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mr. Bad fuk'n Karma
Riot? You're calling this a riot? Nah. It's practice. The day will come when the poor will #EatTheRich #BaltimoreUprising #bastard
The shit we are seeing now with the police, is more the rule than the exception. Don't let them fool you. #FuckThePolice #Revolt
NFL Network's Ian Rappaport says "Don't Rule Out" Adrian Peterson to #Cowboys. Looks good on him. #CowboysNation
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Offend them with my effigy Opinion killed my empathy #muse #music #bastard
#OLBoY there he go There he go He got no chill
In the heart of the darkness I'm Rustin Cohle With a beer and a beard And a busted nose #Juxtaposed #bastard
Behind every good woman, there is a good man. Staring at her ass. #bastard
Did Sports Center just commit #UnintentionalPorn? Sucks in the D and feeds Reid..... #bastard
I don't rap. I spar with the atmosphere for sound waves. #OLBoY #music #bastard
Weed's not a drug. It's fellowship. Everybody smokes together. A drug is something you have to hide in a bathroom stall to do. #LegalizeIt
Jerry, Melvin Gordon Melvin Gordon Melvin Gordon Melvin Gordon Melvin Gordon Melvin Gordon and Melvin Gordon. Sincerely, Cowboys Nation
I am convinced that the homliest looking people live in Upstate NY. Like the extras from the Walking Dead and the Hills Have Eyes fucked.
Hey, @AdamSchefter How about an apology to @DezBryant for your failed witch hunt? Wasted 5 months on a BS story.
My nose is so big, every morning I wake up and smell the Brazil. #jokes
#cowboysnation is showing its strength in supporting @DezBryant in this media assassination attempt. #ThrowUpTheX #pay88
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We all make mistakes. We just don't have parasites like @AdamSchefter waiting 2 crucify us for them. Be easy @DezBryant #CowboysNation got u
Just sitting on a story since September, eh? Just licking your chops. Waiting to pounce. Parasite. You're fucking pathetic @AdamSchefter
Oh #JohnTravolta. Your creepiness never ceases to amaze me. #bastard
They told me I could be anything I wanted to be. So I became me. #bastard
The Internet has given too many of you a false sense of security. Words are only as strong as the power you give them. #bastard
This is pity now, that, hang’d and drawn and quarter’d there should be in such a love so vile a lout as he. #ShakespeareSunday #Bastard #KJ
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My DM's are flooded with "look at me" artists that should stay in the lab until their game is sound. Take notes. #bastard
Your products are the truth @getjackblack If people are sleeping on these products, they need to wake up. #GetJackBlack
Thanks for the follow @6BillionPeople Texas made Born and Raised Renegade South 4L #HTown #SouthPark #5thWard #Scarsdale #bastard
People laugh when I say this music shit is easy. Why wouldn't it be? When it comes 2nd nature I don't have to try I just am I am #bastard
If I said it did it-believe it If I say I'm gonna do it-believe that too What a world it would be for me if you Believe in me like I do
People are like circles. They are missing the point. You made a soldier King for a day. I support you @BWilliams Let them cast stones.
Having a voice and a platform to speak is like having a dick big enough to fuck the world. #bastard
Even though @RSherman_25 was down to one arm, @AaronRodgers12 still wouldn't look his way. #respect
Rodgers scared to look Sherman's way now.
@dallascowboys: DeMarco Murray Named PFWA’s NFL Offensive Player Of The Year” PAY THIS MAN!!!
Hey @DeMarcoMurray We appreciate ya. Real fans appreciate you. We need you back. You're the identity of the offense. #PayTheMan
Tried to make me go to rehab I said No no no @JonnyBones not a known giver of fucks. #RehabIsForQuitters #bastard
You left it all out on the field. Head up homie. @DezBryant #X
Coach @JimmyJohnson should ALREADY be in the #HOF. Class act. Great Coach. Best of luck sir. #HOF2015

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