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It crowd pretty much presents my social awkwardness beautifully
Why have loads of fake friends when you can have a couple real of friends
really dont like ratty little girls
buy me pretty underwear n kiss me
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cant wait for this week to be over...
That brief moment when you wake up and you feel everything is okay, then you realise it isn't...
My current life goals seem to be along the lines of becoming An it consultant Call centre employee Care taker
Friends who think it's okay to get on your ex's 😂😂
Utopia 🙀
just another day of not being rich and famous
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Wish i had big bushy model eyebrows ... A girl can dream
It's weird how someone can change you
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Mondays are always gossip days
So glad my baby girl is back today! @_gabs99_
you're just as temporary as this tweet babe
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My night summed up in a picture
Bed time nkoe
Best fucking night ever
Summer nights are made to get high have fun and get drunk
Shes coked out of her face but shes still prettier than ill ever be
Cocaine and strippers kinda night...
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Sad to think the people i went into summer last year with aren't going into summer this year with me...
Really neeeded this day off today😷
Wine for when you're feeling fine Brandy for when you're feeling randy
well there goes another year of not getting fit for summer
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When people are making summer plans without you and you're there like
Im such a good hairdresser, just done mikes hair and it looks fabbbb
Cant believe she just got openly fingered on big brother 😱
Big fucking woop
Was a slag, still is a slag, always will be a slag
6 months ago i planned to be a lot skinner round about now
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why am i not going to T in the park ..:(
2 weeks cant go any sooner
Could not sleep at night without my daily dose of family guy
'I'm 33 and fabulous honey' No Gemma you're 33 stone and munted
Arg on towie just kills me 😂
Highly jealous of anyone going to Barcelona tomorrow 😤
"teenage years are the best years of your life" you mean it gets worse
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Those summer nights
Days like this make me glad that I'm young