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Karnda Charoenwong
A few months ago, Sir Kensington totes changed my view of mayonnaise. #ILikeYouNow
When my fridge is empty I throw everything together... Oysters and sauerkraut are surprisingly.. a good match :3
/ I can't believe you woke me up to tell me the exact same thing you told me last night and every other night that happened this week.
Always easier said than done without my landlady around, be patient. - please leave me alone for at least one day -
Drought? Napa quake: dry creeks now flowing - ^.~… via @SFGate
Lesson learned. Never take a 2 months break from weight-training and expect to pick up from where you left off. #jellyfish #pain
"You could be so pretty! If you weren't so ugly." - Dad -__-
I haven't been training in like two months. Monday's HiiT training is going to be more like -Super-Hiit. #seewhatIdidthere
Will lovingly return to L.A. to watch this this December.…
Missing my family in Los Angeles but 76°F in East Bay, eh? :3
"Distance makes the heart grow fonder." | Until November, Los Angeles.
Harley the most profound cat. Interests includes philosophy and fine arts.
My dogs are some of the most beloved, valuable and loyal friends and family I've EVER had. #pitbullsforever
Today is the first time in two days that my body isn't rejecting everything and... I have no…
Temple city. A city to run into absolutely everyone possible before noon.
Seems unnatural to be drinking bone broth because you're a little unwell and it's 84°F outside.
Summer break goes to waste if you don't review notes about irritable bowel syndrome.
First time being sick in 2 years & it's in the summer here in L.A. + 6.0 quake up north :o Rock & roll.
Genius brother-in-law was nominated to do the ALS ice bucket challenge. It's past 24 hours & on top of tha he can't find a bucket. @CHBchen
Everyone complains about my food and then I'm all excited for my leftovers the next day except someone always eats it while I'm asleep.
Made artichoke dip without cheese and other BS for my mom and am now watching her eat a buttload of veggies without realizing it >:]
L.A. is not my favorite place but two days into my visit has me feeling homesick even though I'm still…
Security guard at whole foods just walked by and whispered in my war, "you eat slow." Started on my salad at 12:09. It's 12:57 😎
How the heck is it even possible that I'm still in California. I feel like I'm in Thailand.
Need to start packing but I don't want to leave these two babies.
Best Monday EVER. Hung out with my favorite Easy bay cuddle buddies after school & just as I ran out of turmeric, my friend gave me some :,)
"We have fallen into place, and harmony surrounds us. We are carried in this world, in the company of stars." - Wendell Berry #MorningPoetry
Driving home I saw a guy casually walking down San Pablo (a main street) carrying a bong. Just another day in the bay.
Dear me, last night was but one moment in time. The actions of one does not redefine all to ever grace your life. #loved #hatersgonnahate
There really needs to be a way to do a background check on landlords before moving in not just the other way round.
I want to say that I don't like people giving me gifts but amazon gift cards. #hellobaby
I was going to study and then I saw my hula-hoop.
I haven't used the annoying comeback, "I know you are but what am I?" in years. I am getting old.
I don't even know the correct plural form of my favorite tropical bad boy. Izzit mangOS or mangOES. What the what.
"Trying to walk away because I'm tired of being mad." How am I supposed to be mad when I can see this…
Today.. Went better than expected :,) Officially done with culinary demos and presentations! Feeding 40 herbivores for a final is whack.
Fell asleep to the scientist on repeat and woke up crying because finals. #NobodySaidItWasEasy #NoOneEverSaidItWouldBeThisHard
“Don’t gossip; it makes you untrustworthy. . . . Kindness is everything.” -Naomi Wolf
And this is the third year in a row that you have forgotten my GF cake day. Stupid face.
"See my days are cold without you But I'm hurtin' while I'm with you." Oh, yes, I did quote a prehistoric song. #lifeanthem
I was gonna do research and work on my papers and then wine. #oops
Salmon, crab, oyster, butter fish, steak, and duck breast. I feel like I ate every kind of animal…
Been in seated in my car and on my phone for over an hour and still managed to lose car keys. #foreheadpalm
Guy in the truck smiled and waved at me when I passed him and so did his goat. Totes ma goat.
Actually miss reading my friends change their FB status instead of reposting EVERYthing. FB a place for social reposting.
5:36 a.m. Second morning waking before my alarm to the sound of rain painting against my windows. Good morning, I love you. #thankful
If I sign your petition will you leave me alone. Forever.
Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see. –Confucius
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