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My hair is fuckkin ugly
The only person I'm trying to be is just me.
You know what? I don't give a fuck about your judgement。
@YourSweatshirt: When you're at Disneyland on a Sunday & realize you've got homework” APUSH got me like
These pancakes smell like sweaty balls
Ain't no one fucking with her surfboard surfboard
Seriously, shut up.
@_kittytitty: I want a monkey” 🙋
That Amanda bynes account is the funniest shit tbh
@UberFacts Real smooth, couldn’t even be bothered to separate a war hero and shameless self-advertisement into two tweets.
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@_kittytitty: Slept like a baby.” Same 😌🙌
I love my fans.. I'm surprised I still have any
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Deez hoes couldn't test me, even if they're name is pop quiz 😴✋
This bitch is fucking crazy !! Get the fuck outta here
@SavingNoHoes: After you hotboxed the car and u go inside to find sum to eat” oh haha
(People in Fontana) "if I go outside right now"
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If a nigga say he dont eat pussy, he out here suckin dick 😫
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I wouldn't want it back anyways she probably has herpes 😂😂😷
That broke bitch can't buy one herself 😂 she probably barely knows how to use it
Ugly bitch I'll fight you
I hate fake bitches
I haven't been twittering in a while
dad:whaddya got there, son son:soy milk dad:hola milk, soy tu padre
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Work sucks, I know.
People with no education can still assess probability, which suggests that this is a natural brain process.
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They're mean lol
Not the good kind
The guy next to me smells like smoke
The only medicine I need is turbos or takis
Why is tmz always on my timeline like as if I follow them