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Chris Coyier
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I know it might not be "politically correct" to say this, but there are over one million United States senators
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Today is the 10 YEAR birthday of sIFR. Still proud of this hack, but even more proud that we don't need it anymore:…
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Designers: if you could learn one thing about writing, what would be most interesting and useful?
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a++++ post by @fat on the history of Medium's CSS codebase.…
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There is some interesting stuff in the Twitter analytics, which are available to everyone now
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Hangouts, iMessage, Skype, Slack, AIM, Text Whatever just pile ‘em on I like chat.
Anyone happen to know if you can *prevent* PayPal checkout from accepting credit cards? Would rather funnel those through Stripe.
Any ATX web shops looking to hire recent design grad? My super talented mentoree I've met w/ all summer is looking & I'll put her in touch!
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And we’re LIVE with @fox! Everything broke so doing Hangouts…
🎤 30 minutes to a real opportunity of hearing my undoubtedly Polish accent on@ShopTalkShoww! Tune in and ask questions about pierogi.
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@chriscoyier put me in coach i’m ready to acknowledge the other team is composed of people with emotions and experiences as complex as mine
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ok team huddle up are you all ready to do a good job today? how bout a big _do empathy_ in 3? 3 - 2 - 1 - DO - EMPATHY! ok break
This garbage behavior against her is *not OK*…
Any educational material online should look up to her for how to really do things right. I aspire to it.
It’s well-presented. It’s well researched. It’s insightful. It’s fair. It’s personal. It’s powerful.
+ @femfreq’s Tropes vs Women series produces is *very good* (start here:…)
Speaking of The Lodge, brand new course on SVG is starting 10 vids posted, posting more today, will finish in Sep
Front-end performance is such a big thing, but in my case, it’s my back-end that sucks.
Lulz. Chrome DevTools uses in example screenshots and I have MEGA BAD document request time.…
“Motion Design for iOS” eBook by @flyosity I use his app “Interesting” every day and it’s got lovely motion design.
Sign up for @sfioritto’s newsletter and enter to win a bunch of good stuff including @Real_CSS_Tricks Lodge Access ::…
Simultaneously developing in IE, FF, Chrome and Safari for four breakpoints in @CodePen #awesome #liveview
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Speaking of valuing older writing, @beep on a 10-year old article by @jorunn and @fantasai ::…
✽ Design for Community (@fraying’s book), 13 Years Later ::… (Quotes I liked & random thoughts.)
Charity ::… (I figured I might as well get all defensive and weird about it.)
go get’em today everyone! we’re all gonna melt into puddles of molten lead eventually so might as well write a bunch of javascript first ok
Love all that you can do with css and a single div!
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Thanks for the birthday wishes y’all! I’m off at fat camp trying to get healthier (again).
This Thursday on @ShopTalkShow, Ms. @fox! Submit questions/topics:
There’s this sweet new programming language I’m going to spend my entire weekend learning. It’s called EMPATHY.
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Caught the big guy under the bridge moving between ponds.
Only a few weeks into Rescue Time. You do get pretty interesting personal usage data.
Here’s the latest reason to probably stop using document.write():…
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This website is the most beautiful #RWD I have seen in a very long time. Fantastic amounts of detail. <3
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@chriscoyier Remember way back when the only way to respond to a blog post was to write your own blog post.
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@chriscoyier I really like all the ways we are reclaiming pre-internet language. Article. Radio show. Mail. Magazine. Letters to editor…
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@chriscoyier In the back of comic books the Letters to the Editor are often the best part.
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@chriscoyier Ooh, nice. I liked @adactio’s take: send all you want, but comments are only shown after a certain date.
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@chriscoyier Runs the risk of not selecting opposing/dissenting voices though, no? Already a slight risk, increased through editing.
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The difference between that and moderation is expectations. How you explain what you are going to do.
"Letters to the editor" would be an interesting model for web comments. Send all you want, a select group is published.