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CJ de Mooi
Just had a chap come up to me while I was selling @BigIssue and ask "You was on Eggheads weren't you? Oh mate, what happened?"
My most regular conversation selling @BigIssue so far... "Are you CJ from Eggheads?" "Buy a magazine and I'll tell you!"
I must mention @TheActorsCentre. They're allowing me to recharge my phone, use the toilet and keep my bag there. Thank you lovely people ❤️
Good morning! I'm back on my @BigIssue pitch outside Zara by Covent Garden tube. I'll be here most of the day so please come and say hello 😍
Quick Periscope at 7.20 😊
Thank you @Pret Long Acre for giving me a free coffee and a big smile 😃💛
5.25am selfie! Had a surprisingly decent 4 hours' sleep and am enjoying the temporarily quiet streets.
I'm in Fitzrovia (sounds terribly pompous) but it's reasonably quiet now as the bars have closed. Today's last Periscope at 11.30 💛
It's time to end centuries of suffering and settle this once and for all. Is 'scones' pronounced...
Do we think this might be a suitable nocturnal bijou residence?
@cjdemooi Can I be cheeky and ask 2? 1)What is the biggest challenge you've found in sleeping rough? 2) could you please give our page a RT?
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Periscope in 20 minutes. Any questions you'd like to ask? #CJsleepsrough
Due to the rain I only sold 8 @BigIssue copies in 5 hours. However, it's the night I'm worried about so I'll do another Periscope at 7pm.
Finished my first day selling. I'll probably walk around for a while until I find somewhere to (hopefully) sleep.
I'll try and do a Periscope at 1pm! If you want to come and say hello, I'm outside Zara by Covent Garden tube station 💙
Just leaving the @BigIssue office and heading to Covent Garden!
I'm selling @BigIssue outside Covent Garden tube for the next 6 days (and sleeping rough at night) Please come and say hello! #CJsleepsrough
Good morning. After being robbed last night and losing everything, I only got 2 hours' sleep. At least I have a temporary phone now!
Had to go home and start all over but now ready for @BigIssue. Very annoying but it won't stop me sleeping rough as it's too important!
Parked at Leigh Delamere services on my way to London and my car was broken into. Cards, cash, bags and phone all stolen.
Please read this and RT. Thank you. #CJsleepsrough
Egghead CJ to sleep rough on streets of London – follow our campaign at #CJsleepsrough…
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We have reached 30,000 followers over the weekend! Thank you all so much! To celebrate please R/T to get all your friends to follow us too!
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Please follow me on Instagram, Tumblr and Periscope as from tomorrow morning, they'll all be going crazy! 😮
Good morning! I'm giving a WI talk in Bridgend today and then to London for the personally most important and difficult week of my life 💚
@cjdemooi hey matey. Can you help spread #KieronDyer's charity @JudeBrady_JBF and deter them from the fake account MrKieronDyer! 👎#ImACelebb
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Goodnight, sleep tight and if you're worried about a monster in your closet, encourage him to come out!
Had a quiet day (apart from my first Periscope broadcast) but tomorrow begins a frantic 6 weeks so enjoying the calm. How was your Sunday?
Just gave myself a haircut. I can't imagine why more people don't do this!
Well my first Periscope seemed to work okay. As a reward, I'll think I'll have a run!
If I work out how to do it, my Periscope starts in a minute...
Please follow me on @periscopeco with my username cjdemooi as my first broadcast is at 11am. It'll be especially important in the next week!
Good morning. I hope Sunday finds you well, happy and warm 💛
My love and cuddles to everyone. Goodnight ❤️
The vote's pretty tight but the Garden edges it with 82%. So, at 11am tomorrow, I'll do my first Periscope with a little tour of my garden 😃
Trying to learn how Periscope works. For my trial run tomorrow, which would you most like a guided tour of?
I just watched Supergirl followed by Terminator Genisys. Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting was the least painful part of those lost 3 hours.
Next week expect lots of photos, videos and periscopes while I'm doing my homelessness campaign. All the details very soon ❤️
Live and let live ❤️💜💛💚💙
Good morning. It's a dark start to the weekend but a smile can help shine through x
Love wins. Hate loses. Goodnight. #Paris 🇫🇷❤️
#Paris Whatever these murderers are trying to achieve, they will fail and be forgotten.

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