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Chris Cuomo
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.@poetpagan62 irony/tragedy is for all the yap about it, people probably wouldnt watch. the drama rates, taking on the issue bores #shame
.@Leney_3 @argonbay1 or kids respect us DESPITE our worst moments...and hitting qualifies as that.
.@theWest what about the duty of the region? of islam to fight for control of its faith? why should the US lead and make it us vs them?
RT @therealmanuja: @ChrisCuomo sad when we look to the @nfl to set the example for us CLEARLY WE NEED A BROADER DISCUSSION. WHO WILL START?
.@UncleJimsWorld if US needs to be on ground actively managing military for a place to not collapse...that is a problem.
#nfl is ground zero for combatting DV or parenting? silly. of course they need to do better, but that goes double for society.
.@Josettecb yup. the 4000 max group comprised of disparate groups who are getting whupped right now are the bad news bears equivalent?
Happy #NewDay with a look at Lady Liberty. It's 8am in the east
Fmr general of Free Syrian Army tells @NewDay it's not much of an army at all, needing to double in size in 2 months
.@aintnoseats08 aka a reporter, not a pundit. not someone who is trying to convince you to think what i might think. #ireportyoudecide
.@Leney_3 our culture embraces hitting as discipline. the law still allows it. u can go too far, of course, but the US is not where u r
.@tomferdinand40 it is fine to say it. the concern is the region not stepping up and leaving US to fight their battle
.@donlemon u guys are great on @CNNTonight. thanks for having me on.
RT @donlemon: @Fasn8nUrMind it also says not to eat meat and it's ok to stone people. it's about righteousness, not reason.
.@kgvm more dems than rep's voted "no" yesterday. #ISIS
.@jimj02155 bottomline: by constitution and common sense, the plan requires debate by congress so white house not out alone. #ISIS
Sen. Collins on @NewDay #voteorstay on #ISIS plan. congress has doubts about war plan, so debate and vote! dont hid for midterms!
.@jimj02155 find another vote where dems split in these numbers. don't ignore the concerns. undercuts the interest of protecting troops
.@jimj02155 @NewDay wrong. i am asking the questions now that need to be answered to prove the plan can succeed. dems asking same as rep's
CONGRESS VOTES TO ARM FREE SYRIAN ARMY - @NewDay intvs FSA general who says there really is no army now, needs to double in size #ISIS
Happy #NewDay from Columbus Circle in #NYC... it's 3:45 in the east
3 years ago, I lost my 1-year old niece to a reckless driver. Pls share our story and help save a life! @ChrisCuomo
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@ChrisCuomo thanks to you and everyone who RT'd the "MISSING" poster of Trast. He was found today and should be home with his mom soon!
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.@lily112146 that's the update. also that clinic may have ignored an order to stop doing procedures since then. others at risk? #JoanRivers
@Thromedamnball good insight on #NFL and #DomesticViolence with @ChrisCuomo on @CNN Kudos for explaining your own situation.
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.@newtgingrich tells @NewDay, vote on use of force against #ISIS coming later this fall. How about NOW when the war's starting?
.@QueenStJen you realize those two thoughts are at odds? if hitting is wrong no kid deserves it
.@thedelta3 @CNN it will be hard to find a clinician to say hitting is good for kids. because it isnt but culture counts. #AdrianPeterson
@ChrisCuomo Congressman Alan Grayson and federal judge Mark Fuller hold higher power than a sports player. Why aren't they fired!
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.@RobertBolandESQ not good if best part isnt said on tv, professor :) you are a great help to @NewDay. this is confusing stuff
.@thedelta3 it is cultural as well as clinical. people believe hitting teaches respect. research showing otherwise been out there for yrs
.@6nsinvt but probably gets probation. and while people say this went way too far, they condone hitting kids, so will #AdrianPeterson be ok?
.@marclamonthill says Mideast nations have the "willingness" to fight #ISIS just not the "capacity." Agree with that?
.@JohnBerman he spoke much about some "courtship" show he did. me no understand.
George Martin's never seen trouble like this for @nfl: "#RogerGoodell wishes he could hit the reset button; he can't"
#AdrianPeterson majority of my thread thinks he went too far but support hitting kids. is #nfl being charged with changing culture?
RT @vinkim: Good morning @JohnBerman if @ChrisCuomo is the Hulk, who are you? Dr. Banner
.@amafera strong point but there are legal rights involved in the contracts
.@jahimes plz push for a full vote on the plan vs #isis. i know people are war weary, but they are more weary of poor leadership from dc.
Why did #Vikings re-suspend #AdrianPeterson or declare him "exempt"? Right move? What is going on with league? @NewDay
@JohnBerman: Who is awake? For those about to watch... we salute you! @EarlyStart”I am. Ur dreamy and newsy. And by you, I mean Christine
.@ChrisAKAtwsm I sometimes delete poorly worded tweets, or those to one that won't make sense to others, or when the attn is unwarranted
Tuesday's #GoodStuff: a commemorative 9/11 bracelet, lost on a beach a decade earlier, is somehow found and returned
Happy #NewDay from @CNN in #NYC, Control 41. It's 3:40 in the east
.@beavs007 @Vitztum correct. But they're supposed to declare war, not prez. And this is an extended campaign -or war -except to a Sec Kerry
@username081: @ChrisCuomo hey, come on now, I was defending you against that ass.”appreciated.
@ChrisCuomo to provide a proper funeral! Attached is the go fund me link if you might help!… Thank You So Much
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.@beavs007 @Vitztum great. So congress should vote. Check that power, especially when constitution says it is their responsibility