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Chris Tiu
A golden crispy Premium Loin Katsu to brighten up your Monday? Have a great week! 😃
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Back to the grind. My early morning breakfast to start a long day. #WinningEnergy #PotenceeEveryday
Back to the grind. My source of energy for a long day ahead. Bananas, warm Milo, 1000mg of vitamin C and some chorizo I brought home from Spain. #winningenergy #potenceeeveryday
I feel for Clark Bautista. Sacrificed and worked so hard for this for years, only for the result to be determined unjustly. #AsianGames2014
..To Korea. I'm no boxing expert but it didn't need an expert to see that Choe was being clobbered efficiently by Bautista! #AsianGames2014
Just watched the Clark Bautista vs Choe (Korea) boxing match and I don't know if it was just me, but he was robbed!! Judges gave it 3-0 ...
...each team member gave for the country! We are behind the team all the way! Bright future for PHL bball. Good luck #GilasPilipinas
It's tough when you play well, expectations become higher and people have everything to say. What matters is the sacrifice and commitment...
Heads up Gilas! Still so proud of the team. You win some, you lose some. That's basketball, just like life. Now go for 5th! #LabanPilipinas
Tear gas, pepper spray, riot police w/batons at the Hong Kong protest frontline.… | @IvanCNN @anjalitsui at the scene
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The Walls of Avila. These were built in the 11th century. Felt as if we were living in the medieval period. Muy bonito! #avila #spainroadtrip
The gorgeous walled city of Avila at sunset. Area is about 3 hectares and perimeter is a little less than 3km. Charming city with great chuleton and sirloin. Also the birth place of St. Teresa of Avila. #avila #spainroadtrip
The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Not particularly a fan of modern art but the architecture of the structure is the one thing that stood out for me. #spainroadtrip
Paparazzi shot of Antonio Banderas (I think) who we accidentally bumped into at the San Sebastian film festival he he he
Best meal in this trip - from La Cuchara de San Telmo in the Old Town of San Sebastian. Sirloin, cochinillo, bacalao, foie gras (my favorite!). Their carrillera was really good too. Still dreaming of this meal. #sansebastian #spainroadtrip Thanks for reminding me about this @lesyap @mackyroons
View of San Sebastian from the fortress. Definitely worth the hike! #spainroadtrip #sansebastian
Pintxos, pintxos, pintxos. What people do is just hop in and out of different tapas bars in the old town and grab a few of their favorites. #sansebastian #spain
The Cathedral at San Sebastian, Spain. #gothic
Hello again San Sebastian! #espanya #spainroadtrip
Here's the original version of the statue we have back home in Xavier School. St. Francis Xavier left for the University of Paris to study and met St. Ignatius of Loyola and together they founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). He dedicated his life to God and traveled to Goa, Malacca, Japan, etc.
Castle of Javier. St. Francis Xavier was born here and grew up here until he was 19 years old. Took a bit of a detour to get here driving from Madrid to San Sebastian. It is located about 30 mins east of Pamplona. Have to say it was worth the trip visiting the birth place of the patron saint of my
One of the most known paintings of El Greco, The Disrobing of Jesus, found inside the cathedral. #toledo #spain
The Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo. This is probably the highlight of the city. The inside is just incredible! #toledo #spain
View of Toledo. Also known as the "City of Three Cultures" where Muslims, Christians and Jews once co-existed. #toledo #spain
The aqueducts at Segovia built by the Romans. Such a genius invention built around the 1st century to transport water from the high mountains to the city. Highest point is about 28m. They say it was originally 15km long and water flowed around 20-30 litres / second. Such an impressive and magnific
Not the best photo but this was one of the best cochinillos I've tasted. One of the highlights of Segovia. Sliced using a plate. #segovia
Panoramic view of Segovia, a city about an hour away from Madrid. You can see the majestic cathedral on the highest point and the castle on the right.
Moules-Frites at Rue Marronniers in Lyon
Visited my little sister who's doing her exchange program a few days ago at Lyon. Very charming city in the middle of France. Reminds me of the few months I spent in Lille doing my exchange many years ago.
By @mastergameface "Our time in Spain may have already finished but our promo is still on going! Join the #MasterGameFace Goes to Spain Promo! Here’s how: Buy (1) Master Facial Scrub or Deep Cleanser with sticker on pack. Text MASTER SPAIN <code> to 5656. Receive a confirmation text. Win inst
By @tampopo_ph "Hot bowl of Miso Deluxe Ramen, perfect dinner during this rainy evening 🍜☺️ #TampopoPH" via @PhotoRepost_app
A must see when in London! So proud of all the Pinoy cast members. Simply the best!! #misssaigon #worldclass
Another standing ovation for an awesome performance, most especially by the Pinoy cast members who have made it to the global stage! So proud of them! Photo w/ fellow Kapuso Rachelle Ann Go who played Gigi. We were lucky to have caught the show where another super talented Pinoy Tanya Manalang play
Arm yourself with confidence as you head out in the morning up until the afternoon! Use Master Oil Control Max!
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watched the replay of Basta Everyday Happy episode today.😁 because I wasn't able to watch it live..😃…a@chris_tiuiu
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It's been one year since we saw each other and since he presided over our wedding and gave the best homily. Nice catching up in London with Fr. Johnny! One of the coolest and most inspiring priests I know! #luceatlux #xavierconnection
The original film location of one of my favorite romantic comedies. Made sure to find it since we were in the area. It's just off Portobello St. We were told it actually closed down in 2011 because of high rental costs (ironically because of the movie and online selling) but it's now open again.
Good morning guys! I'll be on Basta Everyday Happy's episode today at 11am on GMA7 :) you might wanna catch it. We'll make you hungry!!
Here's what the weather could be like in 2050 in the PHL, if we don't take action now. Pls watch & RT… #weather2050
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Philippines wins Most Valuable Fans award at FIBA World Cup via @rapplerdotcom…
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...glad to see them now in the national team and in the #FIBAWorldCup2014 finals
We've played against Markovic, Bogdanovic & Krstic before in Serbia w/ Gilas 1. Bogdanovic was still part of Partizans 2nd team...
..but I hope they can keep up with the speed and athleticism of USA, especially the bigs. #FIBAWorldCup2014
Won't be able to catch the USA vs Serbia finals but I'm rooting for d underdogs. Like the way Serbians play, very fundamental & systematic..
By @erickayserph "Our take on a Classic Sandwich! Crisp Bacon, Fresh Lettuce and Tomatoes on Plain Ciabatta dressed with our special mayonnaise. #blt #sandwich #erickayser #erickayserph" available in Greenhills Promenade branch.
Get to experience the Business Class and Premium Economy seats of Cathay Pacific. First time in 10 years that they are brought here on a roadshow. They are currently in SM Aura (near Uniqlo) until Sept 17. You can also book tickets and promos there , without the super long lines. #cathaypacificjour
Looks like i missed an amazing game. Congrats Blue Eagles! OBF!
Done w/ a 2.5 hour Crossfit workout. Feel like I won't be able to walk for the next 3 days. Thanks coach @MadMattMak !