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Chris Coyier
webdevelopment 115,920 followers
Pattern thingy where Google search bar in content becomes fixed header when scrolled past ::…
cool bragging tweet where i tell you i got to have dinner with @clarissa @AJKandy @nicoleslaw @maxfenton @thebestsophist & @ericmsuzanne
An experiment that mimics element queries w/ a little JS and some attribute selectors. (src:…)
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I really hope this type of article becomes the future of news sites. Awesome job by @nytimes…
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AniJS, another promising prototyping framework for designers.
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Mr. @rob_dodson updated his wonderful article “A Guide to Web Components” ::… Gotta love up-to-date content!
Just going to remain a happy @freshbooks customer, which is great, just not as tightly tied to where I do the rest of my accounting.
I’m just butthurt because it was this big back-and-forth process over multiple weeks of me coughing up weird documents.
“… _connected_ to my accounting software.” ughck i’m the worst. But so is @QuickBooks WTF.
Me: “I’d like to pay to invoice people, contact to my accounting software.” @QuickBooks is like NOPE.
Relive art school with these fake project briefs
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I like to put a banana in a string of hahahahahahahahaha 's No one notices, I dont know why I bother. hahahabananahahaha
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i cant believe i forgot to comment on the events of the day! i listened to some dolly parton and had a coke zero that was just *aces*
Well lookie here :: (The inaugural @CodePen Meetup will be in Austin, TX on November 6)
good morning internet i made you a necklace \ / \ / b cool k
Last version had a transparent BG, which is rubbish for viewing on most devices (sorry)… fixed:
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Lets Talk About Rabies In Tech
✽ Glitch Effect on Text / Images / SVG ::…
@chriscoyier another real thing (for me at least), need to be able to talk about the things you’re working on shipping.
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real thing: people need to ship things or they get mega dissatisfied and find somewhere they can
Really impressed with @smashingmag’s work on improving the performance of their responsive site:…
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Wildly interesting read (by Mike Hearn) on the history and future of how Gmail fights spam ::…
i like barely clicked on anything today
my ass is like the shadow dom u can't access it
I'm a fan of styling with attributes. No big sea change - just a nice syntax on both sides.
[AMCSS] looks interesting. Uses attributes instead of classes for styling. Any concerns?
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took a few months but i weened myself off using a trackball. soooo feel free to send that Member Of Society® membership card or whatever
.@chriscoyier @beep Speaking of articles I wrote in 2004, I think this one held up alright, too!…
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@chriscoyier it's super cool, we've recently been using it to run Google page speed against local sites. Also is a cool little thing
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“I want to securely expose a local web server to the internet and capture all traffic for inspection and replay.”
Feature release day for us at @CodePen The Asset Manager ::…
WordPress 4.0 “Benny” is now available, with a smoother, more seamless writing and management experience:
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New poll on CSS-Tricks is about the skill set you’re *jealous* of:… Poll in sidebar, or down the ol tube on ▯ screens
Mr. @JS_Zao did a deep scrubbing of the registered users database on CSS-Tricks, removing spammer junk, and it’s feeling MIGHTY FINE.
It’s my personal goal to have 50/50 gender ratio at CSSConf in Oakland. Want to speak? Know any talented ladies? Ping me.
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Yes! My groceries will now be resolution independant. Thx @JoniTrythall!
incentive program: i hand people a dollar when i see them properly use brightness controls on their phonOH sniff first world problem right