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Chris Bonneau™
RT @AmandaJBookings @chrisjbonneau's website is at 101,213 hits!! Get him back to 150,000+ this month too! Let's go! You guys are GREAT!
@URBANMYSTIC1 You should definitely consider bringing @chrisjbonneau out on tour with you! Check him out:…
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SMH! Stop associating @chrisjbonneau with this Illuminati bullsh!t. He's talented with God's help. He doesn't need to worship devils.
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PHUCK all his haters! @chrisjbonneau deserves to be playing with HUGE celebs like @chrisbrown @Tyga @rihanna @kanyewest & MORE!!
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RT @WeAreTeamRebel @chrisjbonneau Saw your facebook post earlier. Ain't nobody phucking with you bae! You're the only 1 of you there is! xo
Follow 1 of the greatest musicians on earth!!! -----> @chrisjbonneau! He and his band @KaTet_Music have a a new album on the way!!
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I'm really proud of @chrisjbonneau. A true musician who stays true to himself and doesn't allow Hollywood to get to him at all.
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Always on Twitter checkin up on the bae @chrisjbonneau. He's performing on the 28th in SC! About to be phucking crazy.
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@KaTet_Music is performing LIVE in just 8 days!!! I know @chrisjbonneau is gonna tear that stage up!
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Life is about: a] a spiritual choice b] joy c] making decisions
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People DM you asking you to promote their page. What I look like? Your personal asst? I gotta copy, then paste, this n that, too much.
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Was like 20 right here. Major throwback.
First kit. First tour. First everything. Now rocking with @ddrumUSA all the way! NEVER regretting it.
RT @WeAreTeamRebel @chrisjbonneau SO proud of you! Keep sticking to your craft! Much respect and love baby! xoxo #DrummerBoyRebel
Baby..idk what it is about u..but ur gonna be such a star. Keep pushing. Your time is coming above the rest! You're a real 1. @chrisjbonneau
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We're now on @SoundCloud!! Check out this record! Tell us what you think!! Click here:… (Follow us too!!)
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I'm LIVE on Oct. 28th @ 10pm!! Come rock with me and @KaTet_Music! NEW album coming soon!!
Check out of my official website!!! Keep the hits coming!! MORE on the way soon!!
Super throwback. Come to think of it, I don't even know how I pulled this off. Smh. #RememberThemDays
SUPER intense day of independent rehearsals. Rehearsals all week long. Preparing for this show on the 28th! NEW album coming soon!!
Ramon Sampson Jr. Guitar Center Drum-Off Champion: via @YouTube - Yessir!!
Nights like this...the heart is heavy. No one can save me..I have to do this myself. The belief I've lost...only He can judge me..forever.
RT @WeAreTeamRebel @chrisjbonneau Your manager tweeted about how your site is almost at 100,000 hits already! You go boy! - Lol! Thanks!
I'm LIVE with @KaTet_Music! 10/28 @ 10pm!! Come ROCK with me and the crew! NEW album coming soon!!
Check out my official website!! NEW ALBUM on the way!!
Played CD Drums for the first time tonight. Not impressed with the sound but with some @AquarianHeads, it made them sound A LOT better.
So they gave Michael Dunn life for shooting Jordan Davis. Justice: SERVED! Good. Vindication is of the sweetest thing on earth. RIP homie.
Sir, I'm really proud of u..seeing the FB stuff about you and you and @KaTet_Music are blowing up BIG! Excited for y'all!! @chrisjbonneau
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RT @WeAreTeamRebel @chrisjbonneau Man got Facebook BLOWING up on your band page!! That video you put up: CRAZY!! MY GOD!
Castle tonight with her.
Up editing this promo video for our (@KaTet_Music's) upcoming show on the 28th!! Make sure you like us here:! RT!
Footage from the @CHSPourHouse show!! Check this out! Click here:…
If you don't want it, stop what you're doing and never pick up the torch again. What's the point of running a race if you don't plan to win?
I don't associate with people who are afraid of fame. If you're doing anything that grabs attention, 9 times out 10, fame is coming at you.
RT @AmandaJBookings @chrisjbonneau is RAKING in HITS! is now @ 70,889 hits! Get him back to 150,000+ hits again. - !!
Dropping something on TONIGHT!! Stay tuned!! October 28th!! It's going DOWN!! 10pm!
RT @WeAreTeamRebel @chrisjbonneau Just liked yours and katet_music's FB pages! You guys are amazing!! - Thanks baby! Appreciate it!
The easiest thing in the world to be is you. The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be. Don’t let them do that 2 U
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Anyone could've told you the Hip Hop Awards would've been trash this year. It always is. BET is nothing more than hype nowadays. No LIFE.
There's nothing in this world more annoying than being around people who think too small about something so big.