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Chris Cuomo
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A good q and a about what matters in #ferguson #michaelbrown situation. Starts 18:57 in.… Thoughts, plz
.@ModeboYoung appreciated. Thx for the @NewDay love
We had to cut this due to quake news -- an important @CNNReliable discussion about whether to show beheading video:
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.@SunnyHostin @JustKaleena What can YOU do? U r a full fledged media member...critical of others despite ur own INADEQUACY :) un abrazo!
The moment I went from liking @ChrisCuomo to being proud of Mario's seed.… @CNN
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.@horsevalley @Trishie_11 appreciated. Enjoy family and weekend.
@ChrisCuomo @Trishie_11 Been a big fan of Chris since MH 17. Reporting before officials get there. Not leading questions, leading journalism
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.@DBBuffaloHouse being useful is the reward. Thanks for watching
.@Trishie_11 ur the goods. don't give energy to nonsense. Worry abt our jets. Being a social worker is about as virtuous a job as there is
@abby621: My husband (@nstyl) has a serious man crush on @ChrisCuomo.” Appreciated but he can do better :)
@think300: @jrterrier5 @socal_chlln @ChrisCuomo He just confuses journalism with being a lawyer, on occasion.” Hollow criticism
@ananavarro: Oh, honey. Wait in line and take a number. "@mikemarchio70: @MadTexanWriter @ananavarro I am Anti-Navarro”” I pro-Navarro
.@JeffSievers thank you, professor. That is high praise. Thank you for your generous assessment. @NewDay
@ChrisCuomo Chris: 30 yr Print guy And J. Prof. I appreciate your fair, careful, crisp work while and under pressure.
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A scholarship fund has been set up in memory of #JamesFoley killed by ISIS terrorists. Here is the link
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@GeorgeHowellCNN: STL ✈️ Chicago's O'Hare”. U r a great reporter and an even better man. Thanks for the help and friendship. @TeamCNN
@mynamesarion: @ChrisCuomo hope you got see some of the good parts of St. Louis”love the state
Great, unbiased interview w Michael Brady & #Ferguson coverage, @ChrisCuomo . Appreciate the balanced interview amidst a tense, tragic story
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Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
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.@ChuckGoudieABC7 hope u get home safe. Very nice to meet you.
#Ferguson #MichaelBrown grand jury very diff from trial jury. Only need 9/12 jurors to indict and burden of proof is low "probable cause"