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Chuck (YWE)
The Maker’s Mark took down some people last night.
When you’re tired but can’t sleep <
Love is wanting more for someone than they want for themselves. -Cole
I’m so out of shape my tricep is cramping from holding my phone up.
Simply touching money has been proven reduce physical and emotional pain! Double tap if you love money 💲
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When my album drop I’m signing #LMG
Look at this cute guy.
The things we do to keep our cell phones charged.
Your man on the road, he doin’ promo. You said keep our business on the low low.
I work so hard for this and it could be taken away at any moment...
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Don’t ever pass up the opportunity to share your passion with others. Passion inspires others to make change. #Music
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McAllister Park can’t hit a curve ball.
The majority of people solely care about themselves, they will be glad to help if they think they can get something out of it.
So many step-dogs in the world.
Waiting for the other side of the world to wake up.
Sherry, Sherry baby.
My eyes adored you.
Don’t pay attention to sh*t unless you step in it.
Everyone dreams of being an outlaw.
I have to be up at 7 AM and I feel like it’s not going to happen. #thegrind
young gunslinger from Texas. Snapchat: itschuck
Twitter goes dead silent.
Why are girls always mad at each other?!
What I would do to be your first option.
Excited to start this album tomorrow! Shout out to everyone sticking with me. #YWE
Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. - Wyatt Earp
Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys.
She’s keeps choosing other options, and thinks I should respect her when she finally gets to me.
Special shout out to my Grandma for following me on Instagram. 💯
Who are you taking advice from? A 15 year old internet celeb who has never seen the world but posts Tumblr quotes about a GF they don't have
Next girl I take on a date will be a dinner in a hot air balloon.
You can't change someone who doesnt see an issue with their actions.
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Meek Mill take it from us- if you gonna serve beef serve it high quality
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Jealousy ruins relationships for no reason.
37 days until college football 🙏🏼
I want that Toyota Camry with the Lamborghini in the garage life.

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