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mr. Bad fuk'n Karma
#BackToBack sound like a diss record I wrote when I was 12. I dunno bout these clowns. #bastard Make sure you vote for me. Charlie Rustle, BadKarma. Pump it or Dump it promotion. #bastard
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If you can't kill em with kindness, then murder them with good intentions.
But yer missing tha point.
Blindfolded Hearing Test Prank 😂@BadassGrandmomm (see my vine page for more pranks) (Vine by@Lance2100)
Yo. @TheEbGb You and @ActionBronson must have been separated from birth. And about 250lbs. #bastard
So fuck what you heard if you can't hear what I'm sayin #bastard
Rap music is alive. It's just been buried underground. #revolution #bastard #music
"Kevin who?" -Cleveland Cavaliers
Needing that bud after a long day.. 😂#budd#friendd (Vine by@OwenONeill_HEE)
How to be a Patriots Fan: 1) Bring up Super Bowl rings 2) Brady = GOAT 3) "Where's the evidence?" 4) Call everybody else jealous
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Riot? You're calling this a riot? Nah. It's practice. The day will come when the poor will #EatTheRich #BaltimoreUprising #bastard
The shit we are seeing now with the police, is more the rule than the exception. Don't let them fool you. #FuckThePolice #Revolt
NFL Network's Ian Rappaport says "Don't Rule Out" Adrian Peterson to #Cowboys. Looks good on him. #CowboysNation
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Offend them with my effigy Opinion killed my empathy #muse #music #bastard
#OLBoY there he go There he go He got no chill
In the heart of the darkness I'm Rustin Cohle With a beer and a beard And a busted nose #Juxtaposed #bastard
Behind every good woman, there is a good man. Staring at her ass. #bastard
Did Sports Center just commit #UnintentionalPorn? Sucks in the D and feeds Reid..... #bastard
I don't rap. I spar with the atmosphere for sound waves. #OLBoY #music #bastard
Weed's not a drug. It's fellowship. Everybody smokes together. A drug is something you have to hide in a bathroom stall to do. #LegalizeIt
"Will you stay with me when times get shitty?"
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Jerry, Melvin Gordon Melvin Gordon Melvin Gordon Melvin Gordon Melvin Gordon Melvin Gordon and Melvin Gordon. Sincerely, Cowboys Nation
I am convinced that the homliest looking people live in Upstate NY. Like the extras from the Walking Dead and the Hills Have Eyes fucked.
Hey, @AdamSchefter How about an apology to @DezBryant for your failed witch hunt? Wasted 5 months on a BS story.
My nose is so big, every morning I wake up and smell the Brazil. #jokes
#cowboysnation is showing its strength in supporting @DezBryant in this media assassination attempt. #ThrowUpTheX #pay88
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