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mr. Bad fuk'n Karma
Attention: people in the court of public opinion.... #FreeManziel @JManziel2 #JohnnyFootball
Hate on @RSherman_25 all you want. Dude brings his lunchbox and time card to every game. Goes to work. #respect
That awkward moment when a dictionary uses words you don't know the definitions of to define the word that you don't know the definition of.
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All the @KingJames haters have crawled out from the rock they've been hiding under for the last 2 years. #amusing #GoHeat
As long as @BarryChurch42 is on the field, I feel good about the Dallas D this year. #Underrated #CowboysNation
Le Bron just blew up that shot. #NBAFinals
It's been a long time Since I left you Without a dope beat to step to #music
Everybody talks about the #struggle Very few know the #struggle Maya lived the #struggle #RIPMayaAngelou
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I'm so far gone, Jehovah Witnesses won't even come to my door. They be like "nah bruh" #bastard
All I know is what I know, I suppose Nothing less Nothing more #chuck #bastard
Just because he's special ed, doesn't mean he needed to go to prom alone so when he asked, I said "of course." 😊�
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bruhhhhh nigga said chris brown stay makin hits lmfaooooo im out cuhh!!!!!!!
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Jay got some defense tho. I haven't seen that much ducking since the last time @FloydMayweather was asked to fight @MannyPacquiao #drama
Taking a break from recording has renewed my mind. Refocused and reinvigorated. Grind time #chuck #bastard
Can the game itself want you to win?
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I could listen to License To Ill on repeat for days and never hit fast forward once. Can't say that about many albums @beastieboys #legends
Think about it.... @WESTCOASTDOC should be in Music's Hall Of Fame. Here's my synopsis. #paythedoc
There ain't no such thing as no such thing. Cause it's always something. #paythedoc
Putting in work on some #music. Renegade shit. #paythedoc
I'd rather crawl my way to the middle than have to step on others to get to the top. Money comes and goes. Pride is forever. #chuck