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Chris Bonneau™
I mean I don't work this hard to not be noticed. Save that weak sh*t for the birds. I fly hard to show the f*ck OFF on stage. Every time!
Listen..I understand that being humble is the way when you're a talented artist or musician. But don't think of yourself as just common.
This is a snippet from one of the latest Drum Clinics I did.…
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I don't believe anything about these rumors about you on IG being involved in the Illuminati. @chrisjbonneau
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@chrisjbonneau is defiitely about his business. Really incredibly gifted musician and always about business. So sexy. ;)
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My baby @chrisjbonneau be killing his shows! BEST musician I've ever heard in my life, honestly.
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Sooooooo proud of you for having an amazing show!!! You're such an amazing artist/musician!! Keep doing your thing baby!!! @chrisjbonneau
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Rehearsals tomorrow!! Just got another show booked, and the debut album is coming soon! Stay tuned!!
Turning diversity, into a commodity! Brad Halter @chrisjbonneau Willy Bruenner Andres Liviola
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Give the drummer some!! (@chrisjbonneau right here everyone!!) Had an AMAZING show on Tuesday!!
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Man listen..NO ONE was f*cking with @chrisjbonneau on them drums last night! In my opinion, he killed the other band's drummers hands DOWN!
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RT @chrisjbonneau YES Chris!! Absolutely loving these photos of you!! #TeamRebel #DrummerBoyRebel - Thanks!
Just going ham before the show. No rituals. We just do us.
MORE shots of @chrisjbonneau last night!! (Looking a little paparazzi pissed are we?) Lol #Cutie
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My dream, and it's my heart, the life of being a star..
MORE photos of @chrisjbonneau last night before he performed live on his birthday!! Check this out! RT!
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RT @CB_FanPage1 I don't believe anything about these rumors about you on IG being involved in the Illuminati. @chrisjbonneau - Don't. Lol
A different world..a different stage every night.
Check out! MORE coming soon!! Bookings: AMANDAJBOOKINGS@YAHOO.COM!
Turning diversity into a commodity.
I'm not interested in wack niggas like Young Thug and Fag Homie Quan. These niggas rely on a dope instrumental to hide their lack of skills.
Real rappers died out in the early to late 90's. Nowadays, all these wannabe hood niggas are hopping on too many pop records. Stay TRUE.
To me, if you're calling yourself a rapper, and yet, you refuse to tell a story through your music, you're merely talking to yourself.
#NowPlaying @DMX "Slippin". Definite #throwback from 1998. 1 of the best to ever do it.
Follow my band!! @KaTet_Music!! NEW album on the way!! Like our page on Facebook!
LMAO!! Dang!! They photographers got all UP under the ozone.
I take no prisoners. Shout outs to @ddrumUSA! Check out TODAY!!!
Making the crowd rock..always avoiding rock bottom.
One singer that I DO miss is @KeriHilson. Her voice will put your favorite OUT of business. No auto-tune. Just real skills vocally.
Be careful what you say as well. Words NEVER die. No matter what you say, know that you can't put them back in your mouth. Be careful.