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chrisette michele
Once Motha Hen gets out of her seat... THERES GONNA BE A RIOT!!! - goodnight!!! #RBDivasla #richhipster
At the end of the day I'll be by my boo @Michellemuzic side for FREE 99! That's my Bae. But I can't let nobody take advantage my my GIRLS!
@dnick21: @ChrisetteM aint playin no games she gave home boy the figures lol” #ijs
@hiibridgirl: I love @ChrisetteM that's how u handle business- cut straight through the BS... #chrisettemichele love her!!!” Got to
@flyguysuperstar: @ChrisetteM they played with you 2nite honey who gave them permission!! I mean I just wanna know!!😂” boop!!!
@tvonetv: More love for @ChrisetteM! RT @Eccentric_KAI: Chrisette gives me life everlasting #RBDivasLA” I love you right back. Honored
@tvonetv: .@ChrisetteM keeping it real. Pulled out the L word: LAWYER. #RBDivasLA” boop!!!
@Simply_Cazzy77: Get him @ChrisetteM...he was so wrong..” Very. No shade.
@KingJohnnyBoi: That's right Chris break it down to him #RBDivasLA @ChrisetteM” I had to! I'm sorry
@Naija4LifeO: Yes @ChrisetteM shut his janky tail down #RBDivasLA” smh
@NicoleCharnel: @ChrisetteM Studio Vlog! "EPIPHANY - Un-pluged"…” ;) enjoy!
@Ladyy_AP: @ChrisetteM just made laugh soooo hard 😂😂😂#RnBDivasLAvasLA” tee hee hee
@theEthanKrane: Lmao, man @ChrisetteM is the coolest.. I'm glad she did this show!” You know what? So am I
@TFactoryMedia: .@THELILMOSHOW is freakin’ talented. Love and admiration from fellow diva, @ChrisetteM #RBDivasLA” LOVE her part!! Ugh!!
@BrieD: Siiiiiiingggg @ChrisetteM on that INTRO to the PR record! And Chantè better sing that background... #rbdivasLA” ;) team work!
@MISSCOOKIE1223: @tvonetv #chrisette's ART; "IT'S A BEAST" SHE'S PHENOMENAL.. ;) @ChrisetteM #TVONE #RBDivasLA” xoxoxo!!!!!
@thisisDIIJAI: @ChrisetteM is the TRUE definition of MUSICIAN! #RBDivasLA” it's my soul
@TondaleyaA: @ChrisetteM the song is going to be amazing the layout so far is #amazing” thank you love!
R&B Divas happens again TONIGHT@ 10/9 C on @tvonetv! Hunni! There is drama! But I PROMISE no divas were hurt in the making of this episode!
Houston & Tallahassee I'm coming over! I'll be @ Houston Arena Theatre & Cascades Park this weekend! Wanna hear this?
Music! "Epiphany - Un-plugged" on TODAY! Click the link below!!!
NEW! "Epiphany - Un-plugged" today on! Link in Bio! Filmed & Edited by @josephforeal of #gslay #music #epiphany #vlogs #richHipster #chrisette #ChrisetteMichele #randbdivasLA #rbdivasla #rbdivas #studio #hollywood #guitar #gslay
It's imperative to do YOGA to The Emancipation of Mimi by @MariahCarey at least once in a life time. #ijs
You see guys!!! First yall said NO DONT DO REALITY! Now you're cool with it! Sometimes ya gotsta jus trust me! #rbdivasla #richHipster xoxo
@ChrisetteM @tvonetv Please stay on the show! It's a great platform, and your giving another representation #RichHipsterNation Please Stay!
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