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Chris Bonneau™
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OUR Godfather, ancestor, the REAL first black president, leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist, father, and FIGHTER.
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I'm just officially done with people who are all talk and no show. They'll never change, and I've accepted that and left them there to fail.
Everyday, people talk about the same things and do the same things as if today isn't a new day filled with new opportunities.
I can't for the life of me, see how anyone could enjoy struggling, enjoy poverty, enjoy lack and scarcity within their lives. That's crazy.
You can't want more for somebody than they what they want for themselves. People will literally burn you OUT with their day to day nonsense.
People see the light around you, they want it, so they develop ways to weasel their way in, so they can snatch what's yours for themselves.
People will allow you to be positive FOR them, to be enlightened FOR them, only to suck that energy from you because they never had it.
The way that you think is going to cause things to manifest that way. I keep my circle EXTREMELY small. People love to drag you to nothing.
Some people aren't worthy to be in your presence at all. Your thoughts are higher than theirs and they still love to think impoverished.
Funny how when you remove yourself out of people's lives, they start to miss you. No turning back once trust is broken my nigga. I'm done.
2nd night of workouts. @ the gym right now with @chrisjbonneau! Getting it in! He goes so hard!! Let's see if I can keep up.
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Life is a just have to know how to move on the dance floor.
People take on way too many things in life and end up stressing no one out but themselves. Be free and REMAIN free.
People allow way too many things to get in the way of their success, especially people. You have to override their mistakes and LIVE LIFE.
She needs to be with me tonight..every night..
Watching @chrisjbonneau work out. My god..that body baby...that BODY!
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