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CJ de Mooi
Nervously waiting for comments on the first section of my book. I'm not a patient person you know...
Good morning. A run and putting out the recycling makes up my morning. What's in store for yours?
Sahara, Gobi, Kalahari and Atacama. I'm deserting you. Ha, ha, ha, there goes the other rib! Goodnight 😎
My favourite detective @ItsAndyRyan? Magnum 3.14159
I've been writing for 3 days and have finished the introduction and 2 chapters. Proofreading and critiquing tomorrow then off to the agent!
We're entitled to our own opinions, not our own facts. If you only want to argue please unfollow me and don't waste your time x
In my opinion @MelissaParkes1, when it oppresses and denies equal rights to women, or indeed anyone else, quite a lot.
Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my gym?
Dear @adamcroft is always trying to convince me writing is hard. Maybe for you Adam... πŸ‘Ή
Unscripted update. Introduction - 100% Chapter 1 - 70% Chapter 2 - 90% This first section will be submitted this weekend. Exciting times!
I promise. Just one more Family Guy episode then I'll get back to writing. Almost certainly.
The church of England does away with tradition and joins the modern age. Now to do away with the church so we can do the same for England.
In NYC in 2 weeks so emailed in the hope of meeting @HarveyFierstein. I've been honoured to play his roles so just want to shake his hand!
Booked to see @BeingBoycie at @CongressTheatr in February. Can't wait to meet my fellow @hedgehogsociety patron (and personal hero) at last!
Gym first then down to some writing. If you're in the SE Wales area, come an say hello. I could do with some actual human interaction.
Good morning. It's cold outside but warm in my heart. Hey no, that wasn't an invitation. Get out of there!
If you can't be with the one you love... cards in phone boxes provide a most stimulating alternative. Goodnight πŸ’›
This is good. Love conquers all.
At this rate, I'll have a draft manuscript for the whole book by the end of February! That's enough writing for today so how are you? x
My autobiography @NiallRooney Its provisional title is Unscripted and should be out some time next year.
I've written 5000 words so far and guess the final book will be about 100,000. Does that seem about right?
2 days' and I've written 10 book pages and have the outlines of 2 chapters. I'll refine to submit a draft by the end of the year. Exciting!
At my computer with a cup of Orange Pekoe tea (Fortnum and Mason's if you were wondering what to get me) writing my book. This is good.
I wonder if Cookie Monster ever sells Girl Scouts...
Two dentist visits down and two to go. I can't wait to have a full gleaming smile in time to greet in the new year!
Good morning! Smile and ignore the cold! (if Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose, remember those great recent advances in rhinoplasty)
Sleep well, have fluffy dreams and if there are monsters under your bed, goodbye. For everyone else, goodnight x
Myself and @EdTheakston on the verge of breaking one of @renataroad's rules (some very exciting news coming soon!)
Time's up! No more #AskCJ thanks... so let's what we got...
A VERY strict time limit until 9.30pm but until then, ask me whatever you like but you must use the hashtag #AskCJ Off you go! x
Unfortunately mx_Juliette_x as you'll see in chapter one, I was beaten a great deal 😬
Nothing quite so witty @HywelRoberts2 The working title is Unscripted
Just started writing my autobiography and despite the difficulty of the subject matter, it's taking shape. I estimate 4 months to complete.
As usual on Dec 25, I'm giving supplies to rough sleepers. If you'd like to help, meet 10am Bristol Hippodrome or 12pm Cardiff New Theatre x
I'd planned to start writing this afternoon but this just arrived. Bugger.
The only way I'll use a ghostwriter for my autobiography (provisional title Unscripted) is if Oscar Wilde haunts me to offers his services.
Good morning. Today's my first of 3 dentist visits in 9 days (all cosmetic though) Soon I'll greet the days with an even bigger smile!
Any suggestions for my autobiography title? So far I have... Unscripted Acting Out Insensible Unanswered I Don't Deserve This Thoughts?
Following a frenzied bidding war that reached the giddy heights of four, yes four, pickled eggs, I've decided to write my autobiography.
Very impressed with @dcsandbrook's Tomorrow's World's. A really enjoyable series πŸ˜ƒ
How is your Sunday? Tweet us all about your lovely happy time! (If you're doing something sick and depraved, don't bother. DM me those πŸ‘Ή)
I'm afraid you have Hermes. You're a carrier.
Only 24 hours left to bid on the first @TBIF auction week! Please have a look and help the homeless.…
"My dad tells everyone how rude you were in his restaurant about the wine list you snobby c**t." Interesting as I've never drunk alcohol.
Good morning! Greet Sunday with a friendly smile (and a can of pepper spray in case it gets too friendly... you know what Sundays are like)
Take care of yourselves and those you love but please spare a thought for anyone sleeping rough, alone, scared or suffering. Goodnight x