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Connor Janzen
Java Break vastly important to my existence.
Woods of Desolation, though.
Oh my gosh I forgot I did laundry yesterday and it's the best realization.
The gigantic black holes that lurk at the hearts of galaxies were apparently born big.
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Okay, laundry. Get ready to meet your maker.
Not feelin' it today.
Real human bean.
Alphabetically, U is the dominate letter in my playlist today. Underling, Ulcerate, Uneven Structure and Ulver. #perfect
Underling might be my favorite band right now.
Sitting in silence, falling into light meditation to the ticking of a clock, I find more of myself.
It was so great to see @kevinhoneycutt last night to jam and talk for a little while.
I have cheese and coffee. And I also ate this weird turkey wrap. Not the worst morning.
Man. Sometimes when I drink water I'm just like, "Yeah. That's the stuff."
Being sick consistently disappoints me.
A drive to KCI, great catchup time and a wonderful breakfast with @amdewitt93. And it's only noon!
This day. Gonna be a struggle.
why do i still think that anyone born after 2000 is 4 years old
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Sometimes I just think about how many videos are online, how many are worth watching and the fact that I probably won't see many of them.
First meal of the day? 10 PM.
Plague Inc is so good.
Someone remind me that I need groceries really badly. :)
Man, Mondays hurt.
I mean, I guess I have to accept that classes get going bright and early tomorrow. #booo #homestretch
Not Kansas' year for tourney basketball.
Stomach hurts. Is break really ending on this note? Ah, well.
No amount of 'guitar face' can save bad vibrato.
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Seriously, though. Kudos to Frankamp. I'm really excited to watch him next year. He gave it his best. Should have had more minutes. #kubball
Now I need an underdog to cheer for.
Still a proud Jayhawk. Still wearing KU tomorrow.
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To the victor go the spoils. Stanford wanted it more. Good luck in Memphis. #RCJH
I'm standing. That's how you know it's real. #RCJH close it out, boys.
This game. Guhhhh.
That shot was pure magic. #kubball
Thank you, Frankamp.
Perry with the cleanup crew. We are a little sloppy.
Tharpe. Stahp.
And I'm feeling incredibly upset by that.
I'm not quite sure, but I'm fairly certain that the patch I just saved sounds nothing like what it sounded like before I restarted the midi.
Disregard direction; horizons follow entropy.