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it's noon and no plans
nothing is hotter than the VGA port on my laptop
too bad for Will and Jada Smith
it's funny i see this guy i work with on Facebook messenger because he has an iPhone 3G and I'm like, does that thing even have Facebook????
is it even worth being mad?
my most successful tweet was about big brother one night and CBS retweeted it and i got this from just a single tweet
i got that dancing peacock spider whistle song stuck in my head now
that's only 5,094 hours I've been on twitter, but I have 5,670 tweets lol
#twuration I have been on twitter for 2,121 days!
those past few posts look like spam but they're not, I was just using these analytic apps to figure out more about the way my twitter works.
This website calculates the value of your Twitter if you wanted to sell it? But mine is worth $737.57!!!! #Twalue
y'all should go through your app settings on your twitter & revoke access to apps that you do not use & do not want them to be able to post.
chasin my boy out the door with cologne
I'm sorry mama I never meant to hurt you I never meant to make you cry but tonight I'm cleaning out my closet
just downloaded "The Ultimate Best of Eminem" so we'll see how this goes.
well gotta go back to the dispensary!
I get annoyed that apps in the App Store can just update with "bug fixes/improvements". just tell us which bug you fixed or what is improved
yes! donna is #teamjulia too!
just downloaded @disclosure's newest album "Settle". but I have to put that new one with Sam Smith on here too. #Omen @samsmithworld
haha Jared from Subway is fuckkkkkkkked
you had me at hello
#BBtakeover has been #BBUnderwhelming and I would like to see a triple eviction asap. thanks #bb17
I am #teamJulia #BB17 I have faith that she can make it. if not her, then her sister Liz could definitely make it to top 2.
I personally think #BB17 should have some kind of America's Vote where we can twist up the game this season. Kathy and Gronk didn't do it...
CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH #WetHotAmericanSummer WITH @msegovian0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's actually really nice to work 5:15am-12:30pm and chill the rest of the day.
the answer is no, you cannot hashtag numbers #69
can you hashtag numbers? #1
cleaned the rig #710
thanks for the favorites but where's the retweets?!!
went into Cortez earlier & saw my little friend Lauren at her waitressing job at this cute little lounge! they have the best Key Lime Pie!!!
it's raining it's pouring...i'm still going out tonight for our anniversary dinner<3
this new One Direction song sounds a lot like the song i'll be listening to for the rest of the summer #dragmedown
so happy it's August finally
I'm on the toilet in my snapchat avatar. you should add me and follow my story from my life in Colorado this summer.
some of my favorite features of Windows 10
anyone else thoroughly enjoying every bit of Windows 10?
today is Colorado's birthday! happy birthday you beautiful state !
i ripped the crotch in my khakis at work earlier...
downloaded Wet Hot American Summer for us to watch!
oops, nicki minaj broke up with meek mill
How I did on Twitter this week: 1 New Followers, 3 Mentions, 7 Favorited. How'd your week go? via
"it's hard to find the coffee when you haven't had your coffee yet"
making plans to go see Avicii in Vegas for Labor Day Weekend/Mikey's 24th birthday !@$(*!&$(#
it's supposed to rain all day today but i wanna go to Four Corners with @msegovian0 !

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