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Chris Crocker
Actually @ChrisCrocker came to our attention for defending someone from critics, not tearing them down @iamJaymes
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But like, when is the ATL Love & Hip Hop reunion??
Light behind rain looks a lot like the moon and the stars.
3 pounds down. A way to go to get leaner but I'll get there ✌️
I'm not anti-social. I'm just very pro-me.
Damn. Astrology, why must you be so amazing? PS- is amazing because they don't give you a generalized horoscope based on your "sign" - They give you a personalized one based on your entire chart & the planet arty aspects of that day. ✌️
Since you all said I didn't use a real bucket last time, here goes... And I nominate @adoredelano
My mom @crockermomtonya just did the #AlSIceBucketChallenge & she nominates @clintcrocker & @adoredelano !! πŸ’“
@camibanghard accepted my #ALSIceBucketChallenge!!! Go watch πŸ’“ Now @connorjon it's your turn
Thank you @queenannecy for nominating me for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge! I nominate @connorjon & @camibanghard! πŸ’“
Kind of missed the shave look.
Gardein vegan sliders with tiny amount of ketchup & mustard / lettuce. Celery. Fat free ranch with hot sauce. 420 cals. ✌️
Do you ever look back and say "thank god I dodged THAT bullet"? Like wtf was I thinking? #flashbacksoflastsummer