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Dr. Dope
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What's your favorite type of concentrate?
Who's interested in the micro g pen? Each kit comes with 2 gpens so you can share with a friend, or have an extra!
Haven't posted in a while. I been hustling in real life but time to get back on the web. I got some killer deals I will be bringing soon.
I found the pot at the end of the rainbow but someone had already smoked it!
If everyone had a bong we would all get along.
Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly?
“Is marijuana addictive? Yes, in the sense that most pleasant things in life are worth endlessly repeating.” ~ Richard Neville
"Avoid all needle drugs - the only dope worth shooting is Richard Nixon." ~ Abbie Hoffman
I don't use drugs, but I do smoke weed.
"If you substitute marijuana for tobacco and alcohol, you'll add eight to 24 years to your life." ~ Jack Herer
Stop fucking talking and pass it!
"Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction." ~ Bob Marley
"When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself." ~ Bob Marley
Alcohol NO, ganja YES! Teen Use Of #Alcohol, #Tobacco Falls To Historic Lows
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Show up to her house with a box of HUF socks and a bag of weed. Trust me, she'll love you for it
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Get high, don't lie.
RT if you could use a smoke out!
Sorry for my bluntness, that's just how I roll.
A joint in my left hand, a bong in my right.
Step #1 - get high Step #2 - check out these trippy 3d drawings
A blunt a day keeps the doctor away.
Listening to music for an hour every day can reduce chronic pain by up to 21% and depression by up to 25%
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