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mr. Bad fuk'n Karma
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The pulse of the future does not register on the wrists of old men. So why do they still have the power? #revolution #Anonymous
Ever since I said goodbye to religion, man I've felt more enlightened Like I'm cutting out the middle man #bastard
Every man is a god. Some of us are devils. #bastard
How is Drake able to make records with all these athletes dicks in his mouth? #IDunno #bastard
Every time they try and write me off, I tell em I can't read. #bastard
If being weird was a suit, my shit would be a 3 piece Armani. #bastard
Waterboard torture me with holy water School of hard knocks My former alma mater #music #bastard
Hey Dr Huxtable, stop raping women and pay for it like the rest of us scumbags. @BillCosby Karma is a bitch.
Let a troll be a troll @Bease11 You keep doing what you do and stacking those W's. Appreciate you. #CowboysNation
Blood in the water. No sense in loving a martyr. #bastard
I'm a simian. Eat the rich. Gimme em. High on malt liquor, weed, and lithium. #bastard
Deciding which shore is the closest to swim to. #bastard
Happy Burffday to one of the G'est G's I know. @TheEbGb. #HeadZoo #bastard
Calling @IGGYAZALEA ugly is like calling @SnoopDogg a lyricist. Shit don't make any sense. #BitterOldMan #bastard
I see @SnoopDogg tryna be relevant again. Kinda. Said he's gonna put that Ray Rice on @IGGYAZALEA I done seen it all. #bastard
Gonna go buy an eighth with the money I didn't waste on this fight #MayweatherMaidana2
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You handled yourself like a #boss @MikeTyson on that Canadian talk show. Media always trying pick a fight and stir some shit. #IronMike
Man, @50cent and @FloydMayweather still at each others necks like some bitches. I hope an avalanche of their $$$ falls on em both. #bastard
Man, @JonnyBones straight manhandled @dc_mma at the press conference. 607 #represent
Okay okay. Yes, @IGGYAZALEA I will spit a verse on your next album. And NO you don't have to pay me. #musicman #bastard
Here's me. Here's the fuck I'm supposed to give. As you can see, we are worlds apart. #bastard
This fuckery is a mockery. #bastard
Why give a bitch an inch when she'd rather have 9?
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You play the role so well It's getting old, I can tell It's bone dry But you keep going to the well #lyrics #music
Every time they try and write me off, I tell em I can't read. #bastard
Attention: people in the court of public opinion.... #FreeManziel @JManziel2 #JohnnyFootball
Hate on @RSherman_25 all you want. Dude brings his lunchbox and time card to every game. Goes to work. #respect
That awkward moment when a dictionary uses words you don't know the definitions of to define the word that you don't know the definition of.
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All the @KingJames haters have crawled out from the rock they've been hiding under for the last 2 years. #amusing #GoHeat
As long as @BarryChurch42 is on the field, I feel good about the Dallas D this year. #Underrated #CowboysNation
Le Bron just blew up that shot. #NBAFinals
It's been a long time Since I left you Without a dope beat to step to #music
Everybody talks about the #struggle Very few know the #struggle Maya lived the #struggle #RIPMayaAngelou
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I'm so far gone, Jehovah Witnesses won't even come to my door. They be like "nah bruh" #bastard