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Chris Coyier
webdevelopment 118,795 followers
(҂⌣̀_⌣́) #fightme ಠ_ರೃ
ok internet do NOT let chris play craps anymore chris is NOT good at craps and he should be at home being good
“Do NOT feed them after midnight.” “Oh, yeah, I’ve had some tricks like that.”
The hot ham biscuit at Morel is RIDICULOUS good. And five bucks. @ Morel
An excerpt from my Scenes From Milwaukee miniseries.
Fall. Where the skinny people begin to hibernate and the beer-bellied stride the sidewalks with gusto.
here is my newest piece in the The Agony of JavaScripting Magritte
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How To Get Started in Web Design ::… (My _not vague at all_ guide. Get a site on the web, now you have real stakes.)
I thought one of the points of iOS8 was that my iPhone pics could be clouded and not take up space on my device. How do I do that?
CSS clip-path maker :: Hell of a tool by @bennettfeely
in 11 minutes, I’m gonna be live on the @ShopTalkShow. Send in your questions. Please, nothing about the sheep.
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Clever! Using CSS to track actions. .specific-button:active { background: url([PARAMS]; }…
“Dunbar's number … a point at which a group of people can no longer effectively maintain social connections”…
Keynote does Material Design ::
I do declare, set yourself down a spell and have a listen to our latest RAPIDFIRE.… <3 @e4h #SassSummit and @lynda
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Want to play around with #reactjs in @CodePen? Fork… pen w/ v0.11.2 & Add-ons (updated fork of @chriscoyier's pen)
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In addition to ranting about VAT I launched a new site today. Tech editing as a service and ebook resources
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✎ Job Title: It's Complicated… In which I describe job roles as "bricks" and "mortar"
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I’m probably gonna do a bunch of CONFERENCE TWEETIN’ today, so I’m going to prepend them with @CSSDevConf to not flood y’all that don’t care
i’m a little better at craps on my phone than in real life #coolfacts #sadtruths
@chriscoyier @openwebdaily ack, no. A new draft will be produced *without* that section @tabatkins
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“CSS Working Group green-lights Pseudo Elements 4 draft” e.g. ::nth-before()… via @openwebdaily
listen, understand, don't invalidate others who are already insecure #WorldMentalHealthDay
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i got my fortune told and she pulled up four privileged white male cards and I was like fair
in nola four days before css dev conf oops
Draggable left/right slider for diffing SVG’s on GitHub now, that’s pretty neat.…
Like a CSS Preprocessor, except it just fixes mistakes: dispaly: none; whatever-i-need-for: smallcaps; transitino: opacity 1s easein-out;
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Router software that detects awful vicious emails and cc's the senders parents.
I dig Shakey Graves. New album today ::
“… a simple and fun way to capture and create vector shapes on your iPhone whenever inspiration strikes.”…
"Let's say we want those items to be spaced evenly…” Ways:…
SVG strokes normally scale proportionate to the viewport, but they don’t have to.… vector-effect: non-scaling-stroke
~ @fahadalee @Real_CSS_Tricks Maybe like this, but it's a little finicky.… I'm sure there are loads of different ways
I wish I was at this panel. “ Layout Performance Panel Intro” by @aerotwist…
WebKit now supports :nth-child(An+B of selector). Example: (to use with WebKit Nightly:
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Unitalicizing a word in an italicized sentence in which to italicize it. Feelings pending.