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chris dee
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@cattales0 Apparently I have the same trouble as Spinal Tap's Nigel Tufnel confusing sexist and sexiest. Either that or my finger slipped.
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Goodnight Gotham, Surely the sexist Batman & Catwoman in the gallery. #bruceandselina
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Misogyny in comics = Groundhog Day. Collective male amnesia occurs every time a woman speaks truth, forcing us to start over w/ Sexism 101.
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Those previous 2 Tweets inspired by some unfortunate bullshit my former editor @gimpnelly had to put up with, & an @TheOuthousers editorial.
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Video: So apparently someone from the pink team voiced an opinion on a comic book and was savaged by the...
Batman did a reddit AMA. He answered every question by hunting the individual down and punching them in the throat.
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Photo: Catnip? No I haventbeeninthecatnipagainwhydoyouaskhuhwhydoyouask?
I'm sure @DCComics will agree this kid is going to have a great life. #cooldads
Photo: ex·ces·sive (adj.) Exceeding a normal, usual, reasonable, or proper limit.
#Caturday already? Remember to pay your respects to the Original Grumpy Cat.
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I know this type of pot doesn't make very good espresso, and yet, I must have one. #Batman #coffee
Reminder: Some people have no sense of humor. Those people are broken and should be locked in a room full of marsh
Robin: Unfinished Business, Part 4 - A new installment of Robin: Unfinished Business, with even more Azrael...
The latest installment of the Robin: Unfinished Business spinoff is here! Part 4: The Rain Man
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Like everything @Piaget tweets, that's what we call Cat-Worthy
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It's unfortunate when people think interesting characters only come from being morally questionable, edgy, Grimdark Bros. Is this the 90s?!
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I want Jim Lee's publicist, and I want her NOW!…
Photo: If you are a Cat-Tales reader on Pinterest, I’m going to make a new board we can have some fun...
Good Morning, Monday. You clearly have no idea who you're messing with. #catwoman
If corporations are people, we're doing this DC Comics thing all wrong. #Catwoman
Photo: Catwoman: Corporate Intervention by chrisdee
Lichtenstein-style Catwoman "If corporations are people"
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Photo: Ra’s al Ghul and the Half-Baked Plan ~Cat-Tales Gallery