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CJ de Mooi
Last chance! Order an advance copy of my autobiography (£20 signed and posted) by midnight and 2 people will win a bundle of extra goodies!
Peppa the Pig. Yes, that really brings out the flavour.
As a vegetarian, I'm confused. Has anyone ever had a Nando's that wasn't cheeky?
Last chance! Order an advance copy of my autobiography from me today (signed and posted for £20) and 2 people will win some extra goodies!
Good morning! Sunny, sparkly and lovely to have glowing all over you. But enough about me, how are you on this shiny new day? 😳
Just stopped at Reading services as I'm exhausted but happy. The preview seemed to go very well so next stop @edfringe! How was your day? 💜
All ready for the show. Form an orderly queue 😋3
Getting ready for our @StudOnTour London preview. I don't get nervous but several caterpillar colonies have set up residence in my stomach.
Oh my, central London is busy. In the tourist season. And during school holidays. While the weather is nice. If only there'd been some clue!
Ah. Walking through an early morning Soho in a skimpy outfit... this brings back memories... Good morning! 😃💛☀️😃�Lz9V
In bed now but up at 5 to go to the Covent Garden gym, then a day of meetings and a @StudOnTour preview! Goodnight sweet fluffy people 💛💛💛
My teeth are so good the hygienist only had 11 minutes of work for my £59. Fair enough but I didn't even get a lollipop! 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Thank you everyone who preordered my book from me. You should have your signed copies by 20th August, 2 weeks before official publication! 😃
Good morning. Off to the dentist and then London for me today. How is Wednesday being sparkly for you? ✨✨✨
Goodnight, sweet dreams and warm cuddles to each and every one of you 💜
Going for a 12 mile run at 5am (!) so already in bed. I had a good day though and I hope yours was the same? Do tell and give us a giggle...
Wonder if #LordSewel is looking for a date...
Preorder my autobiography by Friday (signed and posted out by mid August for £20) to go into a prize draw. 2 winners get some extra goodies!
At Prep 2+1=5! Book a prep pod for 3 days and we'll give you 5 days for the same price. Prep, Making work-life easier
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I'm honoured to be a @ChildrensAirAmb Ambassador! I'll run @LondonMarathon 2016 (aiming for sub 2.50) to support their life saving work 💛
Good morning lovely peeps! I hope your day is filled with smiles and hugs but if not, I'm more than happy to share mine with you 💛😃💛😃💛😃💛
Up at 4.15 for my run so time for bed. I wish you all sweet dreams, warm sheets and oodles of inappropriately moist snuggles. Goodnight 💛🌙😀
I don't care if you're black, white, male, female, gay, straight, atheist, religious or anything else! Be a nice person and we'll get on 😊
Preorder my autobiography from me by Friday (signed and posted at £20) and go into a prize draw. 2 winners will receive some extra goodies 💚
Yes I get lots of abuse and threats but don't care. I'd much rather be targeted instead of someone it might upset. I just keep on smiling 😃💛
Back to @eggheadsTV in a week so time to unwrap these vicious beauties!
waiting to hear back from an engineer who might be available. Anyhoo, how are you looking forward to this new shiny week?
Good morning! Trying to find an (available and polite) engineer to fix my treadmill. It's not proving easy so I may be some time... 💛
Actors have a 1% chance of making a living. Without risks, sacrifices, hard work and endless rejection, it's 0%. Our passion is worth it ❤️
Please order my autobiography today and go into a prize draw. 2 winners will also receive a signed photo, DVD and copy of my quiz book! 💚💚💚
My hair is better than your hair.
We needed a new @StudOnTour costume so our designer made this from scratch today! (I'm marrying him in 3 months!)
Five lovely new friends tucked away just outside my gym 😍m
Preorder my autobiography from me today and go into a prize draw. 2 winners will also receive a signed photo, DVD and copy of my quiz book!
The problem is, I've found plenty of engineers, but no-one who comes out on Sundays!
No idea @sillymankirk but it's mechanical so beyond my humble abilities. Anybody know an engineer please??
Help! My treadmill is broken and you know what a crisis that is for me! Anyone know an engineer around SE Wales who can come out today?
Preorder my autobiography (please!) in the next 5 days to go into a prize draw. 2 lucky winners will receive some extra goodies 😊
Last night I saw @alex_james_14 play Uncle Fester. He's been offered an @ArtsEdLondon place so let's do what we can to help him get there!
Good morning lovely peeps. Let's fluff up, bounce around and share our smiles so we can all have a really great day! ❤️💜💛💚💙
An excellent production of The Addams Family by @musicalityPA at Princess Royal Theatre. Some amazing talent on show! #fulldisclosure
Delighted to be the host of @Cvenues @edfringe cabaret August 6-7th (in drag and singing!) and the Spunk LGBT night on the 21st! @StudOnTour
Preorder a signed copy of my book (posted to you for £20) this weekend and go into a prize draw. 2 winners will get some extra goodies! 😋
I just came up with this. Please tell me I'm funny. @ThePoke

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