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@Abedkhaled77: @ChrabiehSarah akhh l manzar chou 2asse” Wat
Ana l wahide bekol hal cha2fe men el batikha?
Bchil bouza
@Charbelonsky: @ChrabiehSarah u asked for it” dirty minded firefighter
@Charbelonsky: @ChrabiehSarah ok khalas bye” 😟😟😟😟😟😟
I want a tattoo sleeve
@Charbelonsky: AND NEVER WILL?” Yes. Yes you are
Got caught practicing the nae-nae 😂�
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Girls on instagram: Half Canadian Half lebanese Half Nepaliye Half Lebanese Half Njasa Half tefe7a Half mastule w Half mahbule
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-lh mbayne ktir Nas7a bl Soura? -Lk walla ana msh nas7a, bas l Camera btnase7 4KG. -L3ama, shou kam Camera Mesta3mlin? -Ya Akhou l shar$#&%!
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*While studying in my room* Mom: Rita! Me: *closes all tabs, turns phone off, and holds a book* Me: na3am?
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@SciencePx: A night in Yellowknife, Canada :)” I want to be there so badly
hello @NicoleScherzy please share our little boys fight against neuroblastoma, 2 years and battling cancer RT xxx
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-ente ref2a ma3 hal sabe? -eh lesh? -bass hayda ouwwet Living in a country with close minded sickheads driven by political parties is sad.
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Whats wrong with twitter uft
Wat. Its 3:27. I need to get up at 9 heheheh 😭
@Charbelonsky: @ChrabiehSarah ana mech alain btw Ah la2 makhass” HAHAHAHHAHAH
@Charbelonsky: @ChrabiehSarah u said it. Rape face. I said it. Rape attitude” 😐😕 Okay charbel
Ya 3ame sa7 el dick w nehna ma nemma
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@Charbelonsky: @ChrabiehSarah prepare your anus” creep
@MurieleHonein: “@Charbelonsky: Ktir kabis pls” nia2 kabis” ente nia2
@JosephElHaddad: That special someone in which you can never lose interest” you talkin about me? 😁😁💕
@jadbadine: Badde hada menkoun ykoun 3eyish arib 3a awkar w hek” 3abelak theb hada?
سحرني الشب
@nourdandan1 Let me show you how good I am at shoving my foot down your throat
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@miilkkk: When Ryan Seacrest tried to high five a blind guy on American Idol” HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH
What. Obi. Why are you farting next to my face
2a7la chi bel summer inno l whatsapp groups te3oul l jem3a bisakkro Hayda l chi 2a7la men 3otlet l summer b7ad zeta
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