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Dr. Laura Kauffman
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Our Free Teleseminar on Building Your Child's Confidence Through Play is Set to Start in 15mins! @ListenToKids
Study: Girls Grow up w/ Broader Career Goals in Households Where Domestic Duties are Shared @TIME
How to Stop Your Child's Whining in 10 mins @DrLauraMarkham
Working on Some Good Material for My Free Teleseminar with @ListenToKids. Can't wait! 6/12 6pm PST
Study: Kids' Obesity Risk Increases with Parents' Divorce @medlineplus
Digging into two new books on fostering inventiveness in kids from my colleague @SJHinBrooklyn. Great stuff!
Great Ideas! Three Tips for Staying Calm When Your Child is Having a Meltdown @GirlieGirlArmy via @DrLauraMarkham
Finding Mental Health Care for College Grads is Tough - Plan Ahead! @NPRHealth
Study: Among New Smokers, Teen Boys More Likely to Quit Than Teen Girls @medlineplus
Working with @ListenToKids on a New Teleseminar: Building Your Child's Confidence Thru Play, June 12th 6pm PST
7 Steps to Teaching Your Child Good Sportsmanship @RaiseSmallSouls
We love our children unconditionally, but do we accept them as they are? Andrew Solomon sheds light in his TED talk.
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The Power of Your Mind! Change Your Thinking to Cope Wiith Anger @DrLauraMarkham
Study: Digestive Difficulties More Common in Children With Autism : @medlineplus
Study: U.S. Children Exposed to Less Violence Since 2003 @medlineplus
4 Steps for Teaching Children a Better Way to Apologize @Cuppacocoa
Strategies for Raising a Moral Child Different Than For Raising a High Achiever @NYTmag
New Study Shows That Parents Tend to Spank in Anger, For Minor Infractions @ScienceDaily
Researchers Propose Newborns' Crying May Work to Delay Conception of a Sibling. Thoughts? @NPRHealth
Praise Can Lead to a Focus on Extrinsic Motivation. What to Say Instead of Praising @DrLauraMarkham
Study: Teens Who Like Songs W/ Alcohol Brands in the Lyrics are 3X More Likely to Drink @NPRHealth
Study: Rising in Popularity Increases Teens' Chances of Becoming Bullied...Until the Top @NPRHealth
Study: Teens Who Saw Online Pics of Friends Drinking & Smoking 20% More Likely to Imitate Beh @NPRHealth