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Dr. Laura Kauffman
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RT @WishExpress Are Mornings Filled With Chaos? 5 Tips to Turn Morning Madness into a Relaxed Routine
Longitudinal Study: Teen Girls at Greater Risk of Depression Due to Relationship Stress @medlineplus
The caliber of words spoken to young kids may be more developmentally valuable than the number of words they hear
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Controlling #tempers can be difficult for kids, and helping them learn is also a tough job. Get some coaching tips!
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9 Steps for Raising Your Son to be a Good Man @aboutparenting
Yes! Great Article! How to Find the Sweet Spot Between Too Strict and Too Permissive @DrLauraMarkham
Study: Kids with Autism Tend to be Less Active @medlineplus
Study: Cyberbullying Ramps Up in Middle School, Girls More Frequent Victims @medlineplus
Study: Stark Differences in Values Taught in Conservative and Liberal Families @pewresearch
6 Tips for Starting the New School Year Start | WishExpress @ChildPsych #parenting
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Dads Make a Difference! The Importance of Fathers @ListenToKids
Powerful Parenting: Anger Management Tips for Children | World of Psychology: @ChildPsych @AskaChildPsych
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Study: Daily Pot Use in Teens Linked to Higher Suicide Risk, Poor Academics @NPRHealth
Feeling over-scheduled with team sports? Some great tips for creating balance between sports and family life:
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Today is #SuicidePrevention Day. Suicide is 3rd leading cause of death among youth. Need help? Call 1-800-273-8255 #MentalHealthMatters
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Experts believe kids are growing up with more #anxiety and less self-esteem. Texting & social media may be to blame.
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Study: More Evidence That ADHD Drugs Don't Curb Ultimate Height in Kids @NPRHealth
Kids Who Spend More Time With Electronic Devices Have Diff Recognizing Emotions @nprnews
Interactive Screen Time May be Worse Than TV Watching for Kids, Teens, Young Adults @PsychToday
Study: Some Types of Fables May Be Better at Teaching Kids Not to Lie @PsychScience
Study: A Collaborative Care Model Can Help Depressed Teens Stick With Treatment @NPRHealth
Interesting to Explore Further! Study: Kids With Autism Have Extra Brain Connections @medlineplus
Yes! "Lean In" When Your Child is Acting Out. How to Handle a Teen Who is Struggling @JoshShipp
A3: Prov. opp 4 your child to spend time on school campus, research pics/bio online of teacher(s), review schedules, trial run #ItsTimeChat
A1: Parents can look for changes in sleep/eating patterns, poor grades, dropping hobbies/friends, drug/alcohol paraphernalia. #ItsTimeChat
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There's Still time to Join! Children's Back 2 School Mental Health Twitter Chat 2-3pm EST TODAY! #ItsTimeChat Follow @Cigna @NAMICommunicate
The "Real" Skinny on Consistency with Parenting @ListenToKids
Great Advice for Socially Anxious Folks...Or Anyone! How to Turn Small Talk Into Smart Conversation @TEDTalks
Cool! Life w/ Anxiety Documented in Pictures @NPRHealth
Great Tips! 5 Things We Know About Raising Great Kids @DrLauraMarkham
Study: Premature Infants' Cognitive Development Catches Up by Adolescence @medlineplus
5 Great Tips for Helping Your Child Cope with a Meltdown @DrLauraMarkham
Study: Higher Levels of "Love Hormone" Oxytocin in Children Assoc With Better Social Skills @medlineplus
Study: With Black Box Warnings, Antidepressant Prescriptions Dropped for Youth, Suicide Attempts Rose @medlineplus
Our Free Teleseminar on Building Your Child's Confidence Through Play is Set to Start in 15mins! @ListenToKids
Study: Girls Grow up w/ Broader Career Goals in Households Where Domestic Duties are Shared @TIME
How to Stop Your Child's Whining in 10 mins @DrLauraMarkham
Working on Some Good Material for My Free Teleseminar with @ListenToKids. Can't wait! 6/12 6pm PST
Study: Kids' Obesity Risk Increases with Parents' Divorce @medlineplus
Digging into two new books on fostering inventiveness in kids from my colleague @SJHinBrooklyn. Great stuff!
Great Ideas! Three Tips for Staying Calm When Your Child is Having a Meltdown @GirlieGirlArmy via @DrLauraMarkham
Finding Mental Health Care for College Grads is Tough - Plan Ahead! @NPRHealth
Study: Among New Smokers, Teen Boys More Likely to Quit Than Teen Girls @medlineplus
Working with @ListenToKids on a New Teleseminar: Building Your Child's Confidence Thru Play, June 12th 6pm PST
7 Steps to Teaching Your Child Good Sportsmanship @RaiseSmallSouls