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Chris Crocker
Lol @ the "just because you're famous doesn't mean you can be a bitch" card when in reality they're a bitch to me off the bat bc of who I am
Thanks for all the nice comments. I don't always respond but they help me during times like these. And please pray for my mom, thank you. πŸ’›β€οΈπŸ’œ
Beermosa!!!! Surprisingly good! I needed this
.@GayPride_19 So you ban me from your room for watching TV. You ban me if I speak my mind. Your room is anything but about equality.
Lol. So delusional..... A 🐞 thinking it's a πŸ‰.
I took the Briggs Myers personality test. I'm an INFJ. Which makes total sense to me but wouldn't to my peers. My extroversion is a mask.
The fact people are questioning Lindsay's miscarriage is out of pocket. It is way too sensitive of a topic to accuse her of that.
and just for the criticism - here's some more nudes :)…
There's a diff b/t not being interested in something @ChrisCrocker does & denigrating him for it; the latter = dysfunctional/toxic interest.
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Like this pic u posted? RT: @tragicXKingdom: it's YOUR body. you should keep it sacred.”
Lol. "Resorting to sex" as if I haven't wanted to do porn for years. Even when I had TV show offers I wanted to do porn.
@ChrisCrocker i've kept up with you since 2006. i'm actually still a fan. i just wish people would express themselves differently...
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@breesvandekamp @ChrisCrocker why can't he take his own pictures and save them for himself then? or share it with someone else privately.
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Why can't you keep your thoughts to yourself RT: @tragicXKingdom: @ChrisCrocker why can't u take his own pictures and save them for himself?
It's MINE, remember? 666! RT: @tragicXKingdom people not having respect for their bodies. it's YOUR body. keep it sacred.
nothing upsets me more than people not having respect for their bodies. it's YOUR body. you should keep it sacred.
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i just "asked" @ChrisCrocker what i think about him on his tumblr and i don't even care.
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@ChrisCrocker lol can't breathe. You took him to the library & read him a couple of shelvesπŸ‘
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@ChrisCrocker You snatched his weave from the root πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you go Chris πŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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You guys think I preach an unnecessary amount. Try waking up with messages in your inbox everyday such as this. At any rate - I'm happy with my response.
to be honest, I find people boring. Even the cute ones. Even the smart ones. No one is ever the perfect mixture. I would rather love a dog
Like unless someone is content with dating a 60 year old in a 26 y/o body and doesn't give me shit for doing my thing - I'm uninterested
I'm such an alone time person. I love taking naps. Doing very little. When you date someone you have to be entertaining. No thanks.