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Chris Cuomo
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Watch @drsanjaygupta find his roots 4:30pm ET today 7:30a tom. 3 generations traveling to his ancestral home Pak/India very moving/inspiring
@SkipTownsend: @ChrisCuomo Well it all came down to a field goal, yah 58 yrds but still a chance. A respectable game.” Meh. Loss is a loss
Noah Galloway is the Ultimate MH Guy. Get the app and subscribe risk free for 30 days to read his incredible story.…
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@KimmieDee_: tilting 1 thing, being caught in the propeller, another. You have honor. Having same profession doesn't= he's honorable.” Ok
@ChrisCuomo The #Roots series has been fantastic #WalkLikeAnEgyptian …. 11% anyway…LOL
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.@RepTimMurphy: travel bans won't restrict care & those saying so only "add to the fear." @drsanjaygupta disagrees
.@errollouis tells @NewDay, we already have an #Ebola czar... "His name is @BarackObama and he's the president"
RT @BillingsAnnie: @ChrisCuomo Are passports stamped in each Country visited? Thanks policies vary
RT @chadmyerscnn: So many donuts....a blueberry cake one or two for @ChrisCuomo @NewDay DONT SING IT, BRING IT!
.@NylorP @NewDay is about YOU and the stories and people who matter to you and your life. thats the job and the goal. thx for the love
I Always turn to @NewDay after watching 1 minute of @Morning_Joe because @ChrisCuomo never make the show about himself ~ thanks @CNN
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.RT @jonzy: @NewDay @CNN @ChrisCuomo Any update on Yale student being tested? Thx #Ebola TESTED NEGATIVE
@ChrisCuomo U hit it on the nose, our hospitals were not prepared. "They didn't plan to fail, they failed to plan".
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Pam Cipriano of @ANANursingWorld says #TexasPresbyterian is not unlike hospitals nationwide- mistakes may be repeated
A #NewDay Friday begins over the east side of #NYC. It's 6:40 in the east
@HeidiVoight: @ChrisCuomo @CNN Happy Friday, fellow #amnewsers!”another xfitter. Strong.
Happy #NewDay, happy #Friday, from @CNN in #NYC... it's 3:40 in the east
In Britain, ‘Stupidity’ Defense Has a Drawback
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U.S. hospitals are ordering protective suits as preparation for potential Ebola cases
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"A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd." - Max Lucado
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Amar'e Stoudemire has been bathing in red wine to help his body rejuvenate. Wait, what?
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in honor of world food day, here's a shout-out to all of our local farmers who make what we do possible #wfd2014
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.@siribarr respect the senator but group of special interest/insiders growing so fast, more a plutocracy problem than oligarchy?
@BrookeBCNN: @ChrisCuomo yo mama.” Matilda knows better than to block Halle! Chump Change.
@tuckahoetommy: @gabrielaszewcow @ChrisCuomo I guess he isn't watching #nyjets tonight?” I am loyal to a fault, T-bone
.@BrookeBCNN @MichaelKors great cause...BUT, why are you blocking Halle Berry's face?!
Oct. 16 2010...4 years ago today. It's not easy but I was built for this. The grind continues. I will walk #bELieve
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These expert tips seem counterintuitive, but they're essential for on-the-job success. via @USNewsCareers
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I was wrong on @CBSThisMorning.Man in PPE did hand Clorox wipes to MD w/clipboard but was never closer than 3-4 feet f/Vinson.So protocol ok
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@LaraBaldesarra: Should convicted felons be able to return to professional sports? #TweetLara #WorldSport” probably
Thanks @ChrisCuomo for continuing to remind us all about #thegoodstuff amid all the scary, sad, depressing and overwhelming other stories.
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.@sprizzar seems so. People jumped on new case in ct as sure proof #Ebola spreading. Patient tested negative, says hospital. #enhancethecalm
.@kadkins666 hearings are grandstanding opps as much as fact finding opps - sometimes. Not just abt cdc. States call shots. Need better plan
.“@kadkins666: @ChrisCuomo When will u be drilling down the House Panel grill down on CDC? I don't want to miss it.” Tomorrow
.@philipose66 nurses give body as soul to job and deserve better than Texas Presby problems. @NewDay harping on it to discourage repeats
.@talk2melodie @NewDay all over video this morning. Seems reckless. Proof that response needs constant vigilance
.@AutumnNAlston @CygnusDG doctors don't deal as directly/closely with the patient. Waiting on other reasons
.@jtusr no one says there won't be #Ebola cases here. Only 2 people - with great exposure - gotten sick. Family/friends of Duncan ok still
.@sasha3taylor @H_O_G_ you and @CrushTheCFR should fight it out and decide if I am a democrat or republican plant.
.@CygnusDG I am worried for nurses/healthcare workers safety in treating cases and coordinated response but not worried abt pandemic now
@ChrisCuomo- I just heard you on Mark Simone/ you are right on. And I've been in hospital work 24years.
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.“@Alan4Florida: @ChrisCuomo great #goodstuff - you guys at @NewDay always seem to get it right!” We sure do try. Every damn day.
.@Cbail63 @JayCarney we must test and hold accountable those in charge because that motivates actions that keep us safe. Not abt politics