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mr. Bad fuk'n Karma
Attention: people in the court of public opinion.... #FreeManziel @JManziel2 #JohnnyFootball
Hate on @RSherman_25 all you want. Dude brings his lunchbox and time card to every game. Goes to work. #respect
That awkward moment when a dictionary uses words you don't know the definitions of to define the word that you don't know the definition of.
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All the @KingJames haters have crawled out from the rock they've been hiding under for the last 2 years. #amusing #GoHeat
As long as @BarryChurch42 is on the field, I feel good about the Dallas D this year. #Underrated #CowboysNation
Le Bron just blew up that shot. #NBAFinals
It's been a long time Since I left you Without a dope beat to step to #music
Everybody talks about the #struggle Very few know the #struggle Maya lived the #struggle #RIPMayaAngelou
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I'm so far gone, Jehovah Witnesses won't even come to my door. They be like "nah bruh" #bastard
All I know is what I know, I suppose Nothing less Nothing more #chuck #bastard
Just because he's special ed, doesn't mean he needed to go to prom alone so when he asked, I said "of course." 😊�
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bruhhhhh nigga said chris brown stay makin hits lmfaooooo im out cuhh!!!!!!!
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Jay got some defense tho. I haven't seen that much ducking since the last time @FloydMayweather was asked to fight @MannyPacquiao #drama
Taking a break from recording has renewed my mind. Refocused and reinvigorated. Grind time #chuck #bastard
Can the game itself want you to win?
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I could listen to License To Ill on repeat for days and never hit fast forward once. Can't say that about many albums @beastieboys #legends
Think about it.... @WESTCOASTDOC should be in Music's Hall Of Fame. Here's my synopsis. #paythedoc
There ain't no such thing as no such thing. Cause it's always something. #paythedoc
Putting in work on some #music. Renegade shit. #paythedoc
I'd rather crawl my way to the middle than have to step on others to get to the top. Money comes and goes. Pride is forever. #chuck
So @drdre is about to be in the #BillionaireBoysClub ? Good. Maybe now you can pony up and pay @WESTCOASTDOC his just due. #truth
All these teams gonna regret not taking Johnny Football! #JohnnyFootball
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Even when they're not playing a game, the #Cowboys find a way to ruin my night. Jerruh Jones, eatadik. #JohnnyFootball
Tweet about #CowboysNation and lost a follower. Good riddance.
Stop complaining about life. Gold is only found in the dirt. So dig deeper. Looking to the sky will only get you bird shit in your eye.
Xeroxing my dong. Had to switch the copier to 11 x 14 so I could get my whole dick on the page. #pimphandstrong
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I can't sing a love song like the way it's meant to be. Well I guess im not that good anymore, but baby that's just me.
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They say Stupid is as stupid does But Sometimes I say some stupid ass shit Just because
Stick my dick in your ear, so it's fuck what you heard. #bastard
I was born in a barrel of butcher knives Shot in the ass with 2 Colt .45's #dolomite #OldSchool #bastard
King Kong ain't got shit on me. Or was it King King just shit on me? Either way, listen to this. #bastard #music…
I hate it when random strangers ask me stupid questions like "Why r u blind-folding me? Why r u putting me in ur Van? Where r u taking me?"
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One selfie is all it takes for us to know what you look like. One. Please, selfie responsibly. #bastard
Watch this video and you will become wealthy. Don't watch it and your dick will fall off. It's your call. #bastard
If holding grudges was a sport I'd be in the Hall Of Fame #bastard
It's shocking how many erectile dysfunction or dick enlargement spam ads I get. Shocking. Chuck and big Chuck are doing just fine. #begone