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Idk bae idk wake up, text me, something
You gotta give it to Denzel Washington for his performance in Man On Fire #fantasticmovie
Never let success go to your head. Never let failure go to your heart.
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Lean bulking after late night swole sessions, come at me chicken breasts, yogurt and all those fantastic salad greens
OK then, that's kinda lame but I get it, just more time for me to focus on my physique then eh
Now moving on to the swole sesh and gain making #letsgooo
Cheat/Re-feed day complete as well
Spent the whole day with the family though & I gotta say it was great
Love my pops man loaded he loaded my fridge with like an ultimate gains package lol time to make them gains ASAP
#CurrentFitFocus Build full deltoid cap spheres & even out bicep/forearm to chest ratio
"@WOWFlashback: Won't be able to taste some of these ever again." FUCKING FRUITOPIA WAS MY LIFE!!!!
But honestly it's one of the greatest shows ever made, the UK version though
Pretty sure SKINS taught me how to cry
Yoo...I'm craving a PB&J brb
I really need someone who follows me around so that they can capture me in my uber flex moments..
New avi is OK..
Put the bar tapers in for a bit just found them, looks pretty gewd
If your happiness is found in nights that you don't remember then I feel bad for you
That was like a compound insult tweet, 3 in one
If you're a fit bro and you don't smash your chest you're not a fit bro, V-Tapers are the deal, you look like a b#tch if you have no pecs
Don't care what anyone says the logo movie is dope lol
Straight up Lake day today with the homie family & the bae was perfect
Still smiling though lmao
Anxiety is hitting a new high for me today not digging this right now
Country music is the bane of my existence, why does it exist, kill it
Sometimes food is bae
So the sun better be out around one or two this overcast game isn't funny..
Everyone needs to understand that life is much much easier with a smile on your face regardless of the circumstances
Present the effort & success will follow
A fit bae is a wife bae
What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet.
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Always be humble and remember where you came from
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Or get me supps, supps let me know it's real too
Massage me until I pass out so I know it's real
So let's make special brownies everyone, make the world sweet and happy aye
But on the other hand, the homie & I still had a laid back day no doubt
Definitely had a good chat with an old friend on the bus, can't lie I miss that old group & those laughs for sure
"@TheVineFights: Surprise" @AnthonyP727 // let me slide into your DMs like damn wtf
Actually I lied, I could use a dope bike ride
Real though all I wanted to do was swim today
Kicking it with the homie from Uruguay & I can vibe with this cat better than most