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A minor move on your part today could be very significant to s... More for Gemini
Relationships are like bikes if both wheels arent in a perpetual sync someone gon' buss they ass
...for that & only that im sorry
Sometimes at that climax someone takes it for granted feeling they can do & say whatever and it'll always go back to that point cuz of love
theres a point in every relationship where everythings going good, from there it takes work from us both to keep it going as such
I will never give up on us, but if you push me away... I'll go
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Most Girls Don't Want Perfect, They Just Want Effort.
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"K" is the shortest way to spell "Fuck you.
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#RT if you've been called: 😔Ugly 😞Stupid 😢Worthless 😪Fat 😤Bitch 😨Fake/Gay 😰Annoying 😦Dumbass 😱Whore 😩Slut 😟Nerd 😐Loser 😣Anorexic 😕Emo 😵Cunt
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#iGetAnnoyedWhen ppl think up dumass ideas/assumptions & run with them before addressing them
Bitch, dont kill my vibe d(^_^)b
Halfcrazy - Musiq Soulchild
was never the type to let anger cloud judgement/thoughts .....maybe some words but nothing more nothing less
But no matter how many times we argue & fight, I will always love & care for you. ❤
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May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, angels protect you, & troubles neglect you -Drake
Maybe if you didn't fuck up & irritate me so much, I wouldn't be such an ass.
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Sorry isn't always gonna fix everything.
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blastin tunes n cleanin the crib, lord knows no 1 else gon' do this shit =\
whats the world gonna be like when Jerry & Maury die ....steve n that other bitch jus dont got it like them