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CJ de Mooi
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People keep saying #montythepenguin is so lovely but I don't think he's that black and white.
@cjdemooi may I kindly ask for a RT? A 2min survey 👍 (Hubby's psychology assignment) Thank you🙏
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I've been unbelievably and undeservedly lucky in my life. I'm in a position to help so I have to. That's why I work for so many charities x
If @pennysfromWales I think my assistance could be useful and appropriate, I offer my humble services to any charity. I only want to help!
If you work for an animal charity, please ask them (I won't be contacting any more myself!) if I could possibly help and let me know x
Wow. 2 weeks ago I emailed 4 charities offering any help I could. @hedgehogsociety didn't reply and the others blocked me. What?
Dear #FIFA, Congratulations on being declared corruption free. Yours, Robert Mugabe Vladimir Putin West Midlands Serious Crime Squad Satan
We have some amazing items for the @TBIF @WhatsOnStage auction! We'd still love... Tickets Memorabilia Backstage tours Posters ...please?
But @Okeating what about 'If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine'? Who do we believe?
Incredible earth shattering news from @Jamiecdixon! Stop whatever you're doing because you do NOT want to miss this!!
Today's avatar charity is the wonderful (and very local to me) @tyhafan x
Good morning dear people! (the cheap people will get a less sincere greeting from my assistant later)
Helium walks down the street. Carbon mocks him 'Ooh, don't you look noble?' Helium doesn't react.
Like a lot of actors @SUPERSP4RK, I go on the stage because it's my passion and where I'm happiest. I'd do it for free forever :-)
My day was gymming, reading and biting my nails down to the bloodied stumps of my knuckles waiting to hear about an audition. How about you?
Numpty (n) (idiot) eg. one who'd do an hour's intensive exercise, rub lots of Tiger Balm on his back and then get in a very hot steam room
Today's avatar charity is @DiabetesUK x
To spread a little love, for the foreseeable future, I'll be changing my avatar daily to a random charity. Let's have your suggestions! x
So many terrible problems in the world... and now my iPhone won't connect to the wifi in my gym.
Good morning! I'm starting the day by choosing my seats for my new year New York trip. How about you?
I'm wide asleep.
Goodnight, sleep tight and let the bedbugs bite (otherwise you're a heartless monster letting whole loving bedbug families starve to death)
Thanks for commenting how much you hate me and my lifestyle. I can't discuss now as I'm about to have a gay orgy at one of my three houses.
Watching The New Statesman and happened across a remarkably handsome mass murderer... @BeingBoycie
Playing age 35-45, dark hair, very fit, 175-185cm tall, high baritone, speaks German? Check to all... ...and I still didn't get an audition!
Thanks for commenting how much you hate me and my lifestyle. I can't discuss now as I'm about to have a gay orgy at one of my three houses.
Could anyone kindly donate to the @TBIF @WhatsOnStage auction please? Tickets, books, posters, lunches or a 'money can't buy' experience?
I'm not complaining about my glorious isolation so (virtual) hello to you too! Now back to my shuttered upstairs room and rocking chair...
I live in the middle of nowhere. I have no mobile reception. My landline isn't working. I won't see or speak to another person today!
Thank you @RoyalMail The opt out form was sent 3 weeks ago. There are 2 houses with myself and my partner but both were listed on the form.
Dear @RoyalMail, I'm on the Opt Out list but this was my delivery today! Apologise, sort it or pay compensation. CJ
So I dreamt me, @keithchegwin and a drag queen were singing a chain gang work song... Er, good morning..?
If you can't be with the one you love... cards in phone boxes offer some very similar services. Either way, have a good night x
Thank you to @Mark3mad @BrownhillsMTC @eggheadsTV for great auction items for @TBIF and @WhatsOnStage! Anybody else able to donate please? x
True @OlipherSG (although pure Communism achieves the same in reverse) but I see equality itself as a right so that's what I fight for :-)
Watching The New Statesman. Rik Mayall, you are a genius, we miss you x
Repeat fees @nanof2bratz haven't existed for about 20 years. Everything is on a buyout basis.
Already got some lovely donations for the @TBIF @WhatsOnStage auction, thank you! Now, does anyone have any tickets to donate please? x
Anyone have a signed book to donate to the @TBIF @WhatsOnStage auction please? I'd love some 'money can't buy' theatre experiences too! CJ x
I'm running the @TBIF auction with @WhatsOnStage awards! Please let me know if you can donate a theatrical item or experience. Please RT x
Dear @MailOnline, I'm British and can clearly make sandwiches but no-one will employ me. Please help! CJ
Psychics ARE real and I couldn't care less if you don't think so! (obviously they're all opportunistic frauds but they are real)
I'm more Tiger Balm than man at the moment.
Well, @craiguito @angeuk1, this is an unfortunate placing in my timeline...
Next week I'm in Cardiff, Swindon, Blackpool, Edinburgh, London and Amsterdam. It's nice that I take things easy isn't it?
Good morning! Only 4 more sleeps until my inevitable killing spree of everyone who tells me how many more sleeps there are until christmas.
Oh thank you @Independent, now everybody knows. You've just ruined one of my best quiz questions!
Sleep now. If any Glasgow HIV charities want help on #WorldAIDSDay please let me know. Until then, goodnight and sweet dreams to you all x