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Chris Maloney
Right guys time for bed na nite and sweet dreams ALL xx
This is just AMAZING!!! 389K youtube hits for @ChrisMaloney77 1st UK single 'My Heart Belongs To You' Watch here: xx
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Best of luck to our founder & principal @ChrisMaloney77 attending Downing Street on Wednesday @Number10gov The Academy.
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@ChrisMaloney77 this song will always have a background story for me, but it will always be my favoriteđź’ť
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"@lisa_quickenden: @ChrisMaloney77 @LivEchonews That's lovely Chris thank you xx" Lisa, your so welcome tell Jake I said hi and good luck xx
@ChrisMaloney77 I'm so proud of you, I hope you know that. I love youđź’ť
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So looking forward to attending No10 & No11 Downing Street and House Of Commons Wednesday @Number10gov xx :-)
"@Garydoran00: Thanks @gaylemcconnau 4 this pic of me an @ChrisMaloney77 ill frame this x" Really nice photo xx :-)
"@RyKenny9: @ChrisMaloney77 how's it going Maloney?" Extremely well thanks! How Lou Lou the baby n family xx :-)
Hi @gaylemcconnau @lisauk76 @nicky66nc @Diane_K57 @Marie_Wright its my pleasure thank you all for travelling to spend the weekend with me xx
Hey guys if you missed my exclusive column today in @LivEchonews then here its is #enjoy xx :-)
Hey guys don't forget to get your tickets to this show it's gonna be amazing @lhkproductions xx :-)
Check out my EXCLUSIVE X Factor COLUMN only in The Liverpool Echo today & every Monday for all the latest gossip & inside info @LivEchonews
Hi lovely @JulieDuffy4 can you make it 1.15pm on Saturday for the academy meeting with my staff xx :-)
Good morning all you beautiful people hope you all have a fantastic day xx :-)
"@654wus2: @ChrisMaloney77 do you remeber this day chirs" Yes i do and what a lovely polite girl you was xx :-)
Right guys time for bed na nite and sweet dreams ALL xx
#iTsLocal > @ChrisMaloney77 @CMTAacademy helping the young STARS on Merseyside shine! ……………………………………………
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Wow such a lovely afternoon spent with my family and @lisauk76 @nicky66nc @Diane_K57 @gaylemcconnau @Marie_Wright in my nans xx :-)
Don't forget to check out my EXCLUSIVE COLUMN only in the Liverpool Echo tomorrow and every Monday xx :-)
"@gaylemcconnau: @ChrisMaloney77 @Marie_Wright @lisauk76 @nicky66nc @Diane_K57 It's not goodbye Love, it's Just see you later!" Definitely x
Off up to see @Marie_Wright @lisauk76 @nicky66nc @Diane_K57 @gaylemcconnau so say goodbye then off to finishing my exclusive column xx :-)
Loved today at @CMTAacademy @ChrisMaloney77 dont half love saturdays! Love ittttttt xx
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Well done to my brilliant coaching team @Vocalcoachlpl @lottie_477 @KatieLKing you did amazingly day xx :-)
Well done to ALL my academy Children @CMTAacademy today for all your hard work and dedication today #Proud xx :-)
"@Diane_K57: Last night @ChrisMaloney77 was AMAZING. :-) xxx" Thanks so glad you enjoyed it xx :-)
@ChrisMaloney77 @CMTAacademy Our pleasure! Always lovely to work with someone who is clearly passionate about the #wellbeing of their staff!
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Big thanks to @healthatworkUK nearly there to getting the company charter for my academy @CMTAacademy #excitingtimes xx :-)
He guys @Marie_Wright @lisauk76 @nicky66nc @Diane_K57 @gaylemcconnau will meet u You at Moorfields 12pm see you soon xx :-)
Looking forward to meeting @healthatworkUK at my academy @CMTAacademy this morning #exciting xx :-)
"@Emaxcx: @ChrisMaloney77 hiya Chris did you get my what's app xxx" Yes tell her to come before 10am to have a tester day xx :-)
For All Bookings, TV, PR, PA, Radio, Theatre, Events And Enquiries Contact Kym On Email: Or Via Twitter: @KRYSTAL_PR_
"@theagirls25: @ChrisMaloney77 @CMTAacademy Chris can you say Happy Birthday to me?please?and follow me charlotte" Happy Birthday xx :-)
Good to see "Scouser In Da House" @MrMarkByron last night soz couldn't make it out got kids today see you soon xx :-)
Time to get to my academy got some very TALENTED kids waiting for another fabulous weekend of learning and rehearsals xx :-) @CMTAacademy
Good morning all you beautiful people hope you have a fantastic day, that has got to be the worst sleep EVER! #sotired xx :-)
Right guys time for bed na nite and sweet dreams ALL xx
Well done to @stuartfergus and @Denise_fergus for a brilliant evening hope lots of money was raised. See you next week guys xx :-)
Great night performing at "Spice Up Your Life" for @jbmt1 #charity lovely to see @officialolivier @MrMarkByron @FoxCalvin90 @Joe_AnnRandles
Home sweet home time for a few hours sleep before I get up & work with my amazing kids @CMTAacademy and we have special guests too xx :-)
So lovely to see @gaylemcconnau @Marie_Wright @lisauk76 @nicky66nc @Diane_K57 tonight! Great start to our weekend see you tomorrow xx :-)
Really looking forward to attending @Number10gov next week! Last time I was at No10 I switched on their Christmas lights xx :-)
@ChrisMaloney77 Plse RT: Have you seen Arnis Zalkalns? police need to speak to him about missing Alice #FindAlice
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Congrats to John Maher, cast and crew of Thriller Live! @ThrillerLive An amazing show loved watching every minute xx
I can't wait for (October) issue of @PickMeUpMag as my academy @CMTAacademy will be featured xx :-)