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chidi mokeme
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"@EmekaAmakeze: We dey bro! God is in control! RT @chidimokeme: @EmekaAmakeze All good bro. How ya side?" Oluwa is permanently in Control o!
Nigeria: When President Obama Stepped Into Anikulapo Kuti's Shoes
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Go watch #TheVirus showing live on Sun. 9am at Opique event Centre b4 Suncity estate, Abuja. Cc @chidimokeme
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@persdevquotes: « Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it. » Henry Ford
After all the billions spent this is what we call an international Airport in Enugu??Cc: @aligthebaptist @ogundamisi
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"@UCHEUGO: @chidimokeme Daddy sir, when should I see you in the office o?" Next week o!
@chidimokeme: my brother it's unfortunate but I strongly believe Nigeria will succeed and all this charlatans will drown #thinkingpositive
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@jacobtimeyin: @chidimokeme Y = ~>34.6% of the overhead of the national budget #CreationOf18States” My Calculator is still hanging o!#Error
#ebolachat the best time to be ur brotherskeeper is when the patient is discharged NOT by helping them escape frm isolation no 2 #stigma
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I fear for all those planning to go to religious crusades end of this month. Proximity too close and sweaty. #Ebola could spread. Be safe.
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@chidimokeme ...meanwhile, some Nigerian pastors are busy packaging crusades where people could potentially infect each other. #Ebola
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X = 469Lawmakers; Y = >650 (Proposed) Lawmakers. If X = >25% of overhead of Naija Budget, & X is directly proportional to Y, Calculate Y?
Competition is Stiff. Too Many Politicians, Too Few offices. Pieces of #NationalCake getting smaller. Solution? #CreateMoreStates? #JeunKoku
I can understand y the #HighestPaidLawMakers in d world will have a hard time discussing 18k #minimumwage. They probably confuse it for 180k
And each one #HouseOfRep and #Senator #NASS will be earning in a day, 3 to 4 times than the annual salary of the #minimumwage Naija worker
And each one #HouseOfRep will be entitled to N35,000,000 Constituency Allowance per quarter #DoTheMaths #Chop4Life #AuthorityStealing
18 more states = 200+ more Lawmakers + as many #SA + #SA2SA + #PA2SA + #PA2PA + #PA2PA2PA Senators #DoTheMaths #Chop4Life #AuthorityStealing