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Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go backstage
How many of yall females be using this ?
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Dizzee rascal is so spicy mmm love a piece of him 😍
Ordered a pair of 7 inch heels, swear that can't be legal
#GrowingUpWithMyName people called me by my name
Why do so many girls feel the need to give other girls dirty looks, fucking get over yourselves
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show me the side of you that you never shared with anyone else
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Enjoyed last night so much, the year above are sound as fuck
Do ppl honestly still use Um ask(.fm) yourself what you are still doing with your life
My sarcasm is dryer than a stale packet of crackers
So been invited to a party where everyone is 19+, guess ill provide the snacks for the night,bring a bottle of pop and some fruit shoots
Just been invited to a year 8 beach summer piss up? Like is this a joke or for real????????????
Loooool 10 hour shift tomorrow then this mixer party i am going to be flat out dead and im not even in bed yet #RIP
Best feeling in the world is fresh cleaned teeth
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I have an admirer
When flies do that gross hand rubbing thing
when you're drunk and trying to get someone's attention
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I'm just not where i want to be at this current moment in life
Would you mind not talking to every boy within 100 mile radius and leave some for us other girls please thankyou ☺️
It's weird how boys are so blind to see, but girls can so easily tell when someone is a mega slag
When your friend wants to be left alone 😂🌚o7i
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£1000 would buy you a scunchie in american apparel
I just want @RATBOY to love me and send me loads of cool band merchandise 💕💕💕💕💕
I'll never regret at least trying
Need to find someone to come see ratboy with mee
my only aim is to be able to drive by christmas independence is the only thing i crave
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Board-masters soon 😍
Hodgy, Tyler the Creator, & Domo Genesis - Rella
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Sparkling water is so fucking nasty. Why drink that? Water should be water, plain, simple. Man want a bubbly sensation in their mouth, skets
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The weather this summer has been so awful i have had to get out some of my winter clothes to stay warm, like what?
I would kill to see the prodigy liveeee
I used to have a blow up girlfriend until I let her down
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Dont look back in anger i heard you say
Rowan thankyou for providing tonights entertainment
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Told a french boy that i would like to share a drink&smoke w/ him and we can visit galleries together in french and he fell in love with me
New family guy ppl on bbc2 now - you're welcome
"dad im worried about how much you vape" *dad blows hella sick O's* "hi worried about how much you vape im dad"
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The way you said 'yes chloe' when i stepped out all done up yesterday...

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