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Chloe Keller
Wow, hello twitter update. I dislike you...
She makes love to the leg warmers then gives head to her pillow. Chloe Keller in a nutshell...
What a rad night! Sorry I wasn't on 4 2long. Got an early start. Feel free to grab those new vids while I'm offline šŸ’‹ā€¦s
The 6 pack virginity has officially been smashed by @sirius_ninja !!!
Getting online now - - The Erection Collection has just come out, grab yourself a vid or six!
Scrap that. Gimme 45 mins max!!
Get your butts over to my profile, there is updates and the new videos - - whos gonna be the first to get these vids?
It is official. Both my gamer tag and kik are no longer for sale. Much love but they weren't working for me.
Oh my lord!! All of this profile updating, video uploading and missing you guys is draining. I hope you all miss me!!
A quick sneak-peek of whats in store for you all VERY soon!!
"Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again." - Buddha (via wordsnquotes)
So go grab those vids and any offline love of any kind rocks -ā€¦
A new collection of videos will be available tomorrow. Last chance to grab my 3 vids that are going into the vault never to be seen again.
I have a crick in my neck that is outta this world & @lalabluexxx still has a sore back from Monday. Who wants to give us both a rubdown?
Just finished a massive cleanup of all the toys I had to use to remake these videos. Do I have your attention?? Lol šŸ˜œ
I'm surprised I didn't give myself a black eye with my fuck pogo making that vid. Holy shit, looks like I came really close a few times. Lol
Photoset: star-lawd-star: regalasfuck: yung-lipton: These hit the blunts tweets šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ’€ bruhhhhh the last
I'm so devastated that my editing software didn't take to the last six videos that I made. I ended up having to scrap ALL of them!!
So in the mood tho. Be on for about 30 mins, get on it now -ā€¦
Sorry I didn't make it on tonight guys. I promise it'll be worth it when I do get back on.
Dear Dummies, Bae is Danish for poop, not an abbreviation of baby so when you call someone Bae your literally calling them a terd. Game on!
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Any girls know any mp4 to wmv conversion software that doesn't compress your files??
Editing all my vids has drained me tonight. Goodnight šŸ’¤šŸ’¤šŸ’¤