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Never rely on anyone.
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It's unbelievable heart wrenching when you love someone and they don't love you back
Mega loooooool @ ppl who fake being ill for attention
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nan try sai 2 make her a tea, tell my nan shut up
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This is like porn for my ears
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Would much rather be sat at college green enjoying the sun than have to go to work today
If our convo don't bang it's your fault
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Where r the hot ppl in my school yo?
When I find out someone is from Milton Keynes I like obsess over them lol MK DONS long live
partynextdoor and the weeknd should make an album together and call it partynextweeknd
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Don't know how others meet new people? Only people who talk to me are people who need to borrow a lighter at the station lol
Before I even opened the vine I was goneeee😂😂😂😂�
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Would be annoyed if they brought be back a keyring in the first place but this 😂�…RV
I'm not just here for when you're bored _
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Might start having weekly boardgame nights n get drunk with ppl idk m8
Lol I just want someone who I can call up and just meet whenever you know??????!!?!?!???
I can't feel my face when I'm with you *snorts fat line of coke* but I love it
Weekends have become so drab recently
Prince William asking Kate if she wants another drink is my favourite gif to exist
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Am yet to experience a cheeky nandos
Lol when you find out Robbie from Angus thongs and perfect snogging married a 40 year old film director when he was 24..
Angus, thongs and perfect snogging is so cringey now I watch it back and are not 10 lol
U feel gassed when you're on the aux and someone says "whats this tune called??" Like yeah i got bangers
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Dating someone based only on looks is so shallow. Consider other things, like, do they have a lot of money.
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If you shit your pants before the cop gets to the car he won't be able to smell the weed
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did you know that 2 to 3 glasses of wine per day can reduce your risk of giving a shit
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Trust me daddy
Mum got drunk at a harvest home tonight and made BFF'S with Will Apted's ma and pa and now he's coming over for tea #futurehubby????
don't cry because its over cry because ur ugly
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Well that conversation died in 0.2 seconds
Noone ever believes me when I say I live in Cocklake lol look at my location on dis tweet yo
Stuck in on a Friday lolll
if you're a girl and i'm staring at you i probably think you're pretty lol no beef
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Don't know why people are so against double texting? not like someone is holding a knife to your throat lol I'll bloody quintuple text you
do you ever get home from school and look in the mirror and cringe because you’ve looked like that all day
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I love the noise when people walk on the Simpsons lol
Left me phone on da bus #mess

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