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Haha gd why so kiyut 😚
GD's mental breakdown when Sarang took off her dress. (cr GD是狗蛋的缩写)
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Malas betul nak balik esok 😶😶
35 tahun hidup, harini baru tahu function dia
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Perempuan rilex je boyfriend hitam, kau yang lelaki tak boleh terima girlfriend hitam, gemok and so on 😒 please grow up 😂
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Kalau dah stranger yang jawab instead of your own friends 😶😶
Tokma's gift for Suga, Monet and their kids 😍😂✈#hedgehogsgzg
Told my mom I want her rendang like raya haji and she said okay 😍😍
Tahukah anda IPU Malaysia vs Singapore. Macam ada jin pulak halang jerebu masuk Johor.
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See @BTS_twt AND i got sense like I just arrived home and they tweet what a right time 😌😌😌
Is this how a mom feels? Not to easily get mad to her child
And Koko scratch(?) my hands till bleed but I dont mad at him instead just kissed him and dont even mind my hands got scars bcs of that
And washed the blanket--
Tigermok peed on my blanket and I don't even mad at him yes I'm mad for a sec but then I kiss his head like nothing happen?
Now I realized why
And we're going out for lunch now bye 👋🏻
Eg: she told me to do laundry today but I didnt, end up she's doing that and she didnt even mad at me instead tell me to get ready for lunch
hari ni baru ak thu budak U bernafas melalui insang,kulit dan spirakel
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Aku syak si syamil ni tengah bosan agaknya
Why mom have to be so pamper-able?
Perempuan lain maybe senang but not for me…
I supposed to act like the eldest child and the only daughter of the family literally supposed to act as a 'kak long' but I'm not 😂😂
I felt so wrong sometimes cause I know I did wrong but she's okay with it but 🙏🏻😂 i love you mom
If I were my mom, 😂😂 I cannot stand having a daughter like this anymore 😭😂
I actually feel bad for my mom for having a daughter like me 😂😅
Hujaaaaaaan (@ Kuah in Langkawi, Kedah)
I came home from school, I went to my room and then I saw this... I THOUGHT MY MOM BOUGHT ME A MACBOOK.
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I miss you but no I don't
'Dia comel macam baby je. Babyyy alaa comel comell' hehe comel lah awak dik 👇🏼😽
He ask his mom to bring back home one, cara dia mintak damn cute kot. I kenot 💞N
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Tahniah @AkimAhmad dan @Stacy_Angie yang dah selamat bertunang tadi... Kredit foto dari @officialhlive
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Hahah cuteeeeeeeee bangtan 😂😍
Physical age: 19, 21, 22, 23, 24 Mental age: 4
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Tolong lah nak boyfriend macam Inspector Khairul please. Can I be your Anis? 😌
Kelas IB ni time aku pegi kelas, kelas cancel time aku tak pergi siap chapter 1 dah settle ahshsgdjddjkk
Istg @Shaheizy_Sam look extremely manly and handsome in #polisevo I just 😍😍😍😍 the whole movie. Lol 👌🏼
Family time. (@ Mega Cineplex in Langkawi, Kedah)
Used to 👋🏻
I always have that leftover and he's the one who's going to finish my food.......... ...... ..........
Uncle G come and greeted us I was awkward we used to date here eating Nasi Goreng Ayam and obviously he knows 😂😅
I hate. Myself 👋🏻
And she has a pair of skinny long legs why I didn't..... Got that
I'm at GM Burger Kelibang in Langkawi
She doesnt have to shave/ wax or etc lol GOALS
I want my mom's clean legs and arms urgh I envy T.T

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