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christine teigen
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eggs = cholula vessels
I am going to pee myself. Snack Off is the greatest show of all time better than Breaking Bad or Seinfeld or The Cosby Show
soooo errrrrr who's excited for tonight's new ep.... OMG @chrissyteigen: ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ’„#SnackOffckOff
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Time for #snackoff!!!! Turn it to @MTV for sweet cream times
If you are one of the many people who just told me fingers have no muscles, you have zero true friends no one likes you
I just practiced pitching and every single muscle of each finger is throbbing. I did 8.
Our prospect Charlie Brown agrees RT @chrissyteigen @richeisen "i would rather fail from the mound than win from the grass" - chrissy teigen
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Does everyone throw it from the mound or are they closer? I need some measurements here. Cripes this isn't gonna go well at all
please don't kill me 50 I love you so much I play magic stick (radio edit) all day
Throwing out the first pitch at the @Dodgers game August 5th. Making john practice with me now. I have such a false confidence after 50cent
Instagram is for pictures and twitter is for words except okay, twitter can also be for pictures but shut up with your Instagram notes
All I do is push bullshit I heard on Netflix
I am somehow more annoying than before. Netflix docs are the worst thing to ever happen to my girlfriends.
Until you pay for my twitter feed, you can eat a giant bag of d's.
Or, a girl'a dinner. Drunk bye
Nothing better then a girl's dinner. Except justin bieber deleting Instagram disses that's also fantastic.
No idea how or why I just did that last MMA tweet lol