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Christine Caine
Spend time daily in God's Word and tune your heart to His.
Leaders, when you ask people to do what you are not prepared to do, don't be surprised when they don't do what you won't do!
Believe more boldly. Pray more boldly. Step out more boldly. Yes, YOU!!!
I don't think anything surprises me more than the people God uses. He must have the best sense of humor. I mean, he uses YOU and ME!!!
After watching @shelleygiglio & London hang out, I may even be persuaded to finally relent & get my girls a puppy #iletlondonlickmyface
Today I went in for my post-op & was so grateful to receive the best news possible. I am healing well and grateful to every one of you who has prayed for me. I believe prayer works. I just wanted y'all to meet Dr Yeh who is the best surgeon I could have asked for. He is brilliant. We certainly need
Looking so forward to launching an exciting new initiative for women who lead in only 6 days. We will be having these kinds of conversations...
How many times have you not stepped out in faith because of fear? How often have you been more worried about what people will think than what God has asked you to do? If you fear man you will not obey God. Do what He has asked you to do & watch His blessing, favor, grace, provision & smile overwhel
It's often our own insecurity that stops us obeying God. We want everyone to like & approve of what we are going to do. Everyone won't!
Yes, I did eat this last night....
There's no question: God is building His Kingdom on earth. The question you need to ask is, "How has He called me to help Him?"
7 days from today we are launching an exciting new initiative for women who lead. We've been working hard behind the scenes all year to prepare resources, support, training & empowerment for women in any & every sphere of leadership in society. I definitely feel that this is my sweet spot when it co
Can't wait for you to hear today's podcast! Joined by @lisadharper and she is sharing her awesome adoption story!
I'm always perplexed when people use the language "Mom first" In my case it's "Mom ALWAYS" My life is interconnected not compartmentalized!
Leaving Atlanta with a full heart after @pcc_thegrove Pretty sure I invited myself back. A lot. Women hungry for Jesus on a Monday night & leaning in with hunger, passion, zeal, & then giving their lives to Jesus even in the overflow---makes for something very special! Congratulations @shelleygiglio
Loved recording this podcast with @louiegiglio Talked about loads of great stuff & Passion conference 2015. Can't wait to be with y'all in Atlanta & Houston.
Tonight at @passioncity @pcc_thegrove is one for the "Forever Memory" book. Thank you @shelleygiglio for your courageous, loving leadership!
The plan of the enemy is to keep your eyes on ANYTHING other than God & His Word. Don't fall into his trap.
My friend @shelleygiglio is leading an incredible movement of women @pcc_thegrove Every square inch of this place & overflow is packed with women of all ages. Jesus is SO HERE & I am honored to get to be a part tonight. I could not wait to come & be with the Atlanta girls. This is truly breathtakin
Those who are planted in the house of The Lord shall flourish...
You know you're on your way to freedom when you begin to truly care more about what God knows about you than what others think about you!
Balanced reading for today's flight. Welcome to my Monday morning brain...
His mercies are new every morning... Not recycled, on consignment, reused, reprocessed or salvaged. New.
Loved this morning @hillsongla "Now you & all these people GET READY to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give them.." - Josh 1:2 Seeya tonight 5:30 & 8pm. Can't wait xoxo
This family was GLAD when they said unto us we are going into the house of the Lord. I've got my preach on & am ready to bring the word @hillsongla I am privileged in that I have the opportunity to preach in many great places, but there is NO PLACE as dear to me, nor do I have any greater honor than
For someone today, the thing you've been pregnant with in the spirit is about to be birthed! This is the day!
I cannot wait to be with my @hillsongla family tomorrow. I'm so fired up. I have a word burning in my heart!!! I love church.
My firstborn living the dream... Could not love this child any more!
I'm so honored to serve God alongside these incredible, hilarious, anointed, passionate & loving women who are also great friends. @sheilawalsh1 @lisadharper @lysaterkeurst @patsyclairmont @lisabevere Serving with them @womenoffaith has been one of my ministry highlights. I love them with all my hea
It's often messy behind the scenes...
This is us on a break watching @bethmoorelpm #LPLSimulcast We are cheering our friend on who is BRINGING IT!!! @sheilawalsh @lisadharper @lysaterkeurst @lisabevere & @womenoffaith team What an honor to be serving God together at this time We are all on kingdom assignment, commissioned by the same Co
This is a power packed trio right here 3 dear friends @lisabevere @lysaterkeurst @lisadharper I have a thing for Lisa's. Anaheim @womenoffaith let's do this!!!
I really love where this chick is reading #Unstoppable #photooftheday
This is the most liberating, life giving, powerful, Jesus glorifying, biblically based message to & for women @BethMooreLPM #LPLsimulcast
My @BethMooreLPM highlight at the #LPLSimulcast thus far: "Block, in Jesus name" I am so happy right now -That"a all!
Heaven on earth for me...
RT @hillsongLA: We're excited to say that @ChristineCaine will be with us this Sunday! #WhilstOneRemain // SO PUMPED!
Three mighty @womenoffaith right here @missyharper @catiecaine @sophiacaine Friendship is one of Gods most precious gifts!
God blesses and multiplies whatever we offer him ... give him what u have, even if you think it's ordinary or insignificant!
My prayer for you & over you today... in Jesus name!