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Chris Evans
actorhollywood 1,446,904 followers
If u find yourself in Concord, MA and are into history, stop by the Concord Museum. Was feeling really proud to be from Massachusetts today
SO thrilled my film found distribution!! Honored to be working with Radius. Incredibly grateful for this wonderful experience
It appears Ive been called out. Apologies for my tardiness. Away w the fam and off the grid. Ive made my donation and will be iced in 48hrs
God help me if I ever catch someone playing the 'knockout game'. I'm absolutely disgusted by the cruelty in some people.
HUGE thank you to all the fans for coming out and supporting us at Comic-con!!! What an amazing day!!! Hall H is no joke!!!!
Thank you to everyone that went out and saw Snowpiercer! I have some wonderful supporters and I hope they know they're appreciated #grateful
Happy Independence Day!!!! Feeling EXTREMELY homesick!!!!
Snowpiercer this weekend! If you're looking for something different, check it out. Rotten Tomatoes has our back
John Oliver is brilliant. Last Week Tonight is my new favorite show.
Thank you all for the wonderful birthday love!!
this is absolutely appalling. i have no words. i'm beyond disgusted. something has to change.…
Good work, Jon Meis #hero
feeling a deep, deep sense of gratitude. thank you to everyone i've ever met. ever. and even to those i haven't, i'm sure you played a role
If you resist what happens, you are at the mercy of what happens, and the world will determine your happiness and unhappiness.
Retweeted by Chris Evans… very cool. we just gotta get more creative with these names
Just watched A Pixar Story and loved every second of it. What an AMAZING group of artists and innovators!
Boston Strong! My thoughts are with the people of my favorite city. Sending all my love.
Sad that I missed the lunar eclipse. Hopefully I'll catch the next one in October.
Releasing your film on Robert Downey Jr's birthday has to be a good sign.
And thanks to all the Korean fans who made me feel VERY welcome in their city!
Thanks for all the kind words and support this weekend, team!! The Russos made a great movie and I'm proud to be apart of it. Feeling lucky!
HUGE thank you to all the fans that came out for our premieres in London and Paris! It was amazing!!
My thoughts and prayers are with Philip Seymour Hoffman's family. We are all lucky to have witnessed his gift.
just gotta breathe
Home stretch! Thank you to my wonderful cast and crew for braving the bitter cold and sleepless nights. I'm endlessly grateful. 1 more week!
Feeling a deep sense of gratitude today for endless reasons. Thank you all for inspiring such appreciation and perspective #beyondthankful
Everybody don't forget to watch Ghost Ghirls and write us in for a People's Choice! #ghostghirls
Retweeted by Chris Evans
Autumn in Boston. My favorite place at my favorite time of year. #grateful
CHAMPS!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! The last 12 years have been an embarrassment of riches as a Boston sports fan. Thank you, Boston. #spoiled
Off to Boston for game 6!!!!!! #partylikeits1918
If you haven't seen the film ONCE, do yourself a favor. Perfect on so many levels.
i can get lost on this site for hours
I might be a little late on this, but I had to share it. This makes me so happy. overwhelming. liberating.…
The World's End is ridiculously awesome! Edgar Wright is in a class by himself. #asliceoffriedgold
Thanks for the great questions! I had a blast!
just to clarify, 2pm PST. no specific topic. not promoting anything. just trying to connect and answer some questions. shoot from the hip :)
hi guys! so i know i've never done this before but i'm gonna try a Q&A this Wed at 2pm. here's the link see you then!