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Christine Caine
I'm feeling a sushi & hat flow for @womenoffaith in Denver this weekend...
I am loving the @propelwomen posts. Girls, don't forget to follow for daily inspiration. (Guys, I guess you can too. I wouldn't know 😉)
You don't have to stay under it because Jesus is over it all. Look up, get up, move up. Thank you @shannonrnieman @charlesnieman for a wonderful time at conference. I Loved being with @bobbiehouston @aprilsimons & thank you ladies for leaning in & thanks @SheilaGCraft for photo.
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Hey girls, follow @PropelWomen We've got some great things coming up & I want to be sure you hear about them. Love ya
Good morning y'all. Remember, God is fighting for you, he is on your side. No weapon forged against you shall prosper. The devil is a liar!
Loved every second with you girls at the Extravagant Love Conference tonight "Perfect love casts out ALL fear" #Jesus
In El Paso with @bobbiehouston having some nutritious food before tonight's meeting. I always feel more anointed after fries & nachos..
Had the opportunity to join Joni Table Talk on @daystartv to talk about #Unstoppable! Tune in on Thursday, October 30, to watch! Click the link in my profile for times and details.
Had the opportunity to join Joni Table Talk on @daystar to talk about #Unstoppable! Tune in on 10/30 to watch!
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Faith isn't a feeling you manufacture. Faith comes from hearing the Word. Hear it, speak it and walk by it.
I walked in to find Nick brushing Sophia's hair for school... so cute!
Pride so often hides under a veil of feigned humility.
Sometimes a preacher girl needs some good pastoral care. I'm so grateful for my pastor of 26 years @briancharleshouston Being planted in one house for 26 years means that my roots are deep, my accountability is high, my reach is unlimited & my heart is safe. There is a lot to be said for being authe
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When we trust Jesus to protect us, there is never a need to hurt someone else. Jesus does not hurt one part of his body to protect another.
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(2/2) to help set others free & walk in victory. Don't give up halfway through. The fight is painful but worthwhile. Make the devil pay!
There is such a sense of redemption when you come out the other side & end up using the thing that the enemy wanted to destroy you with(1/2)
The only thing I enjoy more than preparing sermons is preaching them. I'm doing a little holy dance in my garage so excited about new series
I was captivated by God every step of my prayer run today. My spirit soared as my feet pounded the pavement #stunning
Stunning backdrop for my prayer run today...
#photooftheday #unstoppable
Stop waiting for someone to realize how much they've hurt you before you forgive them. You need to forgive them for your freedom not theirs.
Only people who are close to you can do this to you. God will bind up your broken heart & the Holy Spirit will regulate your breathing again. Don't panic. Drop to your knees. Reach out to God. Inhale His promises. Exhale the enemies lies. Know that no weapon forged against you shall prosper.
The tables have turned ... this week I interview @biancaolthoff on all things @propelwomen! [Link in Profile]
The tables have turned ... this week I interview @biancaolthoff on all things @PropelWomen!
Miracle healing testimony from our pastors @zoesofiabg I want to encourage you tonight that Jesus is our healer. Impossible is where God starts & miracles are what God does. What is impossible with man is possible with God, with God all things are possible & nothing is impossible with God. I am beli
#photooftheday #unstoppable
Change the question in your head from; "Jesus, do you love me?" to the statement; "Jesus, you do love me" Declare it until you believe it.
This man. This spot. This brunch. This day off. Perfection.
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And this is why I love my warrior chick girlfriends with a passion. They text life into my spirit... Build faith filled, kind, loving, gracious, fun, focused, generous, forgiving friends into your life by first & foremost being one. You need people who will help you to run your race & finish your co