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girls lesbian 631 followers
Sorry but anal del rey is so unoriginal Plus you look like a dickhead Just keep your name to how it should be
@E_louiseBarnes_: Sleep is better when you are basically naked”
Thing is casey is the sweetest girl And lee chooses the whore whos getting with everyone Lol
Lee and his games Player
"I dont want to come across as a player" - lee Too late sonny
I love Sam because she has standards unlike the two other girls
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Havent seen sam in the house for ages what?
Evander is the most secret softy
"WEEEEEVVVEEE GOOOTT BOOOZZZE" No youve got whore juice
Sorry but its obviously all these tweets are about jasmine
This years "celebrity" big brother is so tacky.
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I think half these celebs are stupid enough to forget they are getting filmed at all times...
Lee is a sly snake
I flirt with so many of my friends mums #imin
Got to love bob the tec guy ~kow
Finally got 100 followers on facebook Sorry facebook famous Out of my way
I have an obsession with black and white photos .. Hmm ..
You haven't experienced awkward till you hear your mum and stepdad in the bath together
Favouriting certain peoples tweets to remind them i still exist
Year 7 chloe called, she wants your d
Mums been home for an hour now and she hasnt come and found me yet I could be dead women
Awkward moment when you realise you kissed millie jones at coreys party😭 love her ahhah
Youre going down hill and this is what is waiting for you at the end