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Chris Anderson
All of this talk of a super moon probably triggers inadequacy issues in the regular moons of the year so check your moon privilege people
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An @othermachine Othermill hard at work, cutting a PCB. Can't wait till Sept, when it will be able to do more
The Division is best game trailer I've seen since Dead Island. These things are a new art form:…
To celebrate our new Impact Factor, you can subscribe to @nature for just $42, £42 or €42
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...If you tweet "@Holoholo_WG weather report" you will get weather. Tweet "@Holoholo_WG picture please" to get response w/ picture
You can get them to tweet back at you: If you tweet "@Holoholo_WG where are you?" you will get a response with location...
Two @liquidrinc Wave Glider ocean bots are heading for Hawaii & tweeting live pictures and weather conditions as the storms approach
Stupid tourist crashes drone into Yellowstone geyser. This is why we can't have nice things.…
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Just flew a drone using a smartwatch, and I didn't crash it! (It can also auto-follow as you walk down the street.)
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12/Closing note: Lyft Line is classic "peace dividend of smartphone wars" -- not possible pre universal smartphones.…
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Looking forward to finally meeting @PJORourke at the Stansberry conf in LA (I'm the "mystery speaker"):
123D Catch – improved quality and 3D printing workflows…
Chris Anderson (@chr1sa) on Why Community-Driven Companies Will Always Win l
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A company’s interests are short-term; a community’s interests are long-term:
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3DR announces acquisition of Sifteo! Advanced consumer electronics & drones: thrilling future!
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@kevin2kelly @pmarca The best time to do something may well have passed. But the second best time is still right now.
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Drones start arriving at undisclosed location for epic weekend of filming and mapping. Technically, this is "work"
I just backed Mapping with Drones on @kickstarter
Geeking out with the @hexopluslive team after their $1.3m @kickstarter triumph (at @3DRobotics Berkeley)
How to turn off annoying Google Calendar default of adding video hangout to every event:…
.@CreativeLive is hosting an aerial imaging class RIGHT NOW. Watch for free (costs money in 4 days):…
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Love adorable @robotfilmfest trophy. We're holding it for winning @SugarMountainAK team, who used our drones
Impressive. Dr Easy, winner of the @robotfilmfest Best Picture:
Legendary Java creator James Gosling & John Weeks of @liquidrinc at @3DRobotics Friday Flyday open house
Congrats to @AirDogTeam for passing $1m on @kickstarter! Both they & $1.3m @hexopluslive are based on Pixhawk.…
Best sleep tracker I've found is Sleep as Android w/ @Pebble watch integration. Deep stats and smooth UI…
Latest example of "disruptive technology pattern" can be seen in the battle between old big drone vs new small drone.…
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A Fully Mechanical 3D Printer is Mind Blowing… via @hackaday
34 separate murders witnessed by plane-mounted cameras acting as Sky+ for crime investigation. Politicians scared!…
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123D Circuits automatically creates an enclosure design for your electronics…
Did you know? The collective noun for a group of programmers is a merge-conflict.
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Market sizing Uber by @bgurley "The game changer: Uber as a car-ownership alternative"… Future is asset sharing
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Site for DroneCon, our annual drone developer conference, is now up, along w/ videos from this year's conf:
I've backed TiddlyBot fun and simple Raspberry Pi Robot on @kickstarter:
imo all engineering instrumentation advertisements should have an ominous, out-of-focus sandwich in the background
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Nearly any key innovation will land in a gray area of regulation. Regulation won't evolve until tested, and by default maintains status quo.
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check out todays shoot of the @SteadiDrone #QU4D and #QU4D X, fully RTFwith your favorite @3DRobotics Pixhawk!
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NASA demos @3DRobotics drones in 5-vehicle formation flight:…
I just backed StitchCAM, the crop survey/mapping drone, on @kickstarter
The quest of the manila folder 777 replica continues. The -300ER's landing gear (semi-levered) is insanely detailed
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