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Chris Crocker
Got sore throat & then a nose bleed. Hate being sick..
Got a cold 😕😕😕 first coughing then nose bleed now I can't lie still without coughing so hard my throat is so raw
It's a 90's ballad kinda night...
@ChrisCrocker you have so much wisdom but at the same time you don't take everything so seriously and that is perfect. Never change. 💕💕
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@ChrisCrocker you have enlightened me in so many ways, I've been following you for a while now & I really admire your strength/perseverance
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"#2 YOU DON'T LOOK FOR LOVE " @ChrisCrocker 👍👍👌🙌😬💕💕
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@fencesmusic >>>>>>>> everything
Delusional Grindr profile rant
And last but def not least...
😘💅 deal with it and deal with it thoroughly
Delusional people on Grindr are..... Delusional
@ChrisCrocker They're being dragged kicking and screaming, but I'll take that as long as I get my Constitutional Rights!
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So happy #Virginia is joining marriage equality!!
BREAKING: Virginia's gay marriage ban struck down by appeals court
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Federal Judges Rule Virginia Marriage Ban Unconstitutional
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Happy to hear that Virginia, the state of my birth and raising, is joining the many other states moving toward marriage equality. Proud.
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If you're looking for love on Grindr you might as well look for all-organic at McDonalds. You in the wrong store, boo.