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Christian NRML
It's not that I am not afraid, on the contrary I fear a great many things. Fear of failure is not among them. #dreambig
DOWNLOAD FOR FREE AT sorry for the wait, today has been rather hectic but we got...
Brevard rapper Floating in China Chris NRML: via @YouTube
Thank you all for rocking with me during this time, tomorrow my video and song are no longer mine, bitter sweet....
I know I have been talking about this for a while now, but tomorrow is the day. I put my heart and…
Lose your Mind. Get a new one. #reinvent
Lose your mind. Find a new one. #Reinvent
#Indianapolis whats up?? we in here for the weekend only!
See you soon Indianapolis ✈ #warpath
Take my picture and I will live forever.
Seeing sounds, feeling colors. #FLTNG
Counting stars form my porch on Mars.
Thank you for taking the time to view my trailer, Music has been a long and unique story for me, one that I hope...
Gearing up to release the trailer..hang with me here..
"I Can Explain", Chris NRML Interjects: via @YouTube
"I Can Explain"..Chris NRML Interjects: via @YouTube
Passion my dear girl, is friend to both love and hate. #passion IF YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A CREATIVE, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO WATCH..AND YOUR WELCOME ;)
Today appreciate something new. #live
I used to think that being optimistic was foolish, now i know that although one should plan for the worst when...
The Infamous Trip Zen Presents #FLTNG droping on #oct31 Halloween!!! thank you all for your support thus far!
Today is a good day, keep that in mind always, and behave accordingly. #peace
At times, Life places us in situations where the only direction to go is forward, this music is me moving forward...
Living in the moment, going where I wanna. #blessed
Waves of Infinity, Ultimate Space.
If i told you i was broken, would you care?
Met the very talented @dohn_n today, the picture was much appreciated my brother.
Love yourself, because at the end of the day,all you need is you.
Stay tuned my friends we out here workin #shanghai #sandiego #wherever
Pick me up in that long taxi.
On our way to #sandiego for some things x should be good x till next time #fla. ✌
Your Version of #NRML may be different, but that is ok, you are who you are because the world needs you, so be you.
Life is a series of experiences, make them count.
If wishes where horses then fools would ride, get to work. #grinditout
Workin on this video in the shadows..
Sorry for the wait but I'm workin out here..#floating coming soon please stick around to check out…
Today I watched a dream dance as I walked along the clouds with a smile on my face
Welcome to your life
Them : where do you see yourself in 10 yrs? Me : alone carving my thoughts into the moon. #realshit
Woke up feeling like coronus the terminator #flyinglotus
We where meant for something bigger than this. #live

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