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Chris Bonneau™
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@chrisjbonneau You're gonna be successful as fuck baby. No one can stop you. They tried, but they could never stop you. At all.
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That's right Chris. You're going far and people only wanna be around you because they see where you're headed. @chrisjbonneau
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@chrisjbonneau People laughed at you in the beginning but now they want to be around you because of all that you're doing.
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Family isn't the only thing you have at the end of the day because those are usually the niggas that leave your side first. Trust no one.
Kinda funny how the world listens..AFTER you've made to where you told them from the beginning where you were headed all along.
Killed it at rehearsals today. July 22nd @ 9PM!! I'm performing LIVE at The Recovery Room!! Check this out!
How I'm feeling. Music with an actual story behind it.…
People don't understand..
I would close my eyes to sleep, but wouldn't dream no more..
Very excited about this album we're about to drop! Who said you need a label? THOSE are the niggas that rob you of your masters. Lol
Females can never take a compliment without making a stank face. B*tch ain't nobody trying to slide up in you. Have a seat. All the way. Smh
Boy y'all tweet all DAY about food. Is your life THAT boring you gotta show everyday to the world what you cooked? Lmao
This girl ALWAYS leaving her shoes on the floor! Smh
The word "family" means absolutely nothing to me now. A man's own enemies are right in his own households. The ones who smile plot on you.