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Jake Birnie
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Up for Sunday league! Frosty morning. #StiffNips
Man Flu πŸ‘Ž
β€œ@CambridgeLewis: @JakeBirnie @c_planty @SebKinder Sunday yeah? πŸ˜β€ 'find me in the club
Driving home for the weekend tonight before I'm back on rehearsal time next week with @c_planty @CambridgeLewis & @SebKinder #clubbers
Having the lads over tonight!
American commentary on football. Some cracking lines - 'Liverpool on the outskirts of the champions league at this moment'
Finished writing another song today buzzing to get this one down with the boys @SebKinder @JakeBirnie @c_planty #music #StayTuned
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It's my favourite day of the week...
β€œ@donna_tw: @JakeBirnie @c_planty @CambridgeLewis @SebKinder already doπŸ˜‰can't wait to hear your music !!” I might be surprised...
β€œ@Julia_Isabell87: @JakeBirnie Enjoy guys... Xx” love to my German!!!
Not sounding too bad. These Sunday rehearsals are turning into a bit of a club! Follow these 3 @c_planty @CambridgeLewis @SebKinder xxx
Studio times...@CambridgeLewis who needs a break lad...✌️✌️✌️
Best thing about a home gym? Working out in me Calvins - #FridayFeeling
β€œ@Sofiesassysofie: @JakeBirnie jake i know.....shit gane they played well peeved πŸ˜­β€ shocking!
Liverpool are so disappointing 😞
Back pain at 24. Jesus!
Early gym session. Second day in a row. Pow
@JakeBirnie awesome pic of you ladsπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ
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Off to meet the lads in London @SebKinder @JakeBirnie @CambridgeLewis rehearsals Pow! ;) x
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@JakeBirnie ello!!!! So happy you and @c_planty & @SebKinder are making music again! YES THEN!!! xx
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β€œ@lostinjoshseyes: @JakeBirnie Morning Jake <3 how are u? x” all good thanks. U??? X
β€œ@SMarija08: @JakeBirnie Good, thanks for asking. How about you? X” can't complain! Plans for the weekend? X
β€œ@donna_tw: @JakeBirnie good night/morning Jakey!gotta wake up in 4 hours😝 Have an awesome weekend πŸ˜‰β€ ditto :) sleep well! X
So the secrets out... I'm making music again with @SebKinder @c_planty, and our new man on strings, @CambridgeLewis.
β€œ@SMarija08: @JakeBirnie Hey Jake! :)” morning! How's things?? X
β€œ@donna_tw: @JakeBirnie are you getting an iPhone 6?” Waiting to get my Mac fixed. Only took about 2 months to book an appointment!
Standard waiting around in the apple shop
β€œ@donna_tw: @JakeBirnie morning Jakey, how are ya? Miss you making me laughπŸ˜œβ€ all good Donna. Had a few weeks down time. But. IM BACK!
β€œ@donna_tw: #FF an awesome singer, handsome scouser, adorable, who makes me laugh, with a cool dog named Ollie @JakeBirnie” ✌️ :)
The gym comes home today πŸ’ͺ
had some MAJOR problems with twitter of late...its nice to be officially BACK ON THE AIR!
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β€œ@SebKinder: 4-7 SUNDAY @CambridgeLewis @JakeBirnie @c_planty ps lol at c-planty” c-planty - worse than his band name ideas x
β€œ@CambridgeLewis: @JakeBirnie @c_planty @SebKinder I'm such a followers Virgin compared to you lot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€ one day sir πŸ‘
β€œ@will_mckenna: Cant wait to get emotional and have a cry in my tent #Glasto2015” Gonna Be Sick!!!
β€œ@Julia_Isabell87: @JakeBirnie Good luck for y'all!!! Xx” hope we have the support of Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ
β€œ@psychonemesisx: @JakeBirnie cool way cool” thank you :) #scousehug