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Chris Coyier
webdevelopment 111,830 followers
scoop of chocolate scoop of vanilla don't waste my time
MoMA declined my folk art installation piece _booger on a shower curtain_ c.2014
I’m the worst gambler of all time. I can’t wait to lose all the money I’ve bet so I can be done and do something else.
A whole bunch of lovely ways Haml is useful by DEMO MASTER @katydecorah ::…
practicing slow motion extreme facial emotions on the plane AMA
"I have the security scanner done. It's a belt that goes through a machine." "Could the belt back up four inches randomly?" "Absolutely."
a LITTLE pre-Vegas anxiety
If you found that interesting @miketaylr is all up into lots of that stuff. Talk of his:…
Interesting… 1) want to deprecate thing 2) deprecating breaks web 3) so deprecate in betas 4) fake it in releases
every time you use an x for a close button wait i stopped caring half way through that tweet
Added GifLinks to @CodePen, just incase anyone wants to have a play around -…
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Missing @joepug tonight in MKE and I die. Just too dang many things going on.
Beanstalk-powered deployment, but GitHub or Bitbucket repos :: Plus free for one repo, that’s kinda awesome.
Fontastic now offers exporting as a SVG sprite ::… .: golf clap :.
This week on CodePen Radio: Community!… (Defining it, helping it, etc.)
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Required to tweet this to use @Unrollme, but seems totally worth it to unsubscribe to junk.
ICYMI: I wrote about making Tweedy's "Summer Noon" music video as a newcomer to the medium.…
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✽ Finding/Fixing Unintended Body Overflow ::…
hows my favorite international chatroom this morning? R U READY TO ⌇E N G A G E ⌇…
Terrifying if literal: Applebees
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ya’ll seen a couple emails come through here Huge font-size, ‘bout 3 paragraphs, real gnarly lookin’ signature
Q: What did the lumberjack say when he chopped down the Internet? A: Timbernerslee! Is that the door? I'll just show myself out...
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