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If our love is running out of time I won't count the hours, rather be a coward✖️🌜 [pic] —
✖️ so many questions' ♫ Pumped Up Kicks by
you n' am happy, that's all that matters✖️☕️🌜
A sad Love story ever! MUST WATCH✖️😔�
✖️😂Thotty high.. teacher not even paying attention 😂�
✖️😂He taps his fingertips on your skin and for once you are thankful for sounding like the pitter-pattering of rainfall
✖️😂🐧pingeoon |sluggard [pic]
A beauty snake✖️🐍 [pic] —
✖️i'll moved heaven n earth [pic] —
🍔🍟✖️❤️ [pic]
✖️ hmm wanna dye my hair again [pic] —
Stand tall My friend Make them wonder Why you're around What makes you Grand To stand HBD Eiffel…
✖️🌜🌃 ♫ Coming Home by Skylar Grey
✖️🌃good night [pic] —
s'times we just need to close one eye us, it means we don't need to look at the whole sometimes,…
✖️☕️There's something about you, I stare in your eyes N'evrythings I'm looking for… ♫ Fall Again by Glenn Lewis —
💕✖️Alwys remember who was thr' for y whn no one else was [pic] —
💕🌜 n if y loved [pic]
Enjoy your sunday ✖️☕️ [pic] —
Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard ✖️☕️
One Last Song (Live) by Josiah Leming —