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Karnda Charoenwong
Last night my parents be like, "we'll get breakfast before you go" & then they went with my cousin & not me. Imma go nao. #forgottenchild
I feel like I was just looking for an apartment a few months ago. Wait.
I was gonna tell a joke about Sodium, but Na.
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LAX. How I miss being the one to fly away instead of being the one who picks everyone up from their trips.
Sunshine and a blender that blends more than one cup at a time. Best spring break.
Now I understand the territorial feeling when someone takes "my" parking spot. #MidtermMonday
What a pretty friggin' day to get back your grades so far and open unexpected mail.
I wish people would be more productive and text each other instead of looking at me during my presentation.
There has to be a natural anti-anxiety medication that doesn't require a lighter.
Still haven't recovered from October's presentation and now this 20 min one tomorrow is half my midterm grade. I hope I lose my voice.
New F.D.A. Nutrition Labels Would Make ‘Serving Sizes’ Reflect Actual Servings
Whipped & slow-cooked eggs with full-fat raw milk souffle & ground pork is effing bomb as eff. Best school day breakfast ever.
Told myself I'd sleep at 10pm. Just realized it's nearly 3am. #IStillLoveWritingPapers
What I Learned Taking Four Years’ Worth of Classes, in 12 Months, Using MOOCs… via @Slate
Big Fish & Moulin Rouge. It's Ewan McGregor Day.
Started this morning with coconut milkshake and dark chocolate almonds. Happy Valentine's Day!
The best time to drink coffee according to science - I Love Coffee
(Because if I can't be there to play with them, I don't care)