nicoleheathcote: @JakeBirnie @SI4craig @CambridgeLewis @SebKinder this is surprising :)” happy Christmas 👍👍
@KatrinaMarie_91: @JakeBirnie sounding good!! Can't wait to hear more! x” it's a good start 🙏🙏🙏
Good little music session today with the boys. Good things to come #Band #Music #New
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Just got this sent to me from a source close to the #Balotelli deal ... #Liverpool #BalotelliToLiverpool #LFC
If we get Reus or Falcao or Cavani I'll do this to Ayre
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Urgh 💦😲😷💩🔥👎
Why is it when you get a tea from a coffee shop, it takes about 1047383393 hours before it gets drinkable?
Goes out on Saturday. Still feeling the effects on Monday. I'm getting old folks 👎🍻💩👯
Huzzah. Passed 🙏🙏🙏
Theory resit. Fackkkk
@Julia_Isabell87: @JakeBirnie It's exactly one year ago since I met you for the first time... #JustSaying #memories Xx” #Pride
@NikkiMikellides: @JakeBirnie ooh what channels the hobbit on?” It's called an illegal stream haha
Bath and the hobbit on a Saturday night 💪✌️👌👍
@LABrittz24: @JakeBirnie awww study and u will do great on next driving U go scouser !” ✌️
@Julia_Isabell87: @JakeBirnie Good luck my lovely. Xx” 👍 I'll be driving the tour bus soon!
Friday Night. Studying for my theory re-sit. Rock & Roll!
Always nice to hear those sweet tones off @SebKinder
Failed theory by 1 point. Massive kick in the testicles!
Watching a documentary on the Black Plague. #RockAndRoll #LoveADocumentary
@NikkiMikellides: @JakeBirnie road trip? Where we going? 😝” Amarillo ...
@LABrittz24: @JakeBirnie aww that's awesome where r u going ? Is Ollie going to ?” Driving test I hope ✌️
@Sofiesassysofie: @JakeBirnie Can I come?” Everyone's Invited. Caravan on the back and everything!
Few more days and I'll be driving. #FingersCrossed #RoadTrip
@LABrittz24: @JakeBirnie I'm good still awake by pass midnite” All Nighter! X
Shit! Forgot me lippy... #NationalLipstickDay Good night guys! Xx