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Christy Nockels
Getting away with these two munchkins for a few days...#GirlsBeachTrip2014
Such a beautiful day celebrating @mrnockels Noah Luke and then these two are off to London together tomorrow. I love them so much and I love their love for each other.
In case y'all haven't met your cuteness quota today. Happy Birthday Noah Luke! You are a JOY. #Lukerdukers14
Birthday boy...bowl of goodness. #NoahLuke14th
July 21st, the year was 2000, this little boy changed my life forever and made me a mamma for the first time... Noah Luke, you are a force to be reckoned the most incredible way. I love you forever. Happy 14th handsome! πŸ’›
"We are people of His presence. We must learn to abide in it. We must learn how to rest, dwell and remain in God's embrace."
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Is "celebrator" a word? That's what I want to be. Someone who celebrates women who write their stories or whatever else they do that's just plain brave. Thanks for this huge treat in my mailbox @anniefdowns πŸ’›
On to the DIY Body Scrub. It's actually pretty heavenly! 3/4 cup white sugar, 1/4 cup olive oil, 1 TBS fresh lemon juice. My girls found all of this on -- too cute! Ok, I'll stop my little grampage!
Here's "violet rouge" 🎨 #crayonlipstick #rainySaturdayafternoon
Making Crayon lipstick with the girls. Who knew? Guess I'm late the party but crayons and coconut oil melted together make a non-toxic lipstick that's really cute! Have fun!
He's getting wiser too... #eyebrows #muzzle #zerofilter
His "grinch feet" - looking extra micro-crimped these days. #Brave #sofancy
Had to regram this from @bobgoff - grateful beyond words that this is true in my life right now. [you know who you are] πŸ’›
Great God, wrap Your arms around this world tonight, when You hear our cries, sing thru the night, we'll join in Your song and sing along.
Our lawn mowers, Bambi and Thumper.
Happy Birthday to @BethRedman - so grateful for your continued friendship through the seasons + your influence. You're beautiful! πŸ’›
#tbt to when we had a land line and a phone you had to dial (which I'm clutching for some reason) and to when my brothers affectionately called me "potty pants" - check out that diaper. #wow #alittlestudiostircrazytoday
🎢 o h what a feelin'... demos and a ceilin' 🎢 Too much of a stretch? #namethattune
Part 2 Fastest S'more in the World. By the way, you'll wanna keep your eye on Annie Rose in the background giving you the play by play. πŸ˜‚ Love y'all!
Fastest S'more in the world Part 1 - today has been such a sweet day by the way...
Best Summer Sandwich πŸƒ the "Basil BLT" - @sniequist sometimes I pretend I'm you. ☺️ I made this up though I'm sure loads of recipes exist. I grew fresh basil this year and it's like Jack and the Beanstalk on my front porch so....Basil BLT's it is... I used 100% whole wheat sandwich flats, 1 Tbs of
Pool day and a chance to celebrate @brencatherine with our beautiful @passioncity women worship leaders. πŸ’› Life is precious and so are these people.
The 2% of my life where I get to be "glam". Star of #SelfiesAnonymous @bethpilgreen made me feel 100% pampered, lash-tastic and photo ready this morning. Thank you! You are a wonderful human. #lotsoffilters #coffeewithastraw #tooADDforpandora πŸ’›
One of my greatest champions on earth is now in heaven. I wouldn't be doing what I am if not for Cindy Wilt. Her faith is now sight.
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Summer Nights... Love this little man like crazy.