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@ChloeLopesX: “@CKyianna: I can tell certain people don't like me no more”fuck them”💯
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Doesnt seyda like nathaniel? — LOOOOOL obj
@CKyianna: I can tell certain people don't like me no more”fuck them
Do you know likes nathaniel — What?
If you was single and nathaniel ask you out what would you say? — I don't know man
How my man following 12 year olds, this can't be happening
You and nathaniel suit doe — Looooool Thankyou
Why do boys try to interview you when they first talk to you 😴😴
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Is there still a chance for you and nathaniel if you got to know each other again x — I dno awhh s
I beg you to upload a video of you singing please — I will soon on insta xxx
@Summerbotwe: @ChloeLopesX and he says the same about you x” aha awhhhhhh xxx
Prettiest girls year 9 st Mary's? — Long but Elyse
can you sing? — I'd say yeah like I was signed by a studio a while ago
Fittest boys year 9 st marys — Nathaniel
Prettiest girls in your year — Tayla and Betsy
I'm so confused at the momment😫. Hate being a teenager.
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Which is your favorite TV show? — Honey boo boo
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@elysepetch: Nothing ever works out with me😒”awh bebs
Put your insta picture back on xx — No
Mad Wavey sesh Friday is the motive 👌
@ChloeLopesX errr they won't leave me alone, serves me right for putting my snapchat out to the whole world😂 xxxxx
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you think so highly of yourself it makes me cringe
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@AshWatsonxo: Think i might have just swallowed a fly😭”
@rihanna: I hate broke bitches” you think your too prestige
@hollyskipp_: Back in febuary😏�”Hotspice like holly
Do you smoke fags — No it's so chavvy looool I just bun
You make smoking weed attractive — Thankyou
Do you blaze a lot — Not as much as I did when I went unit
Likkkle Hotspice — That's me
@yanabigland: ur bare ugly — thanks I try my best
@ChloeLopesX because I'm just in that type of mood bebs
Retweeted by ChloeArmani_
@yanabigland: @ChloeLopesX because I'm just in that type of mood bebs”peakkkkk xxxx
@yanabigland: Where is the funniest place you have ever fallen asleep? — in your ass crack”why so rude bebs
Nice bum nice boobs nice waist intelligent, special nigga like me deserves you — Lol safeeee rudeboy
Most girls wanna be you lol — Lol okay
Sasha was a hood girl — Yeah but she was too pretty for all that so she's changed her ways, got mad respect for ...
You know negus mclean — Yeah
Yu chill wid Ini — Used to I think he's in bin