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Chetan Bhagat
“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn't stop for anybody.” ― Stephen Chbosky
Half Girlfriend. Half a month to go. Oct 1 release. Half nervous. Half excited.
Meanwhile, my book Half Girlfriend will release on Oct 1, 2014, or in just about two weeks. Can't wait for you guys to read it!
Mohit is one of the hottest, most sought after directors of current times. Honored he chose my book:…
Celebrating my new partnership with @mohit11481 with this fun take on the famous champagne brand:
Delighted to announce supertalented Mohit Suri @mohit11481 (Aashiqui2,Ek Villain) will direct the film based on my next book Half Girlfriend
Everyone's so smart, kind and self-righteous on twitter one wonders why we have any problems at all in this world.
Two people can have two different opinions and one of them doesn't have to be a moron. Why is it so hard for twitter to get that?
Feedback is important.But only if it comes from a person who cares for you. Else, just ignore it completely and go with your own conviction.
Happy and honoured to moderate a session with @BillGates and @melindagates on 18th September in Delhi.
Such a giant corporation, yet so personal, inspiring, innovative and cool. Super show. Goodnight. #Apple #GodBless
Couples sending vibrations and heartbeat sensations to each other. Ahem. Love redefined. #applewatch
Watches redefined forever. Haptic messaging will redefine messaging and relationships forever. #applewatch
iWatch. Stunning. Mindblowing #AppleLive Now why didn't competition think of all this before? And why will they copy all this in 3 months?
When you innovate, are original, live up to the promises, people adore your brand and give you word of mouth and hype. That's it. #Apple
It's not just about the phone. It's about a communications event that has the planet engaged. #cantwait #iPhone6
Seeing Kashmir relief efforts, will those who said India doesn't care about Kashmir,or Modi won't care about Muslims, admit they were wrong?
@chetan_bhagat Firstpost featured your quitting banking in our alt timeline of #FreeIndia, and in excellent company…
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So @firstpostin editor @ElChaudhry tweeted they have changed the headline as it was misleading (previous RT). Appreciate it. Thanks.
@chetan_bhagat The headline was misleading re your position and we've removed 'as long as' since it implied your oppn to 377 was conditional
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Ok so here's tomo's Apple event rumour summary: iPhone 6 - 4.7" and 5.5", iWatch. Better res,batt,processor. Very expensive. Huge hit.
Have many suggestions for AAP. Have nothing against them (or any party). But they need to be calm and introspect. A lot. And maybe, listen.
And while am on a rant, dear AAP supporters, can you stop bashing me. I didn't cause your party's decline. You know who did. So vent there.
Here is first post's formula for traffic: Distort Modi's comments, Distort CB's comments, judge everything like elitists, solve nothing.
Never mentioned Firstpost's antics earlier. But when a sensitive issue is gaining traction, their misrepresenting me is shocking.
I highlighted how conservatives may feel about parades, but it was twisted to be my view, and that my support is conditional. Sick.
Firstpost decides to write an article on the column, the article praises the column, but the headline is twisted to attract attention.
Here is my sec377 column. could not be more blatant in support (ran it by many gay people beforehand:…
Firstpost's attention-seeking antics would be ok but the fact they chose a sensitive issue of Sec377 to twist my words is appalling.
Firstpost, which I respect for some good articles, has consistent bias against me to the point of twisting my words & making fake headlines.
Can't they divide Delhi between AAP and BJP like those faces in fairness cream ads and see which side does a better job?
Most people who look down on marketing usually suck at marketing.
so what's in the bag. Coming soon on Oct 1!
Apple knows marketing. None of their competitors do.
Litfest appearances: Sep 26:Bangalore Litfest; Nov 1: Litlive Mumbai; Dec 6: Times Literary Carnival, Mumbai; Jan 25: Jaipur Litfest. Cya!
iPhone 6. 1 day to go. So excited.
Mary Kom is amazing. The real person, the actors, the film, every department - superb. Inspires, brings out gender issues, amazing amazing!
Getting its expected share of hate, but a lot of accolades too. Thank you. My column on homosexuality:…
Gm all. "Section 377 is our collective sin," my article in TOI today:…
I do a million silly things, but sometimes get to do stuff, which makes my life worth living.My editorial on Sec 377:…
So October 1 it is. The release date announcement promo:…
Happy Teacher's day. Selflessly, they made us. Thank you. (and sorry for all the naughtiness.)
Rahul, PM played the drums to respect and connect to the culture of his Japanese hosts. It wasn't him playing with a toy. So chill.
Pay no attention to the criticism of men who have never themselves written a notable work. EZRA POUND #amwriting #writing
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been checking out a good food blog, what fun: