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Doug Sohn's post-@hotdougs plans include pee-stained trenchcoats and a lot of free food. "I can't wait."…
How we're making money off of pot, and more news from @thelincolnlodge
Chicago's "bleak" fashion scene hasn't stopped @StockMfgCo from building a business -
How a local fashion business is booming, despite Chicago's 'bleak' fashion scene
It's not just Kanye you missed at Sunday's AAHH! Fest. It's also a fest where non-profits outnumber sponsors -
Commencing countdown. Engines on. Check ignition. #DavidBowieIs opens in about 25 minutes!
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Doctor Who fans can turn the trauma of watching the saddest show on television into rewards at trivia tonight
Don't forget to press your spangliest outfit, for tomorrow is David Bowie Day:
AAHH! Fest proves it's possible for people to unite behind Kanye West
Taste @TwoBrothersBeer as a punk rock marching band and a symphony orchestra collide -
Today's AAHH! Fest aims to redefine Chicago hip-hop’s violent reputation, even if all we aim to do is see presumed headliner Kanye West -...
If your Defy bag comes with a dog hair on it, there's a good chance Lexy Sandin made it -
Quaff free cocktails while checking out Chicago-based goods at Dose -
One of Chicago's coolest shopping events has added pumpkin painting and soft animals to the mix. We will be attending -...
Go to Goose Island's 312 Urban Block Party for the Breeders, stay for the pig roast and $3 limited-edition beers -
As this picture proves, we're great at picking out things to do. Here are our plans:
SHAQ LOVES PEOPLE - so much so that he named his art exhibit about it, in caps. Catch it this weekend at Navy Pier
AAHH! Fest uses hip-hop to boost opportunities for youth instead of rappers' egos
If you need us this weekend, we'll be having an awesome time doing these things -
You still have three hours to get to @hideoutchicago to see some of the city's best writers read at Funny Ha-Ha -
We hope you take the time this weekend to prepare your outfits for David Bowie Day
We may be most excited for the petting zoo — because petting zoo — but there's plenty to do at Design Harvest
Free, BYOB sketch/stand-up show Freak Happening is turning one tomorrow and probably planning something odd -
We can't pick a Wayne's World joke, so please go to this bike-in screening tonight and choose one for us
If you make it out to EXPO Chicago this weekend, we recommend checking out SHAQ LOVES PEOPLE [caps mandatory]
Catch The Fault in Our Stars author @realjohngreen and co-host @Zulkey as they re-create the first Funny Ha-Ha
“Most people who make the things, they do it because they just like to get their hands dirty. It’s an excuse.”
Get your face paint ready — Sept. 23 is now David Bowie Day in Chicago
Are you ready to see what Shaq is bringing to EXPO Chicago?
I.E. the new best museum in the world MT @curbedchicago: Now you can wander through @artinstitutechi from your desk
At Defy Bags, making messenger bags is just an excuse to get dirty -
Get free McDonald's coffee starting today -
See stand-up in a sex shop tonight at Performance Anxiety
Shaq — err Shaqasso — brings a 'unique' perspective to EXPO Chicago -
Trust, paying attention to the Bears this season is an extremely entertaining time. A primer:
Drug-testing ride sharing drivers may be good legislation. But @thelincolnlodge has a much more entertaining idea:
Can a company that's barely known for its pizza make a name for itself as a pretzel maker? No:…
Watch someone in legitimate lederhosen try to make sense of Little Caesers' pretzel pizza:…
Catch up on the past week's news, because with The Lincoln Lodge, it's actually kind of delightful.
Pulsating watches, tweener meals and more news from the Lincoln Lodge -
There are multiple ways to have your face rocked off this weekend:
Elk spearing, Smokin' Jay and other things you need to know to fully enjoy Sunday's Bears game
You can pick up Little Caesers' new pretzel pizza for dinner, but we're not sure you want to
Riot Fest may now be officially smoke-free, but there's no need to worry about smoking ban tickets just yet -
We investigate whether @littlecaesars' pretzel pizza can pass Oktoberfest standards
The 'Hot Dougs of Honolulu' reminisces about hiring a young Grant Achatz -