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A minor move on your part today could be very significant to s... More for Gemini
Relationships are like bikes if both wheels arent in a perpetual sync someone gon' buss they ass
...for that & only that im sorry
Sometimes at that climax someone takes it for granted feeling they can do & say whatever and it'll always go back to that point cuz of love
theres a point in every relationship where everythings going good, from there it takes work from us both to keep it going as such
I will never give up on us, but if you push me away... I'll go
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Most Girls Don't Want Perfect, They Just Want Effort.
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"K" is the shortest way to spell "Fuck you.
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#RT if you've been called: 😔Ugly 😞Stupid 😢Worthless 😪Fat 😤Bitch 😨Fake/Gay 😰Annoying 😦Dumbass 😱Whore 😩Slut 😟Nerd 😐Loser 😣Anorexic 😕Emo 😵Cunt
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#iGetAnnoyedWhen ppl think up dumass ideas/assumptions & run with them before addressing them
Bitch, dont kill my vibe d(^_^)b
Halfcrazy - Musiq Soulchild
was never the type to let anger cloud judgement/thoughts .....maybe some words but nothing more nothing less
But no matter how many times we argue & fight, I will always love & care for you. ❤
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May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, angels protect you, & troubles neglect you -Drake
Maybe if you didn't fuck up & irritate me so much, I wouldn't be such an ass.
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Sorry isn't always gonna fix everything.
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blastin tunes n cleanin the crib, lord knows no 1 else gon' do this shit =\
whats the world gonna be like when Jerry & Maury die ....steve n that other bitch jus dont got it like them
#IGetAnnoyedWhenPeople touch me, as in poking, caressing, tapping in any other manner than sexual lol
A #Gemini can talk anyone into just about anything.
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i get angry over old situations whenever I start thinking about them again ...
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Smoke weed and keep it drama free
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Spongebob: "What if I break your trust someday?" Patrick: "Trusting you is my decision, proving me wrong is your choice."
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Nowadays These bitches be 12 👧 looking 20 👩 U.O.E.N.O
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Staying to myself is the best advice that I can take
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feelin a lil hung over tho
jus woke up last night was type live i cnt front
Your sense of starting anew is confirmed today when rational M... More for Gemini
the acknowledgement that your so drunk you even whisper loudly
Niggas Be Bragging About Having Side Hoes . . . A Lot Of Y'all Niggas Be Side Niggas .....
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If you gotta ask for head, she don't love you..
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Too many good single girls, too many hoes taken.
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smfh i really wanted those gummy bears tho #thestruggle
I rather smoke some weed than drink alcohol ✋✋ <<
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Im too young to live a boring life 👌
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lmfaoo if i was her man the day i saw this shit it wulda been over
its always imperative for one to know wats wished onto them by the ones they consider "family"
Only kids throw subs so here's your tag @ViciousLovee is there a problem come speak like the adult i passionately with u were
smh i should go slap they fuccen parent 4 lettin that shit rock
y ppl got they kids screamin in the park like they don't have sense
IG: Chuckie_Blessed @waytooinnocent i follow back ✌
Closed mouths don't get fed.
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