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christine teigen
They have dessert toast here. Toast with ice cream and whipped cream and creamy cheese and different flavors. DESSERT TOAST.
They're Celine! Case closed. Thank you twitter!
Pork belly pork ribs pork skin beeeeeeeef porkporkpork
I also need to know RT “@roxyburger: ANYONE know where these shoes are from??
,@MannyPacquiao hey are you in Manila plz respond asap
Red wine and scrambled eggs. 9am. Haven't slept a wink. Hi Manila!
This video poked my heart and now I have to go to the hospital and I might die:
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....I guess that is my life too except I don't have to read. So DREAMIER LIFE.
Adam Sandler's vacation days are his movies. Seriously that dude reads lines with friends in exotic locations. Dream life.
i enjoyed when the monsters stepped on the hotels I hate.
i don't even know where the other two moopies or mupas came from.
and then the part where bryan cranston murdered his wife and coworkers because he had to
I swear I got king kong mixed up with godzilla (never seen either before) and was waiting for him to climb a building with elizabeth olsen
watched godzilla on the flight. are we supposed to like him? because i really liked him.
There is always that person in the security line frantically asking what time your flight is AKA they want to cutsies
Landed in Seoul. Feel like death. One more flight.
This is america. He can eat 60-70 percent of his cake. RT @dabigjoker dang. let that man eat his cake!
I don't care that the situation didn't pay his taxes on 9 million dollars I'm very concerned the situation made 9 million dollars
Damn I let my cup of noodles soak for a second and someone took them like I'm just serving cup o noodles willy nilly #airportloungeproblems
now that I tell you it looks like I don't have a left eye, you cannot unsee it. #nba2k15 Thank you…
Lol I put 2k14. I am a fantastic promoter
WATCH @chrissyteigen battle a mystery voice on @SInowLIVE's Twitter standoff! Watch her full interview on at 1pm ET
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Ewwwww guys I was referring to the sex not the farts GIRLS DON'T FART
I'm not sure my body has ever ingested a superfood I am excited for the powers that are to come
Thank you @Lelandcd and @SakaraLife for stocking me for a lonnnnng flight to Manila!!
Star studded @SInowLIVE at 1pm ET: supermodel @chrissyteigen is in studio! Also, @Pacers coach Frank Vogel; all the latest @nfl news #sinow
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I'm alive DO NOT WORRY
The downside to having a lot of followers is hearing the same horrible joke over and over. Yes. It's a vacuum for dope har har everyone.
San Gennero is over but the smell still lives good god.
Uh I said dope so yes dyson #BALLTECHNOLOGY RT “@Yassir_Lester Dyson? Say Dyson.”
I have never been to an nyc Home Depot I feel ignorant as shit what is the cart roller coaster
just bought a dope vacuum
A: because i love soup. RT @magggmarie Why is @chrissyteigen always making soup ?
I don't know how to caption this but @jenatkinhair has every app known to man
being casual with @jenatkinhair (ps if you want to meet her go to Laduree in soho anytime she will be…