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Chris Bonneau™
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I have no interest in living a "normal" life
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Remember that. I stay loyal to the family that supplied me. Kids lie for endorsements. Real musicians kill stages.
I'm really falling in love with @chrisjbonneau's skills on drums. So well rounded, diverse, full of energy and color!
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RT @HisSidePussy @chrisjbonneau is a TRUE TALENT that's on 🔥🔥🔥! Getting better everyday at what he does musically. - Thanks! Appreciate it!
RT @RealMsDulceXXX @TheAMAs Get ready for @chrisjbonneau's band @KaTet_Music! They're GONNA perform on that stage!! - Yup. We comin'!
Looking at @KaTet_Music's facebook page and they're BLOWING up! All of these girls are going crazy for you guys!! LOL!
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BOOKINGS: OFFICIALKATETMUSIC@GMAIL.COM! (Shows, tours, openers, headlining, & MORE!) *Serious inquiries only!*
Already getting dates lined up for next year! Stay tuned! Got some more shirts on the way! To ORDER: TODAY!
NEW & EXCLUSIVE! (STEP UP!) Wait until you listen to THIS: [… …] - Like us on Facebook!
It's all a part of the game..and I'm WINNING!
Learning to laugh again is like taking a breath of fresh air for the first time in your life once more. Can't aim to please everybody.
Check out my official website!!! - ALMOST ABOUT TO BREAK MY RECORD HIT FOR LAST MONTH! Check it out tonight!! RT!
Yet another year where people are focused on the #AMA's instead of building their craft to become 1 of the performing acts on the stage. Smh
You think this life is all fun and games..but I wouldn't wish this on no one else.
My dream, and it's my heart, the life of being a star. Even when damaged, one must never allow the crowd to see. Gotta keep performing.
RT @WeAreTeamRebel @chrisjbonneau Bae!!! You were TEARING those drums UP at the @CHSPourHouse!! You looked goog AF on stage!! - Thanks!!
RT @HisSidePussy You are SO f*cking sexy and inspirational. You have been truly blessed with a gift from above baby. @chrisjbonneau
Scrolling down @chrisjbonneau's TL and all I see are positive comments and replies. The mark of someone who makes great music.
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RT @AmandaJBookings Get used to seeing @chrisjbonneau this way ladies and gentleman. - WORD!! 2015 coming STRONG!
RT @AmandaJBookings ALMOST THERE!! @chrisjbonneau is 1,500 hits away from SHATTERING last month's record of 200,173!!
RT @Michelle_Grear Duuuuuuuuuuuude!! You're gonna be famous as F*CK!! I saw some old footage of you! My GAWD! @chrisjbonneau
RT @HisSidePussy @chrisjbonneau I love what you did on #Futuretune! That bell on the ride was everything! - Thanks! Appreciate it!
Hearing people talk about food stamps, WIC, ABC Vouchers, etc. makes me sick to my stomach. You actually discuss poverty. Wow nigga. Wow.
RT @AmandaJBookings BIG NEWS! @chrisjbonneau's site [] set to PASS last month's 200,173 hits record!! - WOW!!
RT @WeAreTeamRebel @chrisjbonneau Y'all are KILLING it on Facebook! Girls trying to f*ck you, LOVING the music, and just going crazy!
RT @wereteamrebel Been missing @chrisjbonneau. Logged on just to check up on his sexy a$$. ;) - Awwww shux! Lol
@chrisjbonneau Been showing you love on @facebook. You know you the bae. . 😍😍😍
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#NowPlaying @KaTet_Music "Futuretune". Such a melllow instrumental!! A really good sound to zone out to.
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@KaTet_Music You guys ROCK! The #Futuretune instrumental is GENIUS!! Can't wait to see you guys live in Los Angeles!! :)
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@chrisjbonneau plays drums so relaxed, its as if he's not even trying. You have any clinics or anything line up baby?
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RT @HisSidePussy Any song that @chrisjbonneau plays makes you want to move! I remember when he first joined YouTube! AMAZING! - Thanks!
Friday night workouts!!
THIS is what I'm talking about. Don't believe the bullsh*t others tell you. Watch this!!…
Check me out LIVE on stage at the @CHSPourHouse!! Click here:… *NEW album on the way!!*