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Chris Crocker
Throwback to buzz cut. #chriscrocker
Found this of me from 07. Throwback 💓 #chriscrocker
Showing my naughty side 👼
I love him more each day
Missing my Miley. @adoredelano 😛💓
Who just saw me on E! ? :)
Couples in messed up relationships. "They just jealous of us!!!!"
If your friends are trying to open your eyes that your relationship is bad -
Couples in messed up relationships who tell themselves "They just jealous. They want what we have." When outsiders looking jn give them the truth
Holding out hope they'll be with you eventually
Excuses are things we tell ourselves to feel better about our fear getting in the way
Focusing on the hurt people have caused you isn't 100% positive either. In order to move on you must release the sadness and anger as well as the person from your life
Trying to ONLY see the good in people can screw you over
Those incapable of looking at what they did to you to make you upset will always blame you for being upset.
The "YOU'RE TOO MUCH" card
Take the time to appreciate nature
Watching @glennellishair on tv
We do the MOST... @jordaanstallworth
Driving around to my new song 'Gone' #newEPontheway
Lmao @jordaanstallworth & I embarressing @nathanfullen18
Listen to this on SoundCloud.... So. Perfect!
Mamaw surprised me with a Camel cig hat. 🙏
Timmy don't like Instagram
Timmy loves Britney 😜💓
Timmy is mad 🙏 "I've had it!" Lol
Timmy wanted to know where I've been. 💓 "moosic"
My new music is finally reflective not only of me, and the kind of music I actually listen to.. But reflective of everything I carry around with me in my heart. It's the only thing that makes my mistakes in love feel worth having gone through. I cannot wait to share it...
When people try to being you down