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chidi mokeme
"Stand Fast, Stand Firm, Stand Sure, Stand True." #GUS11 #TheMission
"@Anne_Arts: @chidimokeme yes I did thanks. Hope you did too 😊"Great. Can't complain.
I wouldn't miss this season of #GUS . You never know when you will need the survival skills 😄 and@chidimokemee is fascinating to watch.😱
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"@krixtalx1877: @chidimokeme very very true! May God continue to endow u with so much wisdom, you are worthy of #emulation" God bless you 2.
"@Prettylilrume: @chidimokeme I was so was ur nite sire?" Sorry. We'll do a replay. All good here.
"@Anne_Arts: @chidimokeme good morning xx ❤❤💋" Morning dear
"@RealBabymouth: @chidimokeme my bro...Ow is the jungle treating u dis morning?? Hope good? ..... just tot of checking on u noni.." Thanks o
"@LilianMbaradum: @chidimokeme for the light has come. Gudmrn sir. How was ur night nd the family?" Great
"@Prettylilrume: @chidimokeme then I woke up" Awww Just when u had passed all the tests.....
"The one who cannot see your vision will be blinded by your mission." #GUS11 #TheMission
"Vision without an Action is Illusion. Action without a Vision is Confusion." #GUS11 #TheMission
"Vision without Mission is Lame; Mission without Vision is Blind." #GUS11 #TheMission
"Knowing the steps to your dreams doesn't make the climb any less of a challenge." #GUS11 #TheMission
"Knowing the path through the forest doesn't make the trip any less daunting." #GUS11 #TheMission
Don’t live life anyhow, else you get anywhere. Plan your life somehow and you can get somewhere. A slow plan is better than no plan. #GUS11
"Keep your eyes on the goals you set to accomplish; let them be done as planned!" #GUS11 #TheMission
"Clearly articulated goals aligned with your vision and mission statements galvanize ur efforts to move forward towards your dream." #GUS11
"@Hpooker: Nope. I wanna be greater than him. "@Sheflame: I want to be like @chidimokeme wen I grow up. Good morning boss"" Amen!
"@Milla88Milla: the only reason I watch #GUS @chidimokeme" looking out for u. #StayTuned
I want to be like @chidimokeme wen I grow up. Good morning boss
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"No matter what obstacles lie in your path, you will reach your destination. Remember God's grace is sufficient." #GUS11 #TheMission
"You were designed for a purpose. You are on a mission to achieve greatness." #GUS11 #TheMission
"What is the point of living this beautiful life if you do not have a mission that ends up making the world a better place to live." #GUS11
"Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it." #GUS11 #TheMission
@chidimokeme been waiting a long while for this and now its finally here. Can't wait to watch you and the lads. I trusts it beats the last?
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"@houstziliouz: @chidimokeme @ogechichris1 undisputed anchor,Mokeme's presentation is second to none....BEST.peace!" Thanks #keepingfaith
GoodMorningShoutout to @chidimokeme Have a Blissful day ahead.
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"@ogechichris1: @chidimokeme can't wait to see u anchor dis year #GUS11#one love bro" Thanks. #StayTuned
"@kuebano: @chidimokeme tot I saw adverts showing dat #GUS11 was supposed to start on september 6th..." Yeah d warriors were selected on 6th
"@MrHARRY10: @chidimokeme When will the #GUS11 air on tv across board?" #StayTuned for details
@chidimokeme , that's the spirit! Am blessed with ur inspiring words ds morning. Hv a nice day!
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"@osayino: @chidimokeme mentor here comes another great journey of Ur great us proud....Gus11... Is on point" Let's Go There!
"@Atewe63: @chidimokeme pls. Wat are dey looking for dis time????" #StayTuned
"Your help comes from the Lord God who made heaven, earth and you! Grab your mission.." #GUS11 #TheMission
"Each person born into the world has a unique mission to fulfill. Discover your mission and seek grace to fulfill this purpose." #GUS11
"Talent without coach, vision and mission is a piteous adventure." #GUS11 #TheMission
"Step into the future knowing that if you are not living your faith you are living your fears." GUS11 #TheMission
"Step into the future with focus knowing that the only way to kill your dream is trying to find another." #GUS11 #TheMission
"Step into the future, knowing that God has got you this far as a promise that He is able to get you beyond." #GUS11 #TheMission
"If you have had the tenacity to begin then we are confident that the hardest part of your mission is the one lying behind you." #GUS11
"The first step is the hardest in every journey of dreams." #GUS11 #TheMission
"Successful people don’t ask for permission. They act per a mission." #GUS11 #TheMission #GulderUltimateSearch