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Christian NRML
JUST IN: Manny Pacquiao beats Timothy Bradley in unanimous decision, reclaiming the WBO Welterweight Title - @SportsCenter
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I think i just fell for a mascot..*sigh lol make them kids smile girl! x)
I hope you find a way to be yourself someday.
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Another show day down, thanks for the energy #atlanta , don't forget it tomarrow ;) #fightinggravity
My apologies to those who couldn't hang around during my rough times, but the fact is i'm only getting better ;)
#hipzen clan ain't nuttin to fuck wit
my fave sex position is the one where I lay u down somewhere, u stay quiet, i smoke a bowl, organize my rocks & then go out to watch clouds
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Only he who has walked through the deepest valley knows how other valleys of lesser depth are relatively more walk-throughable, valley-wise.
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Congrats to the homie @Youngnate20 for graduating full sail!! sorry i couldn't be around to celebrate, i wish you the best bruv see yallsoon
there is only i and i , nothing else.
#Atlanta get at me, i'm here for a minute
happy b day to me you fucks :)
"Don't raise your voice. Improve your argument." - Anonymous #BeEpic
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for those of you trying to get a hold of me my phone has been dead :/ i'm getting a replacement mailed this week so hit me on here or fb, ty
workin with @JfokeHip on this track tho
"Life passes most people by while they're making grand plans for it." - johnny depp - BLOW
Nasty baby im crazy the 90's raised me
Be sure to go check out and follow the Terminal Junkies Page at for shout outs on your artistic projects.later
“Failure is the condiment which gives success its flavor.” – Truman Capote #BeEpic
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"Every new song I record I think is the One and shit until I realize it's wack." - School Boy Q
If he smacks my mother it's every man for himself. I don't know her.
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Shout out to any one me or any of my friends have ever shaken hands with,your welcome.
Intelligent individuals find it extremely difficult to resist using sarcasm and tend to use it more often.
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Sometimes im feelin myself i swear yall can come and get it
Just because "then"happened doesnt mean "now" isn't.
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On romantic evenings of self i go salsa dancing with my confusion.
The people with creative minds tend to have the hardest time falling asleep at night, they prefer staying up later.
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Can't sleep. Must read.
"Next month is the beginning of the end for them all, be ready, they won't like it.." *wipes smudge off mirror* #NRML #Trench
Where shadows move none may speak of
That Mcdonalds apple pie tho
Come catch my friends and i on National Geographic tonight! should be fun. :)
All the way laid.
Gah work at 4 am no time no time :(
People like to bounce from relationship to relationship and pretend that others don't notice the constant change lol lol keep trying i guess
My brothers, have a happy new year i love yall @ElMundoPolo @robodomo_hd @theDIRRTYharris
Satan settle down, keep your trousers on, you can warm the globe but leave my wretched soul alone..
I'm now a certified wumbologist praise god.
Walk the streets of gold with cigarettes you hand rolled, I don't know you, and i don't owe you a thing, but i smile so hard it hurts.
The children lose there minds,in search of certain times.
Any one watching the fight tonight?