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While you're pulling tumblr boys I'm pulling royalty
Gabby has to be the best/worst drunk ever
Running down the stairs holding your boobs is just second nature
Can't wait to get marshal against her desk tomorrow and spank that fat ol ass
Got interviews tomorrow and I can't get to sleep omg it's at 9 and I need to be up at 7 wtf body just be tired and not alive
Feel quite alone most of the time
Got interviews tomorrow and shitting it :/
Do you ever take a deep breath and it sort of aches?
Bloody love compolisive cleaners
heelys dont have brakes because my swag rides forever
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People who think the world revolves round them 🌍
I think it's dead cute when people think they can get whatever they want😊
Hahaha no wonder you always come running to me if you treat all your other mates like that😂
anxiety has fucked me up in more than one way
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Felling this low makes me want to be high
Drive with Ryan gosling 😍
TV gets dead after 12 which sucks
Ad everything's just creeping up on me again
plot twist: you care, i don't
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Has my ex just disappeared off the face of the earth of what? Someone help me out? Any answers?
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Anyone fancy going v fest with me this year?
Feeling rather melancholy tonight
I dont care if u love me u make me numb
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Literally diagnosing myself with seasonal affective disorder
Procrastination at its finest when it comes to tidying my room
Do you ever get so tired that you can't sleep?
Still hungover lols
Girls who wonder why they're single yet talk to 20 lads
bae: come over me: do you have food bae: my parents aren't home me: are they coming back with food
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Phtotshoot with the lads later
Mr Richardson's face gets edited and abused so much round kings
It's usually the most beautiful people who are snakes underneath
Gonna treat you exactly how you treated me 😊
House of wax is on... Getting ready to not sleep tonight
It's a wonderful day for pie
Finding out bae wasn't really your bae
What's 9+10?
Mum just called me asking me if I could drive to cheddar and pick her up #alcoholic
There's 2 irish boys living at my house atm and I am totally in my element
All of my mum's friends seem to be serious alcoholics
So much unorginality everywhere