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During Shutdown, Congressional Pay Strikes a Nerve… via @Newsmax_Media
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Sen. Roberts: Sebelius Must Resign for 'Disastrous' Obamacare Rollout… via @Newsmax_Media
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Obama Rejects Key Part of Latest House GOP Proposal… via @Newsmax_Media
McConnell to Newsmax: Reid's Debt-Ceiling Proposal 'Unacceptable'… via @Newsmax_Media
South Korea Confirms North Has Restarted Yongbyon Nuclear Site… via @Newsmax_Media
Rep. Louie Gohmert: White House Using 'Al Capone' Tactics… via @Newsmax_Media
Gingrich: Obama 'Just Plain Factually Wrong'… via @Newsmax_Media
Polls: Public Blames Both Parties for Shutdown, GOP Draws Most Heat… via @Newsmax_Media
Obama Sold Voters Bill of Goods on Health Care…
For A Good Time, Call Barry : Personal Liberty™…
Oil, Energy, Petroleum, Oil Price, WTI & Brent Oil, Oil Price Charts and Oil Price Forecast via @theoilprice
Obamacare tells you which docs you can, can’t see:…
A petition to make Congress obey ObamaCare | Human Events:…
North Korea Puts Troops on War Footing and Warns of “Horrible Disaster” via @TIMEWorld
New $100 bill to debut Tuesday via @CNNMoney
Ohio day care worker accused of raping 2 children in her care…
What the terror raids say about an 'Obama Doctrine'…
12-year-old Rhode Island student appeals suspension for gun keychain | Fox News via @FoxNews
Lawmakers probe reports of property owners kicked off federal land amid partial shutdown | Fox via @foxnewspolitics
Amber Alert website brought back online after outcry | Fox News via @foxnewspolitics
7 not-so-essential things still operating during the slimdown | Fox News via @foxnewspolitics
Wisconsin professor tells students Tea Party, Republicans at fault for slimdown | Fox News via @FoxNews
Senate Dems craft proposal to raise debt limit as Reid, Boehner escalate feud | Fox News via @foxnewspolitics
Genetics Company Patents 'Design-Your-Baby' System… via @Newsmax_Media
'Designer Baby' Patent Draws Ethical Scrutiny… via @Newsmax_Media
Govt Should Not Make Health Cost Decisions… via @Newsmax_Media
Warning US of 'Horrible Disaster,' NKorea Puts Army on Alert… via @Newsmax_Media
EU Lawmakers Vote on Controversial Anti-Smoking Bill… via @Newsmax_Media
Jesse Ventura: May Jump Into 2016 Presidential Ring as Independent… via @Newsmax_Media
Liberal Polls Show Democrats Could Take Back House 2014… via @Newsmax_Media
Democrat seeks to oust Walker in Wisconsin… via @Newsmax_Media
Arizona to Require Citizenship Proof for State Elections… via @Newsmax_Media
Jerry Brown Vetoes Bill to Allow Non-citizens on Juries… via @Newsmax_Media
Issa: IRS Officials Used Private Email to Do Official Business… via @Newsmax_Media
Newly Enacted Surveillance Program Goes Belly-Up… via @Newsmax_Media
Truckers Plan to Snarl Beltway in Anger at Inept Congress… via @Newsmax_Media
Chinese Lecture Obama as Shutdown Enters Week Two with No End in Sight… via @Newsmax_Media
Obamacare Seen Straining Clinics With Medicaid Expansion: Health… via @Newsmax_Media
Senate Democrats Plan Maneuver to Allow Obama to Raise Debt Ceiling… via @Newsmax_Media
Japan Glasses Translate Menu as You Read… via @Newsmax_Media