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Clark Gregg
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Two weekends in a row New York. This is getting serious.
If you like movies and rock and movies that rock go see @rudderlessmovie now by @WilliamHMacy actor/filmmaker/ukemeister/bamf
@tomdennison1138: @clarkgregg any other press besides The View while in NYC” is Robin Byrd still on public access?
@Beloving2: Hey friends! Check out @michaelaWat's new show! "Benched" Follow and Share! #BenchedUSA” Yeah! She rocks
@clarkgregg Finally watched Trust Me. Thank you so much for your work, sir, that was a beautiful film. You should feel very proud!
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@thomasphulery: @clarkgregg just compelled to say great work on Choke, both the adapting & the acting. Awesome.” Thank you kindly #POODLE
@clarkgregg Just saw Trust Me. 10 stars!! (10 stars. That's a thing, right?) Watch it!
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@rosieperezbklyn: @clarkgregg I am so looking forward to seeing you on @theviewtv on Monday.” Me more. Big fan since DTRT.
No, he's really not. :) Amazing movie, enjoyed it so much! #TrustMe @clarkgregg playing an Agent again - sort of ;)
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@chuckwood59: @clarkgregg With all due respect, May's jumping spinning head slam into the coffee table made us rewind Apple TV.” me too
@AgentsofSHIELD: May vs. May was incredible, this move by Coulson is our Kick-@$$ Move of the Week!” Aww. #BJJ
#SoMuchWin RT @Eco49: Halloween is the best nerd holiday. Here's my Coulson pumpkin. @AgentsofSHIELD @clarkgregg
Don't be the only one who didn't see Tuesday's awesome episode of Marvel's #AgentsofSHIELD!
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❤️all the gr8 reviews 4 last nite's ep "Face My Enemy." See it (again😀) on@HuluPluss#OnDemanddabc.comn#DVRR#AgentsofSHIELDD
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Join me in taking a stand against bullying & help support LGBT Youth. Wear Purple on with me on 10/16! #SpiritDay #HouseOfLies @glaad Boom!
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Sneak peek at next week's explosive episode of #AgentsofSHIELD Raina's back #TheDateFromHell...
@Above_Millions_: @clarkgregg something you wanted to tell us?” I love the way I look in an off the shoulder dress?
@kricki: @JenniferGrey @clarkgregg @Agents Clark, I love your wife!” so do I!
More nice ink on last night's ep. #Spoilerific
#AgentsofSHIELD won the hour in the all important male demos of both 18-34 & 18-49 (advertisers like young men)
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@DrewZachary: Enjoy the @MingNa/@MingNa fight? Meet #AgentsofSHIELD fight coordinator @Sideswipematt and the remarkable @SamWJo" #ballers
only way i could have loved last night's ep. @Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. more, was if they had included these smooth...
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I assume she’s wearing flowered undies #raina #AgentsofSHIELD
It’s a lot to trust someone to pull your plug #AgentsofSHIELD @MingNa
Yo Bakshi, that is the last woman you want to tie up. For that reason. @simonkass #AgentsofSHIELD @MingNa
Bretttttt!!!! RT @IMBrettDalton: Baby got Bakshi #AgentsofSHIELD
Creating memorable VFX is all about proper casting. Thanks to Fuse FX, Cosa VFX, Light Stage & Greenhaus GFX.
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Fair enough RT @Breanna_A89: @clarkgregg I guess nobody puts May-by in a corner? Lol #AgentsofSHIELD
.@katie2max4 @MingNa Yes and yes. And then we were going to tackle the laser grid. Ho!
Thanks for making it soooo likable RT @MingNa: Thanks for liking the dress, @clarkgregg ! #AgentsofSHIELD
It’s #Philinda baby RT @JLokiRock08: We need a name for @clarkgregg's Coulson and @MingNa's May #CoulMay or #MayCoul? #AgentsofSHIELD
Thanks to you RT @afoley24: Hell yeah he does! RT @ChloeBennet4: DAMN @clarkgregg looks goooodddddd.
You are too kind my maybe alien daughter RT @ChloeBennet4: DAMN @clarkgregg looks goooodddddd.