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Chicago Cesspool
Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval...lowest ever. 38%…
Obama's First Democrat Nomination Acceptance Speech. Aug 2008. All Lies! #tcot #RT #ImpeachObama…
Obama's DNC acceptance speech? Interesting how he's failed at EVERY promise he made that night.… #p2 #UniteBlue
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Of course I don't have a strategy on fighting #ISIS. I've been very busy working on my short game the last 4 yrs. -bo
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This is a photo of COWARDS! To frighten to protest in their own country. Have to go where they're protected.
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Hearings On The Militarization Of Police Are Coming…
Poll: African Americans Think Race Relations Have Gotten Worse Since 2009 | National Review Online…
Report: Obama Waited a Month to Approve Failed Foley Rescue Mission…
Leftist Maureen Dowd #NYT ridicules Obama for his obsession with golf. The Golf Address. @ChicagoCesspool MUST READ:…
Obama shld take his Nobel Peace Prize, place it on the podium, give it a forearm-shiver to the floor, then say he will unload HELL on #ISIS
Joe Scarborough: Obama Golfing Shows ISIS He’s ‘One Cold Bastard’ #tcot
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Please #RT this pic of me with my Nobel Peace Prize. It will scare the bad guys. -bo
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How the Obama Administration Threw Gas on the Ferguson Fire via @BreitbartNews
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Obama said that Muslims have built the fabric of our nation. Funny. I only remember them tearing it down. #tcot
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Obama has done a fine job stopping the violence in #Ferguson.
There’s no precedent for #Obama’s planned massive executive amnesty, no matter what he says.
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Hundreds More Criminal Illegal Aliens With Brutal Records Released Onto American Streets…
Police in Missouri rip Obama for "discussing police tactics from Martha's Vineyard." #Ferguson…
Obama refers to his wife as "Michael" Damn fool. Had a Republican done this.....…
when George W. Bush left office, we'd won the war in #Iraq. Fewer murders per year in Baghdad than Obama's town, Chicago. Iraq was at peace
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Any comment on the 82 shot, 16 killed in Chicago 4th of July? RT @BarackObama: "The death of Michael Brown is heartbreaking." —President O
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I vote present. What else did you think I was going to do? -bo
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'Leader' of the Free World, "Presidential security briefings are for other people" #tcot #RedNationRising
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President Who Pulled U.S. Troops Out of Iraq Says Idea He Pulled Troops Out of Iraq is "Bogus" #ObamaLies…
Obama promises that as president he would forsake all vacations and leisure time Lying Rat Bastard. #ObamaFail #tcot…
Tell me the diff between Muslim ISIS Terrorists executing Christians and what Hitler did to Jews WWII? We'd better take this seriously!
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Uh Oh: Obama Losing Influence in His Home States…
Obama returns to the quagmire he exited in Iraq…
20+ Obama officials have now lost or destroyed e-mails after House probed into their doings #ObamaScandals #ObamaFail…
Obama is bombing Iraq (see: George W Bush) and ABC News #GMA leads with weather. They are not serious, they are partisan hacks #ABC = #TMZ
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Anybody remember when Obama took credit for winning the Iraq War and said "We're leaving behind a stable and self reliant Iraq." Anybody?
Quinn To Send State Troopers To Serve Fugitive Warrants In Chicago via @weaselzippers
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Two US Presidents have been impeached. Both were Democrats. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. #tcot #BillClinton
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Obama is turning the world into the South Side of Chicago---the world is chaos.…
Chinese Gvt built a 13,000 mile long wall to protect its ppl -- 2,000 yrs later US Gvt cannot build one 15% as long? #tcot #BorderSecurity
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Family Forced to Watch Border Patrol Agent Brutally Murdered By Two Illegal Immigrants…
Idiot Joe Biden thinks Africa is a nation. @CorruptOldMedia will ignore this dangerous ignorance. VIDEO:…
Reporter Asks WH: Why Didn't Obama Pass Immigration Reform When He Had the Votes?…
For my bday I want a UNIKITTY from LEGOLAND movie. She is from Cloud Cuckoo Land, capital of rainbows and puppies -bo
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