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chrisette michele
Why does my baby bros hair grow so much faster than mine?
100k visits at the new site !!! I'm so excited for this new venture! Have you visited yet?
Ahhhh... Good morning loves. How'd you sleep?
I wouldn't mind a little more peace... Would you? Fashion deets coming this week on shot by: @bswaggernaut #richhipsternation #richhipster
"And it came to me, like an EPIPHANY!!" 🎢🎡@ChrisetteMteM rocked the mic #HoustonTxnTx & I totally enjoyed her!!! πŸ‘οΏ½
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Chill Day... Travel Day... Shot by: @bswaggernaut tap 1x for fashion details
Bonjour Madame. MAC - Cherry Liner & Ruby Woo lipstick. #richhipsternation #richhipster
But I'm proud. To be a working woman. Serving my fans & creating jobs as an entrepreneur in the USA. Change is coming. #LaborDayThoughts
What do u think about raising the wages of fast food workers to $15 bux? Service jobs are of the fastest growing n the US #LaborDayThoughts
What do you think about equal pay for women who make about 77 cents to every dollar that men make... #LaborDayThoughts
What an incredible day to celebrate the morning. Labor Day : a day of festivities to Honor Working People (and release your fall wardrobe).
Good night sweethearts. I love you. Don't forget to say your prayers. Xoxo! Miss Michele
Tallahassee! U showed up tonight & Cascades Park & Ampitheatre! I am completely honored by Ur love! I had a BLAST! THANK YOU! #RICHHIPSTER
You know you tired when you try 2 open your hotel door with ur house keys. Tallahassee I'm havin too much fun today! #Cascades #Ampitheatre
Soundcheck in Tallahassee!! Show tonight at Cascades Park Ampitheatre!! #ucomin? TAP FOR FASHION DETAILS Photo Credit: @bswaggernaut
Facing my own direction... No rules. Tap photo for fashion deets...
I'm not asking for much... But RESPECT me. Decide to be respected.
Tallahassee!!! We are here and tomorrow it goes down at Cascades Park Ampitheatre!!! #ucomin? Woop woop!!
If Anaconda doesn't win a Grammy, I'm going to be VERY UPSET. #ijs @NICKIMINAJ did that.
"@Speeeday: Oh my! @ChrisetteM is playing in London, booking now πŸ‘Œ" yup! Paris too! Can't wait!
Thinking about doing a protective style challenge with Rich Hipster Nation for the fall & winter. We could do it as a family... ttyl! Xoxo!
Been listening to @CorrineBaileyR Live in New York album album for like 2 weeks straight.
Missing @guitarslayer24 ... Yup. #richhipsternation #gslay #kinderwhore
Love my suga lump @raheem_devaughn . Had so much fun last night. He gives the best advice. I've shared so many dressing rooms and back stage areas & BAFROOMS with my homie. Stages, dinners, ideas. Xoxo Rah
β€œ@MusicalSoul1980: I'm speechless after the DAMAGE you just did in Houston! Your spirit and VOICE are a gift from God! Thank you!" I love u!
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β€œ@aaronlinzy: Loved the show. @ChrisetteM sang her face off and got to meet Ms Lela James.” xoxoxo!!!
β€œ@d_sweetest_sin: @ChrisetteM I really enjoyed your performance tonight! You really showed h town love!!!!!” Thanks love!
β€œ@natrobert77: She was awesome! So beautiful, classy, and talented 🎀@ChrisetteMM” H - Town was AMAZE!!!
β€œ@tayLOVEjones: All in all, y'all were amazing last night @ChrisetteM @Raheem_DeVaughn ! Y'all showed out in H Town! ❀️❀️” thank you!
β€œ@TamiRoman: Enjoyed @Raheem_DeVaughn & @ChrisetteM concert last night. If you get a chance go witness their shows. #realsinging” luv u! Xo
HOUSTON!!!!!!! You were the best audience in the world... (Dallas was too). I think I need to put together a TEXAS tour... I cannot believe the amount of love at the Arena Theatre last night! Thanks to my sister diva @leelajamesofficial for shredding the stage as a special surprise duet! We had so m
My n my Cuzzo @Raheem_DeVaughn hit tonight at Arena Theatre. I only plan on having a good time! Nuthin else!! Woop! #ucomin?
Travelin'... The majority of the time. In a moving vehicle. Sup Houston.
Have you checked out my YouTube channel? Here's the latest viddy! SUBSCRIBE! Studio Vlog! "EPIPHANY - Un-pluged"
Houston!!!!! Houston Arena Theatre happens TONIGHT!!! #ucomin???
Tallahassee!!!! I'm coming this Sunday to Cascades Ampitheatre! Houston!!!! I'm coming Friday to…
Once Motha Hen gets out of her seat... THERES GONNA BE A RIOT!!! - goodnight!!! #RBDivasla #richhipster
At the end of the day I'll be by my boo @Michellemuzic side for FREE 99! That's my Bae. But I can't let nobody take advantage my my GIRLS!
β€œ@dnick21: @ChrisetteM aint playin no games she gave home boy the figures lol” #ijs
β€œ@hiibridgirl: I love @ChrisetteM that's how u handle business- cut straight through the BS... #chrisettemichele love her!!!” Got to
β€œ@flyguysuperstar: @ChrisetteM they played with you 2nite honey who gave them permission!! I mean I just wanna know!!πŸ˜‚β€ boop!!!
β€œ@tvonetv: More love for @ChrisetteM! RT @Eccentric_KAI: Chrisette gives me life everlasting #RBDivasLA” I love you right back. Honored
β€œ@tvonetv: .@ChrisetteM keeping it real. Pulled out the L word: LAWYER. #RBDivasLA” boop!!!
β€œ@Simply_Cazzy77: Get him @ChrisetteM...he was so wrong..” Very. No shade.
β€œ@KingJohnnyBoi: That's right Chris break it down to him #RBDivasLA @ChrisetteM” I had to! I'm sorry
β€œ@Naija4LifeO: Yes @ChrisetteM shut his janky tail down #RBDivasLA” smh