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Eaze on da scene
I got a free Twitboat in Ninja Fishing and I still can't stop playing! #addicted #dontbotherme #ninjafishing
These bitchs be doing to much smh
It your boyfriend don't wanna chill w you while you on you peirod #henogood
niggas be treating they bro's better than they girlfriend/wife like they bro's the one giving them p*ssy !
#90sBabyFollowTrain💜 👑RT this✔ ✈You follow me 💋I follow you back🏃 🎭No follow= unfollow🚔 😍 Retweet To Grain Follo#90sBabyTrainabyTrain
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Definition Of A " Forever Girl/Boy "' An Ex You Always End Up Going Back Too Or Someone You End Up Being With
Lightskin girls with black necks ? #ewwwww
If you take a girl virginity , you suppose to stay by her side .. If not you a FUCKBOY !
Shawn Harris 7 hours ago near Brooklyn · My Circle Went From --> O --> o --> • --> . --> In Other Words TRUST NOBODY !!! -
Twitter: Where sluts complain about other sluts being sluts.
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While Yall At The Beach , Ima B IN MY Aunt Back Yard Pool #cheelin
I Hate Dem Youtube Ads Dat u CAN'T Skip Like Nobody Be Haven Time For Dat Specially Wen u Tryna Bump
Niggas Gt A LIl Attention/Fame And Start Actin Different #JOKEY !
niggas b cuffin females juss to hit it #yall girls aint even no it !!! SMH