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I watch this at least once a day
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I hope I get to see a gay/lesbian disney film in my life time.
Always assumed Ben Fogle was gay.
Smack rat, what an insult. *writes in notepad*
*shaves moustache while sipping slimfast*
Who am I kidding, this moustache isn't going to hide the weight I've put on.
I can't watch #TheHunt, it breaks my heart seeing dead animals. Yes I know it's nature.
Massive congratulations to my Fiance @HomoSocialist on his new job! Never known anyone who deserves it more! 💚
I'm writing an essay on Stem cells, and Mormon's are at the door. #Irony
Ellie Goulding is the Gail Platt of the music industry.
sad how much I enjoy deadliest catch.
So, I said yes. @HomoSocialist: Just proposed, and he said yes 😁�@Chris_Hurst_t_ ❤️"
£4.90 to get into Clifford tower, York council bought it for a pound.
As a gay, I don't have the body to wear a costume that shows off my non existent Abbs and perky ass. Therefore I hate halloween.
It's a shame Americans don't get the English humour, we are fuckin hilarious.
I blame @Adele for my ex ringing me yesterday. Hello,, nope not today *phone down*
Ready for the weekend.
I'm the tits right now.
I hope I'm saving up some good luck. As this week has been shite.
Give me strength.
Can't beat black peas.
2nd round with virgin mobile today and still no closer, fingers crossed I get my phone call back from 'James' at 1pm tomorrow.
Can anyone help me with this? My phone has locked to my virgin sim but bought with Vodaphone contract.
Fourth time ringing @virginmedia concerning my mobile account and my iPhone, been told they can do nothing for me. Appalling service.
Oh shit it's got bleached tips.
Dawn French is looking good! #TFIFriday
Saying that @Adele new single isn't about a heartbreak. It hints the semantics of a break up.
I cannot wait for the new @Adele track.
New diet: find a guy who likes your body the way it is
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The wife didn't notice for 6 weeks...
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Ive been waiting to get my silver helmet out.
Today I have learnt of the power of tea.
My hunter wellies have split. Everybody light a candle for them.
👲👲👲👲👲👲👲👲👲👲 Wh#ElfNamer #ElfName 2015 Wh#ElfNamer #ElfName and job title??? �tp://
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Been told to reevaluate my life, we filled the recycling bin.
Let us hope that this wasn't just a friends catch-up, and they recorded a collaboration for Adele's new album 🙏�Bn
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adele has that kind of music that makes you miss that person you made eye contact with on public transportation 7 years ago
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everybody when Adele drops her album
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As I saw @OfficialAdele promo.
I need a quooker.
Thanks Disneyland. For giving me the first Christmas advert of the year. *climbs into loft for xmas decorations*

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