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iDrum Ent. 2015
Make sure you visit! NEW photos, music, and information on shows!! Follow @chrisjbonneau!
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Your upcoming shows are gonna be amazing! You da bestest!! @chrisjbonneau
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@chrisjbonneau is the dopest drummer I've ever heard play. He has so much life, so much energy when playing that its almost unreal. My gosh.
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#ThrowbackThursday Listening to live music before my performance. Nothing soothes better than live tunage.
music is the art of reflection , our output is solely based on our intake.
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Surrounded by my loved ones. I call 'em la familia.
Really feeling @kehlanimusic right now. She's mad dope and has real music. She's bringing it back to our game out here. A real good look.
In #california ? - We're happy to announce @bananasatlarge are stocking our cymbals! Head over and take a listen!
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Check out the drum enhancing products from KickPort in this video. Get yours at your local music store and...
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"@1964ears are THE.BOMB. So grateful to have such a clear sound on stage! Love my touch of…
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Check out!! Inner ear damage among musicians is at an all time high! See how YOU can prevent it from happening!
This is a dubbed over drum performance that the drummer wasn't even performing to!! What the hell?…
The only way to succeed as a musician: PLAY SHOWS. So many people give off generic information but you have to play your drums to be better.
Check out my official website here:!! NEW shows added, NEW design, and NEW videos!! Check it out right now!! Thanks!
Got my @dreamcymbals on the way in the mail!! Can't wait to get these joints!! Love the "Bliss" Series! Finally! I've found MY voice!!
@NateMaingard Hey thanks for the follow! Check out my client @chrisjbonneau! Amazing drummer and musician!!
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Just got my shipment of @VaterDrumsticks in the mail today!! Phat Rides all day baby!! (Holding like 15 pairs!!)
Rehearsals today. Going IN. The fun, persistence, dedication, and WORK never stops. Lets get it!!
A very special shout outs to my baby @chrisjbonneau! He's performing LIVE tonight and he's about to MURDER that stage! Do you baby!
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Shut it down tonight baby!! @chrisjbonneau I know you're going to put on an amazing show!! Good luck out there!
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GOING DOWN TONIGHT!! Come out and rock with me!!!
The Pearl P-930 Demonator is by far the best product I've ever used! Shout outs to @PearlDrumCorp for this invention!
Shout outs to @PearlDrumCorp for this! The P-930 Demonator is something SERIOUS! Really love it guys! Thank you!!
Got some Phat Ride sticks in the mail on the way from @VaterDrumsticks!! I've found my destination with these guys!! THEE BEST PRODUCT!!
Chilling with @shawtygotass22. Feels so amazing to be in the company of an amazing woman who understands what life is all about. Truly.
People need to learn to grow as musicians. Stop searching for nonsense, and start playing your drums. That's the only way to grow.
As a musician, one must find his or her comfortable niche behind their kit. That place, is home. No one can remove you from that spot.
Check out my official website! Click here:!
GOING DOWN LIVE on the 22nd!! Come out and party with me!!
Nothing like a LIVE performance!! THIS is where it only matters most.…
People will definitely try and hold you back from being the musician you were destined to be. Not only will they hate, but they will plot.
YES!!! They're here!! Shout outs to @AquarianHeads for the DrumKit Tools! Amazing!! Thanks guys for sending me these!
Going DOWN on the 22nd!! Come out and rock with me!! 10pm!!

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