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Christine Caine
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I've read this book cover to cover twice & am giving it to all our team to read. So good. Thank you @lysaterkeurst This book is so helpful. You have such a gift & are a wonderful friend. So glad we get to do so much together for the kingdom.
Trafficking is an unimaginable evil—we've been entrusted to do something about it. We intend make change @A21.
Keep going. Trust God. He who promised is faithful #unstoppable
Summer sleep over girlfriend fun... #foreverfriends #talkmorethansleep #girlswillbegirls
Sometimes, when you feel like you have too much on your plate, you need to get a bigger plate instead of asking for smaller portions!
This is not a slumber party. This is mine & @biancaolthoff professional podcast recording studio. Stay tuned for the next episode...
Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. —1 John 4:4 (NASB)
Listen. Learn. Grow. Serve. >>LEAD<<
Listen. Learn. Grow. Serve. >>LEAD<<
In order to go the distance in life, relationships & ministry, you must consciously choose to be unoffendable & not develop a wounded spirit
Rest in the truth that God knows your heart (Luke 16:15) even if someone has misunderstood your thoughts & intent. Don't shut down or harden
Just got my first real copy... #unstoppable
Pizza Nutella: Nutella spread over fresh baked pizza topped with powdered sugar & bananas... This will be served at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb! In the meantime, the Caine's are acquiring a taste for it :-)
How many men does it take to make a pizza? Our new favorite family dinner place.
It really is little things that make a huge difference. A simple phone call, visit or word of encouragement, can turn someone's day around!
This girl, @biancaolthoff preached an unbelievable message @marinerschurch this past weekend. She is a gift to this generation & hands down one if the best PREACHERS (With a capital P) you will ever hear. Anointed, eloquent, gifted, biblical, humorous, powerful & a Holy Ghost terrorist! In case you
No-one wants to feel like they've been checked off your "to do" list. People have feelings, emotions & crave connection not transactions!
It’s not easy to go the distance. But it’s worth it. #Unstoppable
Being the fastest doesn’t necessarily mean you will win the race. God wants you to run YOUR race, in HIS timing. #Unstoppable
Being the fastest doesn’t necessarily mean you will WIN the race. God wants you to run YOUR race, in HIS timing. #Unstoppable
Long summer walks & talks with these two... making lots of time to listen & hear.
Don’t just set small goals; dream big, audacious dreams!