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Tumblr eat your heart out
Oh and I broke a nail in the mosh pits like 2 hours after having them doner
Lol think I swallowed a chunk of my tongue last night
Sigma hype last night was unreal
my liver: stop drinking me: new phone who dis?
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I'll be there in 5 mins! U ready? me:
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You know your life has hit a low when you're sat in McDonald's on you own and people you know from school ask you if you're OK lol
I've lost alot of weight recently and I don't like it, I like having my love handles and chubby legs
( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)
Actual watch the deaf guy signin that Simon wants tae suck Carly's tits 😂C
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50 shades of text me the fuck back.
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Hate waiting for anything ahahahah
Not going to hear the end of this now 😂
Lol year 9 days where you would go shopping with £30 and come back with £30 still if you know what I mean ahahah
Baroness Meacher response to the Government spokesman is priceless
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Loooool a 15 year old Irish lad hacked talk talk
Babe gets really excited for Valentine's Day! 😍�
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would ring him at 9:30 telling him he's single…
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Wearing this to your year 2 disco was guaranteed a pull
Halloween n chill?
This yak sums up everything
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If I ever went missing use this photo pls lol
Tesco takes bullshit from no one 😂😂😭N8SVD
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Only benefit of turning 18 is legal sex with your teachers
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Trying to hit Adele's high notes in Hello like
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if your thighs touch, that's attractive af. don't let anyone tell you otherwise
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Hate it when you go to bed early
Everything gets so much shit now it gets darker earlier
awww gran am blushing 👤n
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X factor is TV ebola
Pretty 'livid' how everyone used to say 'livid'
IDFWU x Bitch Better Have My Money
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I really don't take myself seriously I don't know how anyone else can lol
need this for when I'm gliding around my all white marble house
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I swear I'm obsessed with lingerie
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Waiting for bae to make my Hotline Bling like
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If you use 'gay' as an insult you are the one who is 'gay' for your grotesque use of language, grow up
My Adidas superstars arrived today and I couldn't be any happier with a pair of shoes 😍😍😍💕💕💕💕
I'm reduced to watching the big bang theory like literally what has my life come to??????????
Can anyone sort me a lift from Wedmore to uphill?
Lol I'm so shit when it comes to not showing that I'm angry
Ahaha alright 'mate'
The UK's attempt of fuck her right in the pussy is everything i expected it to be
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Miss looking forward to the end of term discos back in like year 2 and cover myself in body glitter and drown my hair in glitter hairspray
Drake the type of nigga to show up to a party 2 hours early to help set up chairs.
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