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lul am dragen tipe nao
itz ovar 9 thowsandddddd!!!!
sad stori of mai tranur: oenc apawn a tiem he ran in2 a shiney abra. it tellyported away :( rt if u cri evrytiem
if u r nawt foloing @GelvitoU ur an fagit
going to sleep bc if i dont i wont have swag night
Retweeted by Churizurd
if ur alredi sleping ur an fagit
ime nawt evn an dragen but i stil fuked ur bich fagit
Wow, this guy is sick at editing, I really loved the movement of the frisbee, dangggg that was sick
Retweeted by Churizurd
maek up yur fukn mind stupid cracker fagit...
Retweeted by Churizurd
i dun noe wai dey bin lyin but ur shit iz nawt dat inspyring rt if ur inspurd
Dai 47: I em stil not found Runen lo on food Hav enough watur Pucci supply is max Sweg iz still intact Wuld i cum out ov hiden? Fuk no
Retweeted by Churizurd
@SuperToee You need to see this RIGHT NOW 😂8
Retweeted by Churizurd
kewl i gawt 151 followers sweg yolo kanto pokedex numbr
#spookystories monstur: u haev no sweg me: ur an fagit rt if ur skared
if u do'nt haev sweg kil urself
ferst ting i do wen i waek up: tern mai sweg up 2 teh max
Retweeted by Churizurd
rt if u wana boro mi sweg
lief leson: churmndur: wut is lief? me: sweg rt if u lrnd this in skool
mi sweg woek me up :'(
O shit am evlving???? just kidng is just sweg
if u sleep aftr wtchin poekmon ur an fagit
hapy stori: person: hear have sum food me: yey rt if u r hapy nao
imagin a werld without nentido rt if u cri evrytiem
Vury sad stori: ash ktchm: bye churizurd... me: churizurd... rt if u cried :'(
i gawt teh eiy of a raikou, a rychu, dacning thru mai own fyr cus im a chmpion n u r gon here me rawr
Am look sofesticeted rite naow
vury skary stori: gengar: i am skary me: am skared
oh mai gawd wai dos susky evn mesage me lyk am his frend lyk no am not
wat dos teh fennken n vlupx sey
i wan be da vury best lik no one evir wuz tu catch dem is mai reel test t train dem ais mai cuz but ash kechm suks
twinkel twinkel litel zurd hao i wundr wut u r up abov teh sky so churizurd lyk a dragn in teh sky
gooby pls u r not evn pokemon
ai wundr wer ash kechm is
started frm churmundur nao we hear

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