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chidi mokeme
"@nkirusylvanus: @chidimokeme hi long time" I see you darl. How've u been?
@chidimokeme #FILM NIGHT 30-09-2014. 5-8.30PM .LA MANGO IKEJA .strictly by invitation. KPIANS SHOWING
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From Oct 3, these are the channels your TV must be on every night! This is your mission. #GUSTheMission #RealityTV
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"@sylvia_umar: @chidimokeme hello hw ive you been" All good. Cheers
"@chibagu1: @chidimokeme gudevn my super star, jst checking on . U.gud9t" All the best dear.
"@Prettylilrume: @chidimokeme hello sire good afternoon how is your day going?" All good here. Have a great week.
May The Peace And Blessings Of God Which Surpasseth All Understanding Rest And Abide With You And Your Household Now And Forever IJN. Amen.
"@carolonfire: @chidimokeme sending some sunshine your way :-)" it's not the same when you're Mia!
@chidimokeme Determination & hope r key factors for a brighter future ~ Dalai Lama #GUS11
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"@ShuqaSl33k: @chidimokeme Morning Boss of life...Guess its time to crush all over U again...I pity my eyes tho...#GUS11 #..." #beenwaiting
@chidimokeme I love and respect you so so much. U are so gentle ....infact God keep you for us.....big up bros.
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Abolish ur fears n raise ur commitment level to the point of no return, and the Champion Within will burst forth to propel U toward victory.
"Don't let your fears keep you mired in the crowd. Abolish your fears and raise your commitment level to the point of no return." #GUS11
If U want 2 take ur mission in life 2 d next level, if u're stuck nd U don't know how to rise, don't look outside urself. Look inside #GUS11
..hers is not to preserve a man-made world, but to create a human world by the infusion of the feminine element into all of its activities."
"The woman's mission is not to enhance the masculine spirit, but to express the feminine...." #GUS11 #TheMission
"Though we march to the music of our time, our mission is timeless." #GUS11 #TheMission
Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life; everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment. #GUS11
"Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you're alive, it isn't." #GUS11 #TheMission
"To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal." #GUS11 #TheMission
"Make your life a mission - not an intermission" #GUS11 #TheMission
When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it. #GUS11
"Stand Fast, Stand Firm, Stand Sure, Stand True." #GUS11 #TheMission
"@Anne_Arts: @chidimokeme yes I did thanks. Hope you did too 😊"Great. Can't complain.
I wouldn't miss this season of #GUS . You never know when you will need the survival skills 😄 and@chidimokemee is fascinating to watch.😱
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"@krixtalx1877: @chidimokeme very very true! May God continue to endow u with so much wisdom, you are worthy of #emulation" God bless you 2.
"@Prettylilrume: @chidimokeme I was so was ur nite sire?" Sorry. We'll do a replay. All good here.
"@Anne_Arts: @chidimokeme good morning xx ❤❤💋" Morning dear
"@RealBabymouth: @chidimokeme my bro...Ow is the jungle treating u dis morning?? Hope good? ..... just tot of checking on u noni.." Thanks o
"@LilianMbaradum: @chidimokeme for the light has come. Gudmrn sir. How was ur night nd the family?" Great
"@Prettylilrume: @chidimokeme then I woke up" Awww Just when u had passed all the tests.....
"The one who cannot see your vision will be blinded by your mission." #GUS11 #TheMission
"Vision without an Action is Illusion. Action without a Vision is Confusion." #GUS11 #TheMission
"Vision without Mission is Lame; Mission without Vision is Blind." #GUS11 #TheMission
"Knowing the steps to your dreams doesn't make the climb any less of a challenge." #GUS11 #TheMission
"Knowing the path through the forest doesn't make the trip any less daunting." #GUS11 #TheMission
Don’t live life anyhow, else you get anywhere. Plan your life somehow and you can get somewhere. A slow plan is better than no plan. #GUS11
"Keep your eyes on the goals you set to accomplish; let them be done as planned!" #GUS11 #TheMission
"Clearly articulated goals aligned with your vision and mission statements galvanize ur efforts to move forward towards your dream." #GUS11
"@Hpooker: Nope. I wanna be greater than him. "@Sheflame: I want to be like @chidimokeme wen I grow up. Good morning boss"" Amen!
"@Milla88Milla: the only reason I watch #GUS @chidimokeme" looking out for u. #StayTuned
I want to be like @chidimokeme wen I grow up. Good morning boss
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