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Karnda Charoenwong
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But i ain't running ever again.
First nonstop mile run in over a year. Time 7.55. I'm ok with this.
So happy. 40 Things We Learned From “The X Files”… via @BuzzFeeders
WAH. First time accidentally clicking "reply all" without checking. ;___;
Daaaaaang. The ES 350 is one babe of a car. Envy is the only sin that isn't fun..
I wanted to surprise my parents but now that I'm in town I don't want to go to their house..
Early for my seminar in Hayward and this guy is just changing his clothes in the middle of the parking lot.
Going to bed at 8pm is the best feeling. Getting up at 4am is not.
First hit of the winter blues making me wish I was with my number one friend for life.
Bruce Springsteen's The River on a super rainy day with my babies, best Friday. Ever.
Just when I thought I couldn't live this Lexus hatchback anymore.. It was less than $50 to fill : ) #NotReturning
Never been in an accident, never been ticketed. Paid car insurance by myself for the first time...I don't want to drive or grow up.
I love my gf's but I wish they stopped calling every guy they don't know personally a creeper.
Red wine after raw cheddar'd cauliflower and mustard greens..... Ew. So so so so so so so gross.
I am really digging this 2014 CT2000h hatchback! Buy my actual car from me.
"A moment of patience in a moment of anger prevents a thousand moments of regret." - H a z r a t A l i #WordsToLiveBy
Despite being towed a total of four times in ten days the past week has been incredible and I've never been more thankful.
Almost at my 2 minute plank goal ☺️ practice makes... Me hungry.
Dinner out with Andy. Asked the waitress to omit beans from my salad and she's been looking at me all wat for like ten seconds.
Colander. The most annoying thing to wash.
Life has a way of your reuniting you with your first love and heartbreak. Facebook. #Ew
To all the guys that thought I was tripping over nothing about my car I get to say, "I TOLD YOU SO." I win.
Learning to Shun the Instagram Life
Good intentions of being productive this Sunday ruined by reading that The Wonder Years is on Netflix.
The addendum says that my landlady is allowed to check my unit when I am not home it does not say that she can rearrange everything. Really.
I love reading but all your books are usually 19-20 chapters. Why is this one suddenly 28? Now I have to change my night-night routine.
If I had a penny for every single time I heard someone say "bad things always happens to good people", or, "they'll get what they deserve."
I miss when Stan was the problem. #CedarCoveTV
"Do you like insulting me?" "Yes." #CedarCoveTV
Sound really mad when your bill comes back $22 more than usual and get it will totally get waived + an additional bonus for being loco.
Apparently i am going to keep going to ikea after training.
First time sitting at a restaurant to eat by myself. And I like it.
Finalists Of The 2014 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Competition :o…
Bought ice cream for the first time since summer and... Me no like. 😭 Ice cream will forever be in my
No one has time for the 80 East's traffic. Just exit and go to ikea :3
A few months ago, Sir Kensington totes changed my view of mayonnaise. #ILikeYouNow
When my fridge is empty I throw everything together... Oysters and sauerkraut are surprisingly.. a good match :3
/ I can't believe you woke me up to tell me the exact same thing you told me last night and every other night that happened this week.
Always easier said than done without my landlady around, be patient. - please leave me alone for at least one day -
Drought? Napa quake: dry creeks now flowing - ^.~… via @SFGate
Lesson learned. Never take a 2 months break from weight-training and expect to pick up from where you left off. #jellyfish #pain
"You could be so pretty! If you weren't so ugly." - Dad -__-
I haven't been training in like two months. Monday's HiiT training is going to be more like -Super-Hiit. #seewhatIdidthere
Will lovingly return to L.A. to watch this this December.…
Missing my family in Los Angeles but 76°F in East Bay, eh? :3
"Distance makes the heart grow fonder." | Until November, Los Angeles.