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Chris Tiu
Welcome lunch for the newly drafted players at @tampopo_ph ! Welcome to ROS & the PBA Kevin Alas & Jerico Cruz!
I missed you!! Feels good to go home to my ramen and katsu fix. This is the Black Pig Shabu Ramen. Can't go wrong with this one. #tampopoPH @tampopo_ph
Sad to be ending my nature trip. Back to reality. Thank you #cathaypacific for making my trip relaxing and restful so I can go back to work right away! One last pahabol of my fav pain au chocolat, noodles and haagen daaz at The Wing lounge in HK while waiting for my connecting flight. Until next ti
Still dreaming of this. Beat this guy after 10 mins of wrestling! Don't worry we returned him after #sturgeon
Goodbye nature trips. Back to reality. Straight to taping science experiments. Glad I was able to sleep for 13hrs in d plane #cathaypacific
Did you know that tonkatsu ramen is a regional specialty from Kyushu, Japan? #TampopoPH
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As far as my heart is concerned, I'm still in London. 😜💖☺️ Read about my Brit invasion on my
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This made our day!! Here's one heck of a creature! Wrestled this sturgeon for 10 mins until our guide, Lang (who is the best guide i have to say) grabbed him onboard. This is a 4 footer and he is unbelievably strong!!! We hooked a 10 footer and wrestled it alternately for 30 mins but it was just to
And here's our lunch for today. Fresh out of the river. Today we caught a total of 9 salmons. Winner was @lesyap and I was the last placer. Don't ask how many I caught.
My sockeye salmon catch after many hours of casting. Crazy fun day with nature at the Fraser River in British Columbia.
By @pandaimeec. "Biggest bowl of ramen I have ever eaten. I am a happy kid." #TampopoPH
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Not really updated w/ bball dev'ts back home. But w/ what i hear, for sure it's gonna be an exciting draft day tom!
5 cities in 5 days. Cusco, Lima, New York, Vancouver, Seattle. I think I need a vacation from this vacation. Haha!
These aren't alien landings but terraces built by the Incas. They built terraces for several purposes: agriculture, ornaments and to prevent erosion. This one in Moray is for agriculture. Different levels have different climate conditions to grow different crops. Such geniuses. These are bigger tha
Horseback riding up to the Salineras salt mines in Peru. The Incas developed this technique of harvesting diff classes of salt after realizing the mountain contains a huge deposit.
Much needed alone time at the mall listening to live piano music :)
Batang Gilas completes epic comeback to down host Qatar in FIBA Asia U-18 tilt…
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...thanks to #oneworldalliance and #cathaypacific for making it less tiring for us! Good night
After 3 flights, 3 countries, 4 taxi rides w/in 24 hours, finally reached home... Well at least for now. Whew! Time to rest.
Let us ask the Lord for this grace: that our hearts become free and filled with light, so that we can rejoice as children of God.
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Did you know that there have only been 8 NBA championship teams since 1984? Can you name them all? #MasterGameFace
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Check out these giant boulders so perfectly pieced together like a puzzle on top of one another. Take note, these came from quarries miles away.
The Incas built their doors in a trapezoidal shape to prevent it from caving in. During the big earthquakes, the Spanish colonial structures would collapse but the Inca ruins managed to hold up even without cement or mortar. So sophisticated for their time.
The Sacred Valley of the Incas, formed by the Urubamba River which links Inca sites of Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu. Soil is fertile and climate conducive to agriculture which allowed them to prosper.
Here's a view of the district from the Sun Gate, the entrance of the city from the original Inca trail which the Incas used to get there from Cusco & the Sacred Valley. Had to post this cause we killed our legs and lungs hiking for an hour going up and another going down.
Look how perfectly carved and sculpted each stone is, fitting like a puzzle without any mortar or clay. Just stone on stone. Everything so carefully planned. Those are huge stones by the way. Imagine how they did that 600 years ago w/o any modern day machines or tools.
Another view of Machu Picchu. The city is one of the last ones built by the Incas before the end of their empire. You can see the remains of their temples, storage, rooms, terraces.
Missing Asian food!! Still the best for me. Can't wait to try this when I get back to Manila! @bonchon_ph #bonchonph
This is for the foodies out there. Some of my favorite Peruvian dishes. Guinea Pig - served locally for special occasions. Tastes somewhere in between chicken and pork. Ceviche - fresh raw seafood cured in citrus sauce. Lomo Saltado - beef tenderloin with pepper and potato. Inca Kola - tastes som