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Chetan Bhagat
Kill them with success and bury them with a smile.
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Happy Diwali everyone! This Diwali, light a lamp in your heart as well.
on delhi haridwar highway a dhaba stocks the latest chetan bhagat. #makingIndiaRead (via shoooshaaaaaaa)
Wow! “@shoooshaaaaaaa: And somewhere on the delhi haridwar highway a dhaba stocks the latest from @chetan_bhagat
@soniafaleiro: Put off by mob like harassment of Chetan Bhagat. He doesn't have all the answers, but neither do you." Yep. Thanks.
What crazy fun. Just finished recording for Comedy Nights with @KapilSharmaK9. Do not miss this episode!
The worlds most sensible person, and the biggest idiot, both lay within us. The worst part is, we can't even say who is who. (2 States)
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One of the scariest and craziest assignments I have undertaken. Nov 10. Stay tuned.
Funny how self righteous types are calling almost any arrangement in Maha post elections immoral. Real politics anyone?
ok breaking MPs can also mean those who vote to support the government. you don't have to defect to support stability no ;)?
BJP needs 20 more seats in Maha. Take 10 from Independents. Break 5 each from SS/NCP. No allies. No drama. :) #MahaDilemma
'your voice is critical to driving social change in India'Not everyday u get a letter from MrMrs @BillGates! humbled!
Idea is to record an episode that mixes comedy and motivation. So one can watch whenever one is feeling low. On set #cnwk @KapilSharmaK9 :)
@DoP_Bose: @chetan_bhagat maybe he can still beat you at banking and investments @TheJohnAbraham ;)” yes! He has. Double depressing!
A potential photoshoot with John Abraham today. Also known as self-esteem killer shoot. Now if only John could take the JEE with me.
Shooting for Comedy nights with Kapil today. Me, Sidhuji and @KapilSharmaK9. Triple Madness. #cnwk
Would totally recommend the Nobel peace prize for someone who can end Twitter hate.
My 'kat le' tweet is a reference to #halfgilrfriend. Those who haven't read won't get the in joke. Ignore.
Final word on my writing: padhni hai to padho, varna kat lo.
Every time some idiot writes I am no Tolstoy or Tagore (never said I was) he or she acknowledges that I might deserve that comparison.
Moderate stance taking all views into account creates lasting change.Outrage, posturing and extreme views achieves nothing.Feminism included
Firstpost attacks my feminism . Women defend me in comments. Firstpost attacks my English. But spell snooty as snotty…
Out of this world! Literally! Add Indian emotions to Gravity and you get this lovely new @KitKatIndia Diwali ad.
Hi all. 'Go get your own Modi,' my col in ToI today:…
Time for BJP and Sena to say 'oh I missed you so much!' 'I missed you too.' Hugs. Numbers. Government.
'What you say matters, not the language.' - Riya Somani, #halfgirlfriend
2 states this evening on LifeOK channel at 5pm. Watch and relive the wedding!
At iit delhi today for a talk during rendezvous, the fest. 5pm dogra hall. First time since I became an author. Super nostalgia expected.
@chetan_bhagat Let me assure you @AITCofficial will oppose this U turn on the black money issue by the BJP.We will do all it takes
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So Jaya Ji out on bail. Good for her. Wonder what the souls of 'dozens' who supposedly committed 'suicide' on her arrest would be thinking!
When a govt does good work we must praise it. When its actions are questionable we must question it. There's no contradiction here.
Strong Democracy is about a strong ruling party and strong opposition. The latter has gone missing. Someone needs to step up or step aside.
Disappointed govt being so cagey about the black money issue.Double disappointed there is no opposition left in the country to take them on.
What a crazy launch! Thank you bangalore. You are the best! #halfgilrfriend #forummall @landmarkstores
With @chetan_bhagat #forummall #halfgirlfriend launch. A writer can be such a crowd pulling celebrity? Astonished!!
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Welcome @chetan_bhagat to the city of bangalore , #halfgirlfriend launch at @TheForumMallKor starts 6.30 pm. Waiting.........
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The trick is not becoming a writer. The trick is staying a writer. HARLAN ELLISON #amwriting #writing
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Winners for the unboxing video of HalfGirlfriend are @danisshimtiaz & @Ganikgagan Please DM me your addresses. Congratulations.
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Those in Bangalore tomo, meet me tomo evening at Forum Mall for a book reading/signing of #halfgilrfriend Details:…
ok managed, SMS stop to 121. Thanks @singhp09 Ok, no more jumme ki raat hello tune. Am back to being an intellectual again.
am in the Airtel hello tunes black hole trap. can replace jumme ki raat with almost anything else but can't stop it. any clues?
Challenge yourself with something scary. All the time. Else you won't feel alive. Get scared. Live.
We see what we want to see on the social media and then say 'but everyone is talking about this'.
A spokesperson removed for praising someone clearly shows a spokesperson is not expected to have an opinion but just be a party Mp3 player.
Always had an issue with schools saying make sentences with X word. How about making sentences to express yourself in the simplest manner?