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Chris Bonneau™
10/28!! I'm LIVE @ The Recovery Room in SC! Come turn up with us!!
Nigga I been hustling since 12. Daddy left at 14, 24 now, and been grinding ever since. Stop talking like you know me. You on the outside.
To all the younger kids..never say you'll do anything to make it.
I dedicate this to @chrisjbonneau because truly, he's a blessing to many around the world.…
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Check out my official website!! (Busted out 150,889 hits this month! Thanks for the support!)!
Me live on stage!! Check me out! NEW album coming soon!!…
On the days when you feel like you've done all you can to push your career, push harder. Never stop grinding. Your time's coming.
This man @chrisjbonneau is so fly. How fly is he? All he does it look at his drums and they play themselves FOR him.
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We love you Chris! Baby you're gonna be 1 of the hugest stars in your line of work. You're worthy of it and you DESERVE it! @chrisjbonneau
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@chrisjbonneau is 1 of my most favorite musicians in the game. No on can stop his grind for real. He goes tooo hard on everything he does.
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Check out my official Google Plus page!! NEW ALBUM COMING SOON!!…
Just living my life. Doing what I love.
Y'all claim to be fans of us as musicians but then you turn around and do something like this. Don't steal footage. BUY the DVD. That's it!
Thanks. You all made it happen. Over 150,000+ hits this month! Closed it out strong!
@chrisjbonneau Dude, good are you gonna get on drums man? This is insane on SoundCloud right now. Jesus..
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This is fire J! Keep doing your thing young homie!! I see you! @jacoblatimore…
Just cause they don't interact w/ ya posts don't mean they don't see em, they're following ya career, they'll inbox you when you get on 👌😉
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@chrisjbonneau Congrats on breaking your record for last month to your website!! Over 100,000+ from last month! Very nice sir!! #TeamCJB
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In case you haven't noticed, people love to follow those who are actually doing something career wise. Not just "hanging out" online 24/7.
I gotta stop letting these people burn me out. This is getting ridiculous. The human heart isn't meant for all of this bullsh*t on a daily.
@Bdubdrummer Hey thanks for the follow! Follow our main attraction @chrisjbonneau! 1 of the sickest drummers we've EVER heard!!
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RT @AmandaJBookings NEW videos and NEW music added to! Go follow @chrisjbonneau TODAY!! 1 of the best up and coming!!
October 28th @10pm! We're LIVE @ The Recovery Room in SC!! Come turn up with me and my guys!! About to be L-I-V-E!!
Follow my band!! (@KaTet_Music) and like us on @facebook!! *Thanks to all the radio stations for checking us out!!*
Check me out on @SoundCloud!! NEW album on the way!! Stay tuned!!
Check out my official website!!! (Thanks for all the love & support!! Thanks for helping me break my record too!) #CB
People that always flash photos of their money, are the ones who never had the experience of owning any. Your excitement shows your lack.
You ain't gotta tell nobody, I know what you feel inside, Come ride like a Maserati, I can be your man on the side.. #Blessing
10/28/14!! It's GOING DOWN!! 10PM!! If you ain't there, you ain't anywhere!! SC turn up!!!
A huge fan of yours Chris. Baby I'm super proud of you. You're injecting life back into real musicianship. @chrisjbonneau
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RT @AmandaJBookings @chrisjbonneau CHRIS! U broke your record! You got 150,889 hits to this month alone! OUTSTANDING!
RT @Michelle_Grear @chrisjbonneau Okay're the sickest drummer ever. Can you teach me how to play? - Thanks! Sure! Lol
RT @WeAreTeamRebel @chrisjbonneau Dude, you're blowing up on Facebook for real. Got everybody talking about u I see. Keep it up bae! Love u!
I'm LIVE on stage @ The Recovery Room in SC!! 10/28 at 10pm!! Bookings: