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Chloe Keller
webcam lesbian bisexual 11,149 followers
Don't forget to nominate @Chloe_Keller for #MissHalloweenHottie let's get it done Wolfpack!! nominate once a day!
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I just really need to redo my cam room. Have no clue but I don't like the ju-ju. Anyone got any ideas?
Just did a wishlist revamp. All wolf, all the time. Plus nap shirts.… @amazon
@Chloe_Keller would make a super mega awesome #MissHalloweenHottie Nominate her wolfpack!! lets get it done Wolfpack
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Thank you for a fun night guys, and whoever brought the wolf-bitch outfit, REVEAL YOURSELF!! I fucking love you!!
Now all that's needed is a lifesaver to get this outfit - needless to say whoever does that gets this video set FREE!
Guess who just found a fox tail?!! Preparing for the most EPIC wolfpack video set EVER.
Hey guys (and gals) check out this super hot inked chick, @Chloe_Keller and give her a follow while you're at it!
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Photoset: zepsramblingon: Chloe Keller Found this, so sweet. Thank you! xx
Just checked that. 2 HOURS AND 15 MINUTES @lalabluexxx Holy shit! Washing a'hoy!!
Goodnight facef**kers! I'm off to club bed Featuring DJ pillow & McBlanket It's time to show my sheets some ass & give my pillow some head!
About to get ready and watch the second last episode of #TrueBlood so sad. We shall hug when it's over @Summerz_Z 😫😫😫
Had a shitty day. Looking forward to seeing you all tonight. Need the smiles...