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Chris Coyier
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never wear green in your dressing room acquire a very tall step ladder be very very careful
Mr. @Tevko: "In an effort to get better at javascript, I'm coding a demo every day, for one year" ::…
Enroute to Bend, OR for a little CodePen summit.
CodePen: Front End Developer Playground and Code Editor in the Browser. Intriguing and promising idea.
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new team software development strategy: SCRAM everybody meet up in the morning then goes sit back down
WordPress: manage an SVG sprite through the Media Manager (drag and drop, click to add/remove from sprite.svg)…
current status googling sizzurp
How To Add Page Transitions with CSS and smoothState.js ::… by @tayokoart
Front End Design Conference in Portland, OR is one week from today! (Remember it’s pay-what-you-want.)
well clickle me elmo its a nice day out there today
We got CSS injection working on @CodePen (i.e. preview doesn’t full refresh on CSS-only changes). Kick the tires?…
li { list-style: inside; } /* whoops you just make <ol> list items bullets, good morning hi. */
There’s a present for all of you in the Advanced pane of Safari’s preferences in Yosemite Beta 5. “Show full website address”.
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<path> has path.getTotalLength() (others don’t) and it can draw anything the other elements can anyway (I think)
Anyone know if there is a way to force Illustrator to output things at <path> (rather than <polyline> or something else)?
Dinner dates are weird. "Let's go eat food then fool around while it turns into poop"
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Chuck E. Cheese is a restaurant dedicated to a rat.
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@CodePen @chriscoyier our new forums prompt every new post to submit a codepen. Love it. Such a useful tool.
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We seem to have landed on: “cliptatious” as “the feeling one has that they may have something of worth left on the clipboard.”
(Not that I’m particularly polite.) (ya weanies.)
On the subject of politeness (re:…) My training solution has typically been “watch a bunch of Andy Griffith Show.”